Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told one giant lie that could end her career

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in hot water.

The freshman Congresswoman is used to being at the center of controversy, but this time she went too far.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told this one giant lie that could end her career.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kicked off a national firestorm when she falsely claimed Donald Trump was running concentration camps at the southern border.

Millions of Americans could not believe an elected official minimized the slaughter of six million Jews by comparing it to the President enforcing immigration law.

Ocasio-Cortez knew she was in deep trouble and tried to spin her way out of it.

She fired off a series of tweets trying to claim she was not referencing the Nazis and instead offered up the dictionary definition of “concentration camp.”

“This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez followed that up by lying about the reaction to her outrageous slur.

“And for the shrieking Republicans who don’t know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps. Concentration camps are considered by experts as ‘the mass detention of civilians without trial.’ And that’s exactly what this administration is doing,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

This was all a lie.

In her livestream where she made the concentration camp analogy, Ocasio-Cortez also used the “never again” phrase associated with trying to prevent another Holocaust of the Jews.

The fake news media worked overtime to try to cover for Ocasio-Cortez, but there was no sweeping this under the rug.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made light of the Holocaust and then lied about it.

And many Americans believe she should pay the political consequences at the ballot box in her next election.


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122 Responses

  1. Marge Wall says:

    This woman woman is a painful assault on my senses……. She leads with her teeth which only serves to enhance her resemblance to a donkey, to wit: “A braying jackass”,   Couple that with her grating voice spewing constant dislike for anything American.   Where the hell did she come from and why does she think she’s entitled to keep trashing our country?

  2. The Redhawk says:

    AOC is either Stupid enough, Uninformed enough, Uneducated enough, Totally Ignorant enough and Incompetent Enough to be the NEXT Senator from NEW YORK STATE or NYC MAYOR ….yes that is what gets Elected by Idiots in that SEWER

  3. Mike says:

    This dumbass continues to say whatever she wants at any time and nothing will ever be done about it. Why are citizens of this country put up with it is still mind-boggling. What kind of people do we want to become? There are three of these people out there spewing these treasonous lies. What in the hell is wrong with us?There is not a duplicate of this blog. You just don’t want to post it

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Yes indeed Mike. It is so very sad for America when these three you speak of and we all know about get elected into our government, so sad. I tried to post a facebook to the that ignorant stupid person, but I think I got sent to facebook prison. Here is what I tried to post: If the detention centers at the border are an equivalent to Nazi Concentration camps then heres whats going on, the older and the weak are being gassed in chambers by the tens of thousands, young women are beaten and raped by the guards and then hung after their usefulness to the guards is over, everyone gets little or no food, the stronger are sent to labor areas and beaten if they fail to perform a high level of work, no one can ever leave unless they are dead, disease and starvation effect all being held, their heads are shaved off and they are getting a number tattooed upon their arms, they are sleeping in beds, sometimes three or four at a time with little or no clothing and blankets under extreme cold conditions, the ugly list goes on and on. AOC, your a despicable excuse for a human being. Please people, lets stand up and speak out against getting her reelected. Please!! I know I will.

    • The Redhawk says:

      Mike it is not the citizen of this Country that elect SUCH IDIOTS….I cite Kaliphornia, NYS, Mass, Ill ,Maryland , Oregon , Ct and Wash sate as the REAL IDIOTS that VOTE similar Idiots to high office!

  4. Mike says:

    This dumbass continues to say whatever she wants at any time and nothing will ever be done about it. Why are citizens of this country put up with it is still mind-boggling. What kind of people do we want to become? There are three of these people out there spewing these treasonous lies. What in the hell is wrong with us?

  5. AOC is an airhead, you have heard the saying Open mouth insert foot she is a pro at it

    • canam884 says:

      If I read most of her “accusations” against President Trump correctly, it seems that she is accusing our President of “Hate Crimes, and/or Crimes against Humanity”. I think that her resignation or federal charges against her should be started. Join in Nancy, there is lots of room.

  6. Douglas Furtaw says:

    I have a short comment that sums it all up for me and that is “AOC is all mouth and no brain”.

  7. For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joseph Stalin was better than Hitler, for Ocasio-Cortez, communist leader like Stalin are an example to fallow!

