Another Democrat scandal just shook up the 2018 midterm elections

Democrats anticipate a banner year in 2018.

They believe a blue wave will sweep them into power.

But a big Democrat scandal could send the party down in flames.

Congressman Jared Polis is the Democrat nominee for Governor in Colorado.

He was favored to win in that blue state.

But a woman’s assault complaint from his past could upend the race.

Patricia Hughes filed a complaint in 1999 that Polis shoved her and injured her.

The Daily Wire reports:

Polis, whose legal name at the time was Jared Polis Schutz, told police that Hughes “had given her resignation a few days earlier, but called him on the day in question saying she had information to ‘go after’ him if her exit from the company did not go smoothly.”

Polis immediately drove to the office and asked to go through her personal belongings to see if she was taking any company property. She refused, so he called the police.

Polis’ account of what happened: “After hanging up with the dispatcher, Ms. Hughes attempted to leave the office. Mr. Schutz physically blocked the door to prevent her from leaving. She moved toward him again, this time hitting him with one of her bags. Mr. Schutz then put both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back to prevent her from leaving.”

Hughes’ account of what happened: “Hughes then tried to leave and Schutz did not let her leave. Hughes said that he grabbed her and pushed her back into the office. Hughes said that when Schutz pushed her she was pushed back into a file cabinet, hurting her leg. Hughes said that she then said that she was going to call 911 and went to the phone. Hughes said that she tried calling 911 three times and twice Schutz hung the phone up. The third time Hughes got through.”

The police found multiple bruises on Hughes.

She claimed Polis caused them.

The police believed she could have gotten the bruises removing files from Polis’s filing cabinet.

But she did win a temporary restraining order against him.

Polis’ assault allegations is just another assault scandal piling up for the Democrats.

Keith Ellison’s campaign for Attorney General for Minnesota is in peril because of domestic abuse allegations made by an ex-girlfriend.

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66 Responses

  1. Carole ANNE Quinn says:



    • Alfred says:

      TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU CAROLE! THEY ARE WORSE THAN THAT THEY HAVE NO SHAME, at least roaches hide, but these democrat’s in Congress have been so busy with hate it’s causing them to be blinded which will be their down fall in the midterms.

  2. Bryce Thompson says:

    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, 200 mpg porge vapor carburetor, in the patient office, 264 mpg diesel Volkswagen, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world.

    Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.
    Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse

  3. Mott says:

    The “Blue Wave” is swiftly going down the crapper!

    • Charles says:

      This is the year for the “Tidy Bowl” Blue Wave going down with the remainder of the crap! Flush The Swamp!

    • Joseph says:

      In the words of the Democratic Party, I just think after the Kavanaugh hearing that all accusers should be believed! Let that be the new battle cry. Guilty until you can prove your innocence’s.

  4. Dr. J.D. says:

    The American Bar Association is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt the consideration of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh until an FBI investigation is completed into the sexual assault allegations that have roiled his nomination. Even the ABA recognizes that to not hear the full allegations, and especially to question Mark Judge, Judge K’s drinking buddy and third one in the room for the Christine Ford assault, is a HUGE mistake!

    • john says:

      Sure they did considering the FBI has no jurisdiction. Even the ABA knows that.

      • T-pac says:

        THEIR has already been 5-6 FBI investigations into JUDGE KAVANAUGH back ground!!!!!
        THE FBI HAS ENOUGH OF IT’S INTERNAL problems with all their liars in MCABE ,COMEY and the BEADY eyed liar ROSENSTINE ……………….. OH and our useless ATTORNEY ” DEEP STATE” GENERAL worm MRS> JEFF SESSIONS who will all be gone soon
        BYE BYE u A -holes

        • marleen davis says:

          Absolutely correct Tpac. It is such a blatant stall tactic. They keep trying to stall but Judge Kavanagh is like the most pure man around and they keep fighting to no avail.

          • shelly says:

            The FBI only needs to look into two things actually. Look at the original letter Ford sent to Feinstein., and look at her polygraph. The polygraph never askes Ford if Kavanaugh was the one who assaulted her, and I can guarantee you his name isn’t in the original letter either.

    • Rex Whitmer says:

      Having observed her complete statement, I would be very cautious about accepting her story literally. It’s highly likely that she was actually accosted, but she didn’t offer immediate identification until many years later. None of the persons were in the party she was attending per their testimony. In fact , Cavanaugh offered proof of where he was and what he did on the date of the crime. The accuser can’t even guarantee that she knows what day the assault happened. Thirty five years later, she suddenly recognizes Cavanaugh as her assaulter! He is now grown up, an adult, and looking at pictures, would be hard to honestly claim he was the one! But, the all knowing Democrats believe without any other proof that she is entirely correct in the matter! I can guarantee you that if a Republican person were being accused of the same action, the Democrats would be there in full armor to defend that person! After all, we all KNOW that Democrats NEVER, NEVER do things like this! If you really believe this, I’ve got a wonderful gold mine I want to see you here in Arizona!

