All hell broke loose when Nancy Pelosi passed one bill that just expanded voter fraud

Democrats are flexing their muscles in Washington, D.C. to pass the most radical agenda Americans have ever seen.

That’s bad news for Americans.

And now all hell broke loose when Nancy Pelosi passed one bill that just expanded voter fraud.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats narrowly passed what critics call the “Permanent Democrat Majority” bill narrowly through the House of Representatives.

Joe Biden praised the move.

“It will rein in the outrageous gerrymandering that distorts our democracy,” Biden said. “It will empower the Justice Department to crack down on laws that curtail voting rights along racial lines. It will reform our campaign finance system to amplify the voices of the people — not the powerful. And it will modernize and secure our future elections against all manner of threats.”

But contrary to the sunshine and rainbows talk Biden put out in his statement, this bill is one of the most dangerous bills in American history.

The legislation would enact nationwide automatic voter registration, nationwide universal mail-in balloting, as well as nationwide ballot harvesting.

Absentee ballot drop boxes would be allowed to be out for a month a half.

The bill would also force taxpayers to fund political campaigns.

Pelosi’s power grab opens up the door to potential voter fraud by gutting safeguards to protect the integrity of the vote.

This legislation also eliminates any penalties if illegal aliens get caught voting.

And it also eliminates voter ID laws.

The Democrats gave the bill the designation H.R. 1 because it is their top legislative priority.

And it’s their top priority because the Left believes this bill will end the ability of the Republican Party to win elections and turn America into a permanent one party state.

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