  8. its so obvious that AOC and the other dimwits of the Democrap party are desperatly trying to get attention away from our AWESOME REPUBLICAN Party and AWESOME President TRUMP because they are so desperate Dim Dems they will go after 16yr old votes–jailbird votes–pt head votes/kamal toe will love those she is pushing=any crooked kind of vote they can get–lets make sure that next election put into effect only legal citizen votes counted—watch Sean Hannity and Judge Jeannine Pirro FOXNEWS –Trump is on–and they give him the respect he deserves not like those crass Democraps and Liberals TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

  9. Desertwindken says:

    How about setting up a fund to provide an all expense paid trip to the Holocaust Museum In Jerusalem for AOC and her congressional friends that defended her horrible comment! Although on a fixed income I would contribute $20. Fat chance she would accept.

  10. Shawn Davlin says:

    Somebody just needs to bitch slap this worthless P.O.S.

    • Inkpad says:

      She flunked economics and slept through history she needs to just shut her flap and enjoy the high paying free ride. Least till 2020 when she’s voted out the door. Back to being a bar fly

    • Inkpad says:

      She flunked economics and slept through history she needs to just shut her flap and enjoy the high paying free ride. Least till 2020 when she’s voted out the door. Back to being a bar fly

  11. Jim says:

    Just like Omar, Omamba, Hilary and the rest of putrid democrats, AO Kotex is untouchable, no American has the guts to take any of those lib thugs to court, as America now is infested with cowards.

  12. Rupe says:

    It doesn’t matter what she says. The American Left has no morals, scruples or honor. She’ll be re-elected, just like Pelosi, Schumer, et al. The ends justify the means, so it doesn’t matter. Evil, hate, and lies are totally justifiable if it gets them what they want. It just doesn’t matter.

  13. al says:

    All she does is lie. I am in her district and there is no way to contact her. She is the worst do nothing phony and stealing from the taxpayers.

  14. Ken says:

    It really doesn’t matter whether this congresswoman knows what she is talking about or not. The sad truth is that there are so many people that actually believe that everything that comes out of her mouth is the truth, and so when she says something that is really not based in facts or reality, these folks can’t tell the difference because they haven’t bothered to read unedited history books to find out what really happened or they fail to understand, that , in this case, these people are being detained because the broke the law – the entered into a sovereign country without the proper documents. They are being detained in mass numbers because mass numbers are breaking the law and entering our country without the proper documentation. I have many friends and even two daughters who entered the USA as foreign aliens but with proper documentation and they never spent a minute in detention because the came across US borders LEGALLY. Facts do make a difference. Our history remembered – the good, bad and the ugly. Our laws need to be obeyed – so that our present history can have more of the good and less of the bad and ugly!

  15. lzib says:

    While I would never defend this moran one thing I can say that makes her idiocy more understandable is – This is the downplaying and distortion of the Holocaust being taught in schools today.

    Recently my 15 yr old niece (the one who came home from school in 7th grade and announced there were 52 genders and she thought she might be bisexual- still thinks that maybe she is she just is not for sure but really yeah maybe she is) sorry back to the subject-

    Somehow she brought up the subject of Auschwitz and her first comment (bear in mind I have a bachelor’s degree in history) her first comment was – Did you know they killed homosexuals there? – said with convictions and undertones of outrage. I told her, yes but that would actually be a historical side note, so were priests, nuns, gypsies – all died there yes, but this was first and foremost dedicated to the extermination and killing of the Jewish people. She wanted to brush that off (as I am sure her teacher did) and get back to the subject of gays being killed in concentration camps.

    When I told her dear, you have a gap in your knowledge I can help you fill, and tried to explain the “Final solution” and talked for a moment about Himlar she arrogantly (in true AOC “I know it all” fashion) waved a finger at me and said ”
    “It’s Hitler – Get it right!”

    Then informed me she had already taken 6 units of college credits! and she already knew the truth.
    Although She had never even heard the name Himlar. Disgraceful.

    I spent the next twenty minutes attempting to correct not only her ignorance but her lack of manners and her arrogant presumption that her 6 credits of 101 introductory courses that obviously had a biased slant and specific agenda did not trump my 93 credits and 2 specific years of studying the Holocaust itself!

    These kids are being brainwashed in the most hideous way, it is not completely their fault, but AOC is no longer 15 yrs old and it behooves her to read some actual factual books on the subject before she spews this crap and lets all those who do have real knowledge on the subject know how very ignorant she is and we understand how she and those like her are using the Holocaust to manipulate their narrative.