      • Shelly says:

        Christine Ford had a story to tell. That story got referred back to Dianne Feinstein. The Democrats needed her to take a polygraph to prove her story was real because they needed it to substantiate her claim. They then had her write her story down and send it to Feinstein along with the polygraph. This is where I decided Kavanaugh was completely innocent. First, the polygraph interviewer never directly asks her if Kavanaugh is the one who assaulted her. That question alone would have been enough to get him thrown out. Second, I bet the original letter didn’t have Kavanaughs name stated in it. The fact that counseling notes were not turned over is very odd too. I believe this is why Feinstein sat on the letter. She didn’t know who the exact nominee was at that time. Trump was the only one who knew who it would be. After he announced it was Kavanaugh, the dems wanted to be absolutely sure so they waited for his background check to come back, waited to see if he made it through the senate hearing, and then when they knew he was a sure thing to be confirmed that’s when then attached his name to Fords story. They rewrote a summary with his name in it and that’s the story that went to the media. If I were the FBI, I would look at the polygraph and want to know why if Ford was 100 percent sure it was Kavanaugh why wouldn’t she demand that question be asked? I would look at the original letter and see if Kavanaughs name was mentioned. I would have it forensically looked at for fudging. They will do that. I would ask Ford for a release to speak to the therapist and confirm that she actually knew it was Kavanaugh. I believe she is lying. I believe she is complicit, and I believe the Democrats paid her off to use her story and her involvement. I also believe they filtered the money through “Go Fund Me” so it wasn’t traced back to them.

    • old_wise_one says:

      Every one should ALWAYS remember; The DEMON-RAT PARTY, organized and funded the entire KKK in Indianapolis , Idiana.

    • Alfred says:

      TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU CAROLE! THEY ARE WORSE THAN THAT THEY HAVE NO SHAME, at least roaches hide, but these democrat’s in Congress have been so busy with hate it’s causing them to be blinded which will be their down fall in the midterms.

    • Alfred says:

      You must be a liberal.

  5. Terry Rodwell says:

    Look, folks — We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong, or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become just as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, not only to preserve our Constitutuion but also to preserve America at her very greatest and her very best, and here’s the MOST important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and the “last chance” this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence nor, frankly, the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and this country will finally be RUN by Communists for the next century. And Communists – once they’re IN control – do NOT LET GO. Please — EVERYBODY who wants to to keep our great country No. #1 and on her financial and military feet for our children and grandchildren — Get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board in these Midterms. It’s absolutely THAT crucial.

    • Leroy says:

      You had better hope and pray that when the POTUS had completed his work on earth…..We will have a Supreme Court that votes 8 to 1 concerning our Constitutional issues. This is crucial to the survival of our Republic!

    • Alfred Urquidez says:

      Agree with you, Democrats are demonic, they are anti-God, pro abortion and ant-guns. WE MUST NEVER RETREAT NEVER SURRENDER! !!!!

  6. Robert Ewing says:

    Dems just don’t yet get it. We are not going to allow this Dem Party to ever rule again. NEVER! Do you hear us? By ballots or by bullets , America will be restored.

  7. George says:

    Vote Republican to save this nation.i am a independent ,who will never vote anything democrat,commies,all of them.they are destroying are country.

  8. K says:

    It’s strange that the Dems who are accused, all is quickly swept under the rug. Prob is, that rug is getting awfully bumpy.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Any man who would change his name (“Polis, whose legal name at the time was Jared Polis Schutz”) should find a few Investigative Reporters looking for the reason. He may have a legitimate reason, or he may be attempting to disassociate himself from previous “issues”.

  9. Rodger Shull says:

    GOOD GOD ALL MIGHTY, is there not one demo-communist out there running for something, HONEST and SCANDAL FREE ???

  10. Jesse says:

    While they should kill both men’s chances sadly it won’t Democraps are an IGNORANT LOT and the MORON MEDIA has it’s collective heads up the Democraps RECTUMS and won’t report the TRUTH about those running in that party so they will NEVER know the TRUTH about those in the party who are SLEAZEBAGS which is most of them. Just look at how both the Democraps and the MORON MEDIA jumped on the LIES about Kavanaugh but ignore the FACTS on ELLISON and the Democraps great ones Slick Willie a proven RAPIST and OBOZO the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN and TRAITOR.

