Alina Habba sounded the alarm about a frightening truth Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know

Photo by Greg Bulla via Unsplash

Alina Habba is one of the lawyers representing Donald Trump against the Democrat Party’s lawfare.

She got an inside look at the Left’s plan for 2024.

And Alina Habba sounded the alarm about a frightening truth Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know.

Habba says Joe Biden opened the border for political reasons 

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump lawyer Alina Habba warned viewers that President Joe Biden opening the border to millions of illegal aliens was no happy accident.

Like Tesla founder Elon Musk, Habba stated that the Democrats want to escort as many illegal aliens into the country as possible to expand their future voting base.

“100%. Look, the whole thing with our borders, the whole thing with them bringing these people in so that they could vote in November because they need 10 million more votes to beat Trump,” Habba began.

“They need more than that. Frankly, this is all by design, and it’s not about keeping us safe. New Yorkers are not safe. America is not safe,” Habba added.

She said that Democrats could see polls showing former President Donald Trump leading Biden and the Democrats need a plan B.

“And Joe Biden is more concerned with his polls, which he can’t win fair and square because the man can’t even walk. So he has to do this. He has to let you in,” Habba continued.

Laken Riley’s death shows Democrats don’t care about the safety of the American people 

In September 2022, Biden set illegal aliens caught at the border free into the country.

Police just arrested one of those illegal aliens for the murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student killed while out for a run on the University of Georgia campus.

Habba told viewers that Biden viewed Riley’s death – as well the other deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens – as an acceptable body county in service of the Democrat Party’s political project.

“And they’re not thinking about us. They’re just not thinking about our safety. They’re not thinking about the fentanyl. They’re not thinking about our children. They care about one thing, and that’s figuring out a way to cheat,” Habba stated.

“This is the new way to cheat, lie, and steal for 2024. And that’s the truth. And it’s frightening for me. It’s 100% frightening, and it’s what keeps us all motivated to keep fighting. All those in court saying that you can’t do this, the problem we have is in the state of New York, you’ve got Eric Adams, you’ve got Letitia James and D.A. Bragg that are more focused on Trump then people that are getting hurt,” Hobba declared.

She explained that the American people have a chance to correct course in the November election and the good news was that their disgust with Biden opening the southern border was driving Trump’s lead in the polls.

“This poor nurse, as you mentioned, who didn’t deserve to die, died too young. All because we don’t have borders. We literally have open borders. It’s really an atrocity. Our country is in deep trouble, and I don’t think November can come soon enough. As long as they don’t steal it. We should be in good shape as polls are amazing,” Habba concluded.

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