    WTG academia, AOC, Dems, and libtards the world over.
    The Nazis would be so proud!

    • Skip says:

      Great post. I had no idea that our education system had become so devolved as to skew historical facts so badly. Thanks for sharing this.

      • J. says:

        Skip. You are astute to catch on to what is really happening (the takeover of our education system, etc. by the dangerous left wingers).

        Please share your new knowledge……..

        • Skip says:

          I knew they were pushing a leftist agenda, but did not know they were teaching kids that the holocaust was all about torturing and killing homosexuals, while leaving Jews out of that history.

    • J. says:


      Sad but true. However, should the majority of voters be so stupid and self absorbed?

      • lzib says:

        No, J. they “should” not be but when so few (especially in colleges and universities) have the fortitude to actually look up facts and are so trusting of their teachers and others in authority, like congressmen/women, that they do not even question if the so-called facts they are given are true- I fear they will remain ignorant and many blindly, willingly stupid. After all – it takes work to think for yourself.

        So much easier to just accept what you are told- as long as it supports and confirms your bias.

  16. Chuck says:

    Anally Orally-Challenged just displayed her ignorance and lack of education once again for all the world to see. As with every statement she utters, the stupidity just keeps coming. If the Dems would vote Omar, Tlaib and Challenged out of office in 2020, the collective IQ of the Democrat Party would go up a couple of points. Making this falsr comparison is a censurable offence of the House rules, but Pelosi will just make excuses for her complete lack of knowledge.

    • J. says:


      Pelosi has tons of money and is in her seventies. So she must keep doing her thing just for attention – disgusting….

  17. Robert says:

    This idiot is so stupid she could not spell cat if you spotted her the “c & t”.
    Why does the media and the Democratic Party give her so much attention? The voters in her district should be really ashamed about electing her to Congress, talk about low information voters>

  18. Tom says:

    AOC is a disease and we need to flush it out !! But as a Democratic with the controlled Media nothing will come of this . It is already gone. Please vote this mental case out next election

  19. George says:

    Get her out of our American Government, and whoever voted for her did not know what, evidently, that they were doing.

    • J. says:


      You are right. IMO, way too many people, rather than taking time to learn about candidates – opt to vote simply by name recognition.

  20. Randy Smithr says:

    Anyone comparing a border holding facility to a Nazi concentration camp knows nothing about that time and what went on in that historical period. This AOC is a ditz, she is stupid, she is dumb and an insult to me for my Father, A Brit, who risked his life to stop the evil Nazi’s. I am offended for my dad. I hope this ditz gets booted out next election by voters that actually get it and we never hear from her wicked mouth again.

    • J. says:

      Randy Smithr,

      AOC is a self serving idiot. I will never understand how people can vote for monsters like AOC – probably because they are as stupid as she is.

      Thank your father (probably in heaven) for his service to Britain and the world.

    • I think I read somewhere that she went to Auschwitz, if that was true, it’s too bad they couldn’t fix her up with a “shower”

  21. pete says:

    AOC , Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has now with outrageous “concentration camp” remark about he detention centers at the Southern border has elevated her status to The AOC, The Assh*le of Congress!

  22. Terry says:

    AOC you really need to start checking the facts before opening your mouth.
    I wonder if she knows who built those Camp’s? And why?

  23. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Miss mentally ill AOC should see how well illegal aliens are treated at our border. What’s wrong with those illegals coming here legally Instead of spunging off our taxes and making us all broke to give them welfare, food stamps, free housing etc. Comparing the US border with the holocaust is a stupid and ignorant statement. Makes me question the mental health of you. You should be thrown out of office, have the men in their clean white coats to pick you up, put you in a straight jacket, and placed in a padded cell and never allowed to leave.

  24. Carl J Bujan says:

    This woman is the devil in disguise.

  25. Jim C says:

    Cortez is a waste of time. She knows nothing about the economic process, about history even about climate change. How people in NY voted this kid into office is beyond me but then again Nancy Pelosi “we have to pass the bill before we can find out what is in it” is speaker of the house. Anything nowadays is possible. Congress needs to start working and stop all these stupid investigations that have turned up zip in two and a half years. Saw some clips on the internet of people being interviewed in NY (again) at an anti Trump rally and asked people why he should be impeached every answer was because he was not a legitimate president because he had help from the Russians. My god folks was it not Obama that told Trump to stop blaming the Russians that there was no meddling in our elections. And was it not Hillary and the DNC that paid a foreign agent. Come on folks lets move on.

