Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports this terrible plan to shut down Rush Limbaugh

Democrats want the complete shutdown of all conservative media.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at the front of that parade.

And she just announced her support for this terrible plan that would shut down Rush Limbaugh.

At the South by Southwest technology festival, Ocasio-Cortez ranted and raved about how former President Ronald Reagan was a racist.

She continued this diatribe on social media where she listed off a series of liberal smears about former President Reagan’s record.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:

Ocasio-Cortez including the Fairness Doctrine raised eyebrows.

The Fairness Doctrine was an old media regulation that the government used to suppress conservative speech.

If a radio station aired Rush Limbaugh’s program, they would have had to devote an equal number of programming hours to a liberal show.

Since no one wants to listen to liberal talk radio, those shows were not profitable and networks steered clear of opinion programming.

That all changed when Reagan took the government’s boot off the media’s throat and lifted the Fairness Doctrine.

Democrats have seethed ever since.

Ocasio-Cortez lamenting the loss of the Fairness Doctrine is a sure sign that it is about to make a comeback.

Liberals would like nothing more than to take Rush Limbaugh off the air.

That would allow them to control the flow of information Americans receive by silencing all non-liberal voices.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s support for the fairness doctrine is the cornerstone of that plan.


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139 Responses

  1. Thelma says:

    It’s past time to get rid of this mouthy “know it all”! She is a political dummy know it all who doesn’t have any common sense and certainly knows nothing!

  2. another day we have to see that mouth moving and nothing coming out but hot air…………………………….
    Why does she have to show her ignorance every single day…………people gets tired of hearing
    the crazy games every day. Why do people vote in such people as this..Looks like they were t the bottom of the barrel when they found her… Heaven forbid……………god bless america

  3. TN says:

    Would someone please shut this air head dingbat up! I am so sick of her face and unAmerican retrorick ! Honestly, where on earth did she come from??

  4. Thomas says:

    Should conservatives get equal time on cnn abc cbs nbc msnbc and npr ? Libs should be careful what they ask already has too many liberals now.
    I haven’t made thi comment before.

  5. Thomas says:

    Should conservatives get equal time on cnn abc cbs nbc msnbc and npr ? Libs should be careful what they ask already has too many liberals now.

  6. Tink says:

    Obviously (stephanie – real name)cortez you do not believe in God, oh its allah? Well, then there is your problem! We do not serve allah here in the US…we serve GOD..GET IT? And if you read the bible instead of the Koran , you know God made Adam and Eve, NOT ADAM AND STEVE..ENOUGH SAID!!!

  7. Denise says:

    Alexandria you are an idiot. Look at San Francisco and LA with alllllll the homelessness and drug needles and feces on the streets. You are a bimbo. Go to those places and see for yourself and while your at it go to the border and see how it really is. You need to quit with all your lies and hate.

  8. Inthedark says:

    Have people noticed that when the brainless one starts getting wound up, her eyes look like they are going to pop out of her head. I have a friend who was a medic in Bam and was a EMT for years says that is not a good sign as far as health goes. We can only wish.

    • April says:

      I’ve noticed that too! She has the eyes of a mad woman! I’ve known several mentally ill people in my life and they all have the same buggy eye look! What I don’t understand is why everything she says gets put on the air! Who the heck is doing the programming? She’s nothing but a day-dreaming bimbo was was shrewd enough to find a pocket of people who would vote for her. In my opinion she’s nothing but a menace to society.

  9. Paul Aldredge says:

    This is hilarious! Homelessness exploded because of Ronald Reagan or under his watch? Hah! Let’s observe the explosion of homelessness in L.A. and San Francisco! Typhus is making a comeback!

  10. Joe Masefield says:

    Those who are shocked by the totalitarian tactics of the Democrats have absolutely no knowledge of American history. The Democrats began the Civil War and then fought another 100 years to prevent Civil Rights from being adopted. The Democratic Party needs to be eradicated as were the Nazis and Communists.