  11. Beverly Stedman says:

    Sores is ruining this country. He has been thoroughly trowen out of other places. He is not needed here

  12. I hope after seeing today’s despicable display by so-called democrats, and RINO republicans, that the democratic party and all weak-kneed republicans end their days going down in a ball of flames.

  13. David Small says:

    I wish that it would end them down in flames, but I don’t believe that it will. There are so many scandals occurring these days that people re starting to ignore them. I doubt that comparatively benign accusation like this will have much effect on election results.

  14. TJ says:

    Curious….do you still have your calendar from 36 years ago…really…you repukes think you are all so perfect and blame everything on someone else and claim conspiracy….unbelievable…this country has gone back 60 years in the past. This is a sad time for ALL Americans…

    • Kep says:

      Yes it is a sad time when communist LIBERALS ARE trying to take control of America. Sorry Commie troll creature, but it is you commies that tend to blame everything on someone else. AMERICA’S GREATEST THREAT ARE LIBERAL COMMUNISTS. ALL SHOULD BE ERADICATED FROM AMERICAN SOCIETY.

    • dandy says:

      i am sure the calender was very scrutinized

    • mark says:

      TJ No that’s the DemonRats that Blame Everything on someone else. Wake up dude and pull your head out of your ASS

    • Freedom Rules says:

      No Just Sad For You, That You Believe The Lying 24/7 Communist DemonRATS, Once These Communist Dems Are Eradicated From America, This Country Will Once Again Be A Better Place Without Their Crimes, And Their Plans On Turning America Communist, That’s Their Plan, There Will Be A Civil War And The Communist Fascists Will Be Eliminated… There Are Millions More Of Us Freedom Loving Americans

    • Alfred says:

      You must be a liberal, only shows with your comment. Always accuse us of being self-righteous, when in fact you are the one that is self-righteous. Point the finger at us and it’s really you.

  15. mark says:

    They have another low life DemCommies , Keith Ellison needs to be brought up on charges and not just be investigated by his own party lawyers.

  16. Randy Morelock says:

    The Democrats are the most crying group of people I have ever in my life seen. If a Republican goes to the bathroom the crying Democrats will follow to watch because they might learn something different. SICK, CRYING GROUP OF BABIES. GO REPUBLICIANS!!!

    • Dora says:

      Randy, the Demo Craps are the laughing hyenas just listen to one laugh and howl and they all do the same. Just watch and listen to hyenas when they are on a hunt OMG the Demo Craps sound just like them. LOL

  17. Micala Molnar says:

    Thank you for bringing this most important suggestion!! Soros is behind so much that has happened to our country and his ties and activities need to be investigated. Then he needs to be sent to prison for treason.
    Why do you think Soros hasn’t been investigated yet? I don’t get it. Something is not right here.

  18. Jay Brody says:

    I only matters what you do if your a Democrat you can get away with just about anything. Case in point Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, and now this guy and Keith Ellison, don’t bet against them not paying the accusers to drop the charges, and go away quietly.

    • dandy says:

      i was wondering if any money was brought up just like they tried to do to me senator collings of maine in the sum of 1.million dollers
      just raise the stakes for the demorats to do that to that lady mrs ford
      they never give up
      i think that it bears looking into

  19. Julius Pfalzgraf says:

    If the democrats are so energized regarding FBI investigations. Wouldn’t it be prudent to put that agency to work doing a detailed exploration of George Soros’s nefarious wealth-funneling activies. Of course, chances of THAT happening are slim because that would be threatening the marionette-in-chief of all democrat politicians. Instead we’re subjected to this Soros-financed delaying tactic. Follow GoFundMe and you’ll see who’s subsidizing this theater of disregard of decency. The democrats are in for a surprise in Nov.!!

    • Micala Molnar says:

      Thank you for bringing this most important suggestion!! Soros is behind so much that has happened to our country and his ties and activities need to be investigated. Then he needs to be sent to prison for treason.
      Why do you think Soros hasn’t been investigated yet? I don’t get it. Something is not right here.

  20. Mo says:

    Typical Dremoncraps double standard. If a Demoncraps is accused, they will go after the accuser with a vengence, out to destroy them. But if it is a Republican is accused, it is they believe the accuser, and the Republican is convicted without any evidnce or even given a chance to defend themselves. All of the Demoncraps have already convicted Judge Kavanaugh without even one shred of evidence against him. wWe even have the Dishonorable Lady Senator from Hawaii telling men to “Just Shut Up”.
    You should notice that when the #metoo movement started, it was all Demoncraps that were being accused and they have now turned the tables and are now using the movement as a weapon against anyone who disagrees with them. Just like Obama using the IRS, the BLM, the NSA, the FBI the DOJ and many other Agencies against his enemies.