  26. Km says:

    AOC looks mentally deranged in her photos. Her affect is way off normal. I think she is a train wreck. I can’t believe what our government has come to electing the likes of her into a powerful position. The Dems are stark raving mad like mad dogs with rabies.

    • J. says:

      AOC is the devil in disguise. On top of everything else she/it also grossly insulted our border patrol (the men and women that humanely care for the captured illegals and their innocent children).

      She should be forced to spend time at the border to see what really goes on. But, realistically, it would probably be a waste of time.

      Hopefully, people will think twice before they vote.

      In the meantime, hope we find a way to punish her and not simply wait for the same lazy voters to maybe vote her out. She is dangerous and it would be a good thing to jail her in a place like GITMO until she dies or gets too feeble to talk.

    • J. says:

      Km, Not only the majority of New Yorkers voted for satan, AOC – the majority of Californians elect self serving crooks like the current governor, Gavin Newsome, who God forbid could one day be our president.

      It’s a shame that we all have to suffer for the actions of the ignorant/lazy left wingers.

  27. Jim C says:

    These people detained get 3 hots and a cot which is probably more than they got in their country of origin. Now all you bleeding hearts here is a solution. Lets put these folks in your guest bedrooms. Yea you heard right how about you folks who think that open borders are ok start taking in these folks so they don’t have to be in a “concentration camp”. Just submit your name and address to the border patrol and lets see if we cant help them out.

  28. HanosunnesWoom Root says:

    once the illegals are on this side of the Border, we have two choices, deal with them in holding areas, or send them back where they came from…

    hey sAlamanderOccasionalCortex??! which of my two results is most humane? which serves the United States best? talking politics over a bar is one thing; making~believe/play~acting that you KNOW anything about legislating is totally another, quite obviously out-of-your-league!!

  29. Pauline Kasper says:

    This immature idiot needs to be sent packing back to her bartending job in the Bronx! Comparing the detention centers to the Holocaust is her latest blunder. I’ve been to the concentration camp at Maulthausen which really brought the Holocaust home to me! I have also been to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem which memorialized the victims. The detention centers are holding centers so the migrants can be processed for entry after they came here illegally. The concentration camps run by the Nazis were where they either worked people to death or killed them upon arrival because they can’t work.

    • Diana says:

      Can’t believe this retarded bartender serves in the house of representatives as a congresswoman. She should be thrown out on her ass. As 1st. gen. Hungarian-Canadian many were transported to “Concentration camps” and gassed to death. I’ve been to Poland, to Auschwitz, and can’t believe AOC the imbecile compares it to Mexico.

  30. Mike says:

    Come on People AOC is an Idiot. Don’t even give her the air time. It just encourages dummies like these. Just like a dumb animal, don’t feed it it will go away.

  31. Michael says:

    If Nancy doesn’t boot this moron out then she is JUST as bad, maybe even worse by condoning such stupid, gutter-educated, nonfactual idiotic statements that divide the people not unify or inspire them. AOC is a reflection on the Democratic Party, she should go back to doing what she is bets at…bartender and barmaid Take a look Nancy, then remember this in NOVEMBER!!!

  32. Garry says:

    AOC was right on the money with the use of the English language and the definition of ‘concentration’ camps. Much ado about nothing but the right wing does not like the nasty truth brought up. VOTE BLUE!

    • Robert says:

      Another clown.

    • Jim C says:

      I think it was more the comment NEVER AGAIN which is the real tell all here. That related it to the camps in Germany. And that GARRY is the nasty truth. Vote anything but blue.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Since you are so darn smart, Google concentration camps….if that don’t show you how what the dimwitted slut AOC said wrong, then your just willfully ignorant, & there’s no hope for you

    • Randy Smithr says:

      I am just floored at your complete ignorance Garry. you are as stupid and dumb as the day is long. My father, who fought the Nazis during WWII told me stories of what he saw first hand in Germany after the Nazi surrender and his stories are backed 100% by many documentaries easily found on public broadcasting. Your an amazing excuse for a person that has his head so far up his ass all that can be smelled is sh…..