  11. Kat says:

    Why are my comments not being shown

  12. Dolores Adams says:

    Get rid of AOC
    She will ruin our country and also omar AND RASHIDA TLIAIB. They should never have elected in the first place.
    No I haven’t said this BEFORE!!@

    • Kimmi McKnight398 says:

      The dems themselves are trying to get rid of both AOC and Omar. THAT’S how bad those two are!! They’ve definitely inhaled WAY too much and have much higher opinions of themselves than anyone else has of them. Tliab, too!!

  13. Dolores Adams says:

    Get rid of AOC
    She will ruin our country and also omar AND RASHIDA TLIAIB. They should never have elected in the first place.

  14. vitorino says:

    With the Three Stooges in the House (O-Cortez, Omar and Tliab) the democorrupratic party has lowered their standards far below their line of intelligence. Pelosi’s loss of control and lacking leadership as Spkr of the House must resign and hand over the gavel to Rep Hoyer or to an independent Rep with much more leadership potentials

  15. This is EXACTLY HOW “communism” STARTS/is put in place by MUZZLING the OTHER side…. Chavez did it in Venezuela….Look at Venezuela NOW……. AMERICA WAKE UP……QUICKLY….!!!

  16. Holley 94 says:

    Her fears are of being EXSPOSED,,, are other Muslims who have been planted in our system to destroy it…

    The Islamic leaders have agreed to both pay the freight of each of these female (?) vermin…and to open doors in the Democratic Party which place these vermin in high-level committees…

    Folks, look closely…this is a Prapaganda Machine in sction…and the destruction of our country iis being placed in its place..
    First, destroy our history and pride, then make us as voters be the ones to “pull the triggers”…

    And us as “stupid is-as stupid does”…believe their lies, and accept their hand-outs…

    Just WAIT until you get a load of Sharia law that comes with it, you jack asses!

  17. John J says:

    This banjo eyed asshole gets WAY too much media attention

    • Ben says:

      She has a lose screw and should be removed from office NOW she will caws hate that will be hard to over come if she is NOT removed NOW

  18. Ernst says:

    Does anyone remember Air America radio network? Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Cenk Uygur and a few other leftist fruitcakes ran this abortion from about 2004 until 2010. It failed because very few people listened to it. Radio is open to broadcasting of all different opinion spheres. No Fairness Doctrine required. George Soros and Tom Steyer certainly have enough money to create any type of radio network. But people have choice of stations, and most people do not choose to fill their heads with “progressive” claptrap.

  19. grandniem says:

    She must be reading Hitler’s play book,..because this is Nazism to the core. Somebody paint a damn mustache under her nose. Ya all need to read and learn up on the Nazis party and what occurred in the years just prior to WWII

  20. Jim says:

    They will do what ever it takes to stop the people from learning the truth about what their up to.But they will send you a filled out ballot on who to vote for.Its called commies.The country is under siege.

  21. Anne says:

    This crazy Liberal bitch knows exactly what she is doing! To those folks who think she is just a lunatic, who knows NOT what she does, you are selling her short. Jer and her 2 Muslim sidekicks, have already forced the hand of other Democrats, pushing those who claim to be running for President in 2020, to the extreme left. God forbid, that the general publi8c does not smarten up, before it is too late. The future of our Republic is in jeopardy!!!

    • Hope says:

      Getting her info from Soros people!!