  21. Mike W says:

    The Democrats have consistently shown a tendency to dismiss accusations against one of their own while flaunting any accusations against any one else. Their hypocrisy has not gone un-noticed it not just the U.S. but in the world community as well.

  22. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    He is a Democrat so the Democrats will turn their heads the other way just as they have about the Muslim from New York who beat the crap out of his girlfriend who has the pictures to prove it as well.

    What the Democrats have done to Judge Kavanaugh and his family ought to be a felony. They did it on a claim of misconduct 36 years ago that cannot be proven in any way form or fashion and of which the timing is totally scurrilous but they ignore the conduct of their own that is current and proven. They will do everything in their power to rape the Constitution of this country with their attack on Judge Kavanaugh on whom not one thing
    has been proven and they will even say that they should not have to prove it but they will not even slap the hand of a Democrat. where his attack is evident. Hypocrites and liars.

    • TJ says:

      Curious….do you still have your calendar from 36 years ago…really…you repukes think you are all so perfect and blame everything on someone else and claim conspiracy….unbelievable…this country has gone back 60 years in the past. This is a sad time for ALL Americans…

  23. If I was the Republican Senate I would be buying all dirt I could get on any democrat , and bring charges to proof in hand .

  24. Greg Olmstead says:

    Demowits have gotten crazier and plain ass ingorant by the minute. Very sick, sick, sick, sick people. I’ll pray for you pathetic asses but then again I don’t think there is ever gonna be any hope for you. Your BRAINES are distorted, there’s no hope for you FOREVER. SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!!!!!!

    • Amen brother , and these low lives need to pay in Nov , for what they are doing to this judges family , and especially his young daughters .

    • TJ says:

      You should be be praying for the corrupt, lying, and poor excuses for everything that goes wrong for repukes…….let’s give all of Congress polygraphs and see who can or cannot be trusted. Sick..yeah you got that right. The only thing that has any merit in your post.

  25. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Even with proof this will go no where. That’s just how Democrats are.

  26. Bansshee 803 says:

    In the end, party agendas and political differences asideTHE PROGRESSIVE LEFTICRATS IS, the thing that will serve MOST to destroy the Progressive Lefticrats is that they are pretty universally seen AS DIVISIVE, not Unifying, and, they have little perceived INTEGRITY: always; throwing around unfounded allegations of wrongdoing and, as in the case against Brett Kavanaugh 36 years AFTER the alleged incidents took place and though Ford will testify Tommorrow so will HE, and the Ramirez woman from Yale has already backed out of testifying. Ford’s alleged letter to Dianne Feinstein was held in abeyance until it appeared Brett WOULD be confirmed and I said then, if she delayed or tried to control the hearing’s conduct (as she did), there would by others come forth to dispute his confirmation; and it did. But , with no willing witnesses named or otherwise, the transparency of this foull attemot to impugn the reputation of an Honorable and qualified man by both ford and Feinstein SHOULD be recognized as a criminal offense and all having anything to do with its perpetration, PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!

  27. sheldon Nadler says:

    Finally, a woman steps forward with proof of her alligations. I hope this POS Democrat goes to prison and shares a cell with Bill Cosby!

    • Rowdy says:

      This is part of the proof that left wing nuts go around trying to tell every how they are suppose to act aro0und other people, but then they do what they please and expect every one to not do any thing about it because they are just poor little left wing nuts. Looks to me like we should be putting them all into some type of mental therapy in a very secure area. These left6 wing nuts are violent and have no morals or values. It looks like they are the ones that do not fit well within our way of life and our freedoms in our country. A vote for a conservitive is a vote to keep these left wing nuts from destroying our great nation.

  28. Liarobamie says:

    I have disowned every libtard that I knew, that includes my uneducated, dimwit parents in law who’s defense is always quoting cnn or msnbc… lol
    All of them would constantly say something like, Trump Bad…. obamie good… I would ask for facts but none were ever given.

  29. Obamie says:

    To be a democrat, mean to go to the Dark Side .
    Lie lie lie, steal and kill are the demorats new motto.

  30. Obamie says:

    Demorats have left sanity behind and are now completely Insane!

  31. Mike says:

    If the numerous scandals of the republicans, especially Trump’s history haven’t affected their electability surely the democrats won’t be affected.

  32. James P Hutchins says:

    There will not be a blue wave it Will be a Red Wave to crush the democrats. Liberal trash.

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