    • J. says:

      Garry, If I read you right – you just exposed yourself to be another one of the extreme left wingers and if so – you and the devil, AOC, deserve each other and should spend the rest of your lives in a “funny Farm”.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Garry, your lucky, very lucky your not in a Nazi concentration camp because they took mentally ill people like you and dissected them in science labs

  33. Lt. Robert Polans USMC ret. says:

    They both are the same. A few of my uncles and their families were in Dachau a few aunts and uncles in lesser-known camps. She probably reads the NYT a holocaust denier. One uncle saw his entire family killed in front of him before he went back to the little cave that he existed in for 8 months until he was freed. He used to scream in the middle of most nights. And they ask me why I enlisted.

    • Garry says:

      Robert Polans… only in your mind…. not in the dictionary. Flaccid attempt to make her statement look anti-semitic. Did NOT work.

      • Vicki says:

        The very fact that you stand up for her shows you’re as big an idiot as she is. When she brought the phrase “never again” into the conversation, she was referring to the Holocaust. Nazi concentration camps is a term that has been used ever since they were discovered. And as usual she gets called out and tries to back pedal, with some nonsense. I doubt she’s even smart enough to use a dictionary.

  34. Mike Diamond says:

    AOC,is nuts,she is a example of what happens when you ban, prayers in public schools,Don t respect your parents,and listen to liberal college teachers!and have a live in boy friend!

  35. Kat says:

    Who rattled idiot girl’s cage, she is so blatantly stupid it not even humorous. Some one ought to invite her to Auschwitz that should give her a wake up call, but it won’t she just toooo stuuupid! But then agaon tattooing #s on illegals arms might work to know where and who they are. Never mind aoc you’re brilliant.

  36. Watcher says:

    Never should have been voted in and the idiots who voted for her should lose the privilege of voting because they are obviously just as stupid

  37. Diana says:

    Someone has to shut this A – hole mental case moron UP! I’ve been to Auschwitz in Poland. A dismal aura of sadness hard to shake. How dare this ludicrous bartender bring the awful subject up.

    • Robert Polans says:

      I’ve been there too, and you’re right. Make no mistake, Soros wants to bring the camps back. Simply read Agenda 2030 in Wikipedia, it piggybacks Agenda 21.

  38. Judy Binder says:

    This AOC is stupid that dhe thinks Milk comes from a grocery store not from the cow. Ask this idiot if she knows what makes her fart, maybe we should get her out of office immediately. Her stupidity is rubbing off on the rest of the Dem-orats. We’ve already seen how Pelosi isshe needs another drink and another pill. Pelosi is sharing her boose and pillz with the congress.

  39. Linda M. says:

    Skip; Of course she din’t mention that little fact. Why? because Obama( just like herself)have been hell bent in destroying our great country, and they certainly don’t like to shine the light on their mistakes.Blaming Trump for THEIR mistakes. Obama and the Clintons are VERY MUCH still influencing the democrats by causing mayhem and hatred within our government, blocking Trump at every turn to do his job!
    I live near New York city and you want to know what bill they just passed? That” illegals” now can have a driver’s license! Great isn’t it?

    • chief1937 says:

      Why not drivers license we give them everything else don’t we? We have citizens in need but ignore them so we can cater to illegals needs. Concerning drivers license it amazes me they can’t read english so we print the drivers test in their language but all our road signs are in english just how do they manage to read those or do they?

      • Robert Cook says:

        get them free gas too and insurance so they don’t have to walk when they go on their crime sprees

        • Linda M. says:

          Robert Cook: PLEASE don’t give these morons anymore ideas.But then again, what you further stated, the Liberals will be voting on next!! If this wasn’t our country we are discussing, I swear I am living a very badly written Twilight Zone episode !!

      • Linda M. says:

        chief1937:I really don’t know if they will manage to read the road signs or not.We will find out when somebody dies(GOD forbid) because they couldn’t read a stop sign and stop.You are so correct in pointing out there so many more worthy LEGAL citizens that needs our help. Vets. The elderly.People that have to work two jobs(if they can get a job to begin with) to make ends meet.But thanks to the Liberal fools in congress, lets take of the illegals …They are truly worthy… Sickening ..

    • J. says:

      Linda M. , I think that happened in California some time ago. Reminds me of a time when I was driving up a one way street when a car came at me – I tried motioning her to stop and go back – she cursed at me – not in English.

      Now so many of the lefty morons , in order to get votes , promise free Medicare for all ,etc.,

      especially for illegals. Don’t know where they think the money to do that will come from.

