Andrew Cuomo may face jail time after what this woman just said on TV

Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal just got worse.

Now it’s not just a political crisis.

And Andrew Cuomo may face jail time after what this woman just said on TV.

Brittany Commisso told CBS News about the allegations of criminal sexual assault that she leveled against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In an interview broadcast on Monday, Commisso told CBS “what he did to me was a crime” in describing the 2019 incident where Commisso and Cuomo posed for a photograph at which point Cuomo allegedly groped her breast.

Commisso’s allegation first surfaced in the report prepared by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“He cupped my breast,” Commisso testified. “I have to tell you it was — at the moment I was in such shock that I could just tell you that I just remember looking down seeing his hand, seeing the top of my bra and I remember it was like a little even the cup — the kind of bra that I had to the point I could tell you doesn’t really fit me properly, it was a little loose, I just remember seeing exactly that.”

After the backlash from the report, on Tuesday, Cuomo announced his intention to resign from office in 14 days, saying, “The best way I can help now is if I step aside.”

But resigning from office may be the least of Cuomo’s worries at this point.

The Albany County sheriff received a criminal complaint against Cuomo and investigators are probing the matter, which could lead to charges and prosecution.

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