      From what I hear – many Californians are just like many of your New York neighbors.

      You are 100% right about the Clinton and Obama cartels.

      • Linda M. says:

        It’s truly frightening what is happening in our local and federal governments, isn’t it?I don’t watch regular TV because I can’t tolerate all the Liberals propaganda being spewed out.But someone pointed out this law being passed in NY and I just had to see if indeed was true. I have known the Democrat party has been evil and corrupt for a very long time now. But for them to pass this ridiculous bill just for revenue and to get more votes is totally mind blowing! The Clintons and the Obama are still very much in control.I am very fearful for our country and its values….

  40. Margaret says:

    This clown, nut job Marxist would never resign, let’s not fool ourselves !!!
    She’s there for the rest of her life just like Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Gillibrand and all the rest of the “ carrier politicians” who would never be able to hold a real job in the private
    sector .
    So, they must do whatever it takes to spread lies around, fool the people, make promises they will never keep only because they must keep their position in the government, which allows them for a lavish life style, secret service protection, unlimited vacations, unlimited medical attention etc… everything paid by us, the suckers …
    On top of everything else, they get to become millionaires and live in huge mansions for the rest of their life …
    so, if this low life bartender clown made that comment, as well as others too, so what ??
    Nothing is going to happen to them, “ ethic”, decency, laws, are not for them, they are the “ruling class” and we are the suckers, the deplorable, redeemable, remember ???
    And if by any chance ( God forbid, )the American people finally wake up, then, they will keep the borders open, encourage and invite all the leeches from all over the world to invade us, promise them everything for free, and they will of course vote for the democrats ( progressives/ marxists) to keep them in power so they will keep the “goodies “coming …
    That’s the plan !!!

    • Robert Cook says:

      Good job you think like I do it probably a millions of others send send her packing with a bunch of those other clowns

      • Randy Smithr says:

        Robert & Margaret, I am with you 100%. I am angry, and outraged that stupid, ignorant individuals like AOC are out there impacting/influencing our country. The people that support them can only be same intellectually. It’s downright frightening!!

    • J. says:

      Margaret, You got that right – but I started thinking how the lefties, including the Hollywood elite and many of our politicians, et al. don’t want us peons to be allowed to carry guns to protect ourselves while they can afford body guards, etc., at our expense, – thanks to our generosity and stupidity.

      Hopefully, the sleeping numbskulls wake up soon……

  41. ed says:

    Every time AOC says something she proves that she doesn’t know what she is talking about which proves she is another college educated idiot.

  42. Brad says:

    AOC should learn how to look up a definition. Of course she would need to be able to read…

    con·cen·tra·tion camp
    /ˌkänsənˈtrāSHən ˈˌkamp/
    a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution. The term is most strongly associated with the several hundred camps established by the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe in 1933–45, among the most infamous being Dachau, Belsen, and Auschwitz.

  43. Colleen La Rose says:

    AOC is just another fling the dems use to try & shore up their popularity, but she is making them regret ever putting her forward. Though most won’t publicly admit it, she is disastrous to their cause.

  44. Rosemarie Berman says:

    She should be deported back to her own country.

  45. Breaker 19 says:

    The Democrats are loving it. They’ll be wanting to run her for President whenever she gets old enough. She is a better liar than Hillary. It doesn’t matter if she knows what she is talking about.

  46. Susan says:

    Before any congress person can have the right to speak on the following topics, they must first be required to do four things.
    1. Travel along the southern border, guided by patrol agents and shown the truth
    2. Watch a live abortion.
    3. Read through all the emergency calls and health violations of abortion clinics
    4. Visit L.A. and see the home-less camps

    Until then, I respectfully request, as a United States Citizen, that these ‘elected’ officials remain quiet or step down.

  47. I keep asking how does this lady get so much press and never stopped. The media loves her and keeps printing her garbage.

    • Marta says:

      Lady ????
      Is this what a lady would behave like ????
      Pitiful !!!
      She’s nothing but an illiterate, brainwashed, community organizer trained by Hussein Obama, our
      Marxist 44th President

    • Marga says:

      Lady ????
      Is this what a lady would behave like ????
      Pitiful !!!
      She’s nothing but an illiterate, brainwashed, community organizer trained by Hussein Obama, our
      Marxist 44th President

    • J. says:

      Victor partaker,

      The press is the Democratic party……

  48. John Sorrell says:

    It might be worth asking this moron why she doesn’t get out of her “public housing” apartment and travel to the border to asses for herself how we are catering to these illegal invaders.
    She fears what she will find once there, and will have to accept that the US is doing everything it can to make the invaders comfortable. A trip to the border will ruin her overall platform…

  49. Mike says:

    Where is my post. I guess the truth hurts.

  50. Wakyn Ferris says:

    This unhinged nut job needs to be shown the front door and take her insanity with her. This is the product of pampered youth with no real values and a complete absence of common sense.

  51. Marlene says:

    She has no career. She’s a one ring circus clown. Media promotes her only laughing at her.

    She’s a displaced bartender and probably not a good one at that.

    This is a temporary detour in her life’s misadventure.

    What’s her next job? Cleaning toilets at the homeless camp.

    • Susan says:

      Don’t knock ‘cleaning toilets’. The people that have that job are heroes, for not one person desires to walk into a nasty bathroom, but it’s users are too lazy to clean up after themselves with each visit. Soooo, just don’t.

      • Robert Cook says:

        Good job you think like I do it probably a millions of others send send her packing with a bunch of those other clowns

    • Judy Binder says:

      Good one Marlene. Maybe cleaning out the cages she thinks is there. I was hoping this idiot wod get lock in tg hrm by mistake a d then deported for just being stupid.

  52. cookie says:

    From mixing drinks to becoming a Congresswoman,one with no brains, no knowledge, and absolutely no clue. AND SHE IS STILL A CONGRESSWOMAN .. WOW, maybe she will run for POTUS in 2020.

  53. Bill says:

    AO Cortez, by now everyone knows is a pathological liar, but what they don’t know is, all young female bartender’s in the Bronx work under the assumption they double or otherwise work part time as a “Flat-Back-Ho”, turning as many tricks a night as they possibly can. So, those who elected this moronic imbecile, if you are reading this, need to know ZACKLEY who you elected, a worthless, Porta Rican (who isn’t even a real American) flat back whore, and that friend is that – live with it you freak. My sources claim AOC is also a homosexual, and she lives with another young female, they take turns being the guy with their doubled headed dildo. Deal with it you nut job.

  54. cookie says:

    Form mixing drinks to becoming a Congresswoman,one with no brains, no knowledge, and absolutely no clue. AND SHE IS STILL A CONGRESSWOMAN .. WOW, maybe she will run for POTUS in 2020.

  55. Jack or Lubin says:

    This piece of scum is making a mockery of our government. What the hell is the big deal of throwing this piece of scum out? It’s really no big deal or loss. She keeps being given that lousy 15 minutes by the lying scum media

  56. Charles says:

    Hey AOC…..You are a complete imbecile.

  57. Linda M. says:

    OMG can’t SOMEONE make this fool just to shut up and get out of the government and this country ?!! If she is so sympathetic with these” illegals” trying to enter our country, maybe they should move in with her ! Why can’t the Democrat’s understand our country can not hold this massive influx of people! Or maybe they are trying to get more “names ” on the books to rig the election in 2020?? I support and stand with President Trump. But he is not draining the swamp fast enough…..

    • Skip says:

      Notice that she mentioned nothing about the conditions under the previous president. These camps didn’t just mystically appear under President Trump. There have to be holding facilities. Are you going to give each one of them a room at the Holiday Inn while they are waiting for their case to be heard? These people are not forced to come here. They came here voluntarily and illegally. They did not apply to come here. They just showed up. We do not have sufficient facilities to house them all. I agree with you. Maybe Miss Cortez can provide them housing.

      • Susan says:

        Miss Cortez can give up that raise she demands to pay for their lodging, or to pay for The Wall so more ‘victims of concentration camps’ don’t come. Or to pay for a new crew of judges to process the immigrants.

      • Randy Smithr says:

        The thing is Skip, this AOC is 100% Ditz. She knows nothing about the Nazi concentration camps. Comparing a border holding facility to a Nazi concentration camp is sheer ignorance and stupidity. I am offended for my father, a Britt that risked his life to stop the evil Nazi’s.

        • Skip says:

          Randy, she didn’t know what a garbage disposal was until a few months ago. Something as distant as a Nazi concentration camp is so far beyond her reach that she should not be making comparisons to them. She knows nothing of which she speaks.

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