    • jace anderson says:

      She doesn’t know what she is doing. The people pulling the strings is the Justice Democrats actually picked her out of 10,000 applicants who sent in their applications. They picked Cortez to run for the Brooklyn Congressional District with the campaign manager that worked for Bernie Sanders. It’s said the person who came up with the idea was Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks.
      She is actually the next Manchurian candidate following Obama’s footsteps. Two points to be made are 1)She has to be groomed more than Obama just because she wasn’t raised by radical political activists so mistakes will be more apparent once the really heavy pressure hits her, which as of now has not.2)Just the Political environment that she will be entering once Q starts to drop the big bombs on the Democrats and rhinos Republicans for their crimes and people see their underhanded dealing she might just start to think what has she gotten her self into. In fact, she might not even be able to clear the bars of this campaign finance money issue that’s arisen. So she has a lot of headwind against her. Of course, anything can happen. With Big names in the Democrat party like multiple Presidents and upper echelon political senators and congressmen/woman, voters aren’t going to give her any slack like she been given so far. They might move away from the Democrat party once the blinders are removed from their eyes. My two cents anyway.

  22. Barbara says:

    This idiotic women needs to shut her damn nasty mouth. Don’t you have enough of your own troubles to deal with. It appears you have broken some laws that you need to deal with. AND STOP CAUSING TROUBLE. yOU HAVE A HATEFUL MOUTH THAT NEEDS TO LEARN TO SHUT IT FOR AWHILE.!!!!!!!

  23. Peter J Duffy says:

    Funny how she demands her freedom of speechp while trying to take everyone else rights away. What an uninformed twit!

    • M. D'Souza says:

      Each time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens her mouth, she reveals to us how STUPID she is. All she does is to repeat the phrases that are fed to her from her Campaign Manager Saikat Chakrabarti.

  24. Victor M. Montgomery says:

    Occasional cortex is an embarrassment to the basic freedoms of the United States. Should she refuse to resign, she she should be prosecuted for fraud and misappropriation.

  25. Victor M. Montgomery says:

    Occasional cortex is an embarrassment to the basic freedoms of the United States. Should she refuse to resign, she she should be prosecuted for fraud and misappropriation.

  26. Tom says:

    This woman is the EXACT same as Hitler’s Ernst Rohm.

  27. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    I saw a few comments about how stupid Alexandria Occasionally Conscience is and I totally agree. If you want to see something interesting that explains a lot watch this.

  28. the dems get all the media attention………..BUT it is all lies and fake news………
    the dems has loose tounges that flap all the time .If they only knew what they was talking about
    it would be different……But people just read it and make fun of it……..

  29. Gregory says:

    If anyone who believes in the censorship of anyone who opposes their point of view, is a fascist or communist etc. Anyone remember Tiananmen Square? When severable housand people who demonstated against the communist regime where they were either exacuted or tortured. Is that what you want? AOC seemed to go with it. She is a mental case and kicked out of Congress and put in a padded cell permanently as she is obviously a threat to our way of life and bankrolled by George Soros.

  30. John says:

    And this is a college educated individual maybe her parents paid her way too!

  31. Christopher says:

    The FAIRNESS DOCTRON works both ways!
    Letterman wouldn’t have been able to put Mit Romneys dog on the roof of
    his car every night durring his run against Barack Husein Obama!

  32. Sue says:

    Hey, AOC, what is it about free speech that you don’t understand? You have not even been to the polls yet, and you’re telling us what to do? Forget the polls, they’ll only serve to embarrass you.

  33. Michael says:

    Someone answer me this. I have been reading for over two weeks I have been reading about the pre election corruption AND has been involved in. Where has the investigation gone? Because she is a Democrat we are looking the other way? She belongs in prison. Not making policy decisions. I read a post above that said ALL was considered the smartest person in a room? That’s if she was the only one in that room.

    • NOBODY says:

      I bet CNN AND other main stream media will not play by same rules, they’d make sponsors not sponsors not support that show and if they did they edit so much stuff out on the editor floor that the message at best was watered down. or not herd at all…. they think we are all dumb like their base is

  34. Candyce Clanton says:

    After all, the liberals are controlling the three big networks so why should a little news show or even one person scare AOC so much? As for the Fairness Doctrine, it was to give fair time to both groups not let the Libs out & bar the Conservatives. This woman is very close to treason & I think it’s about time someone sat her down & read her our Constitution which is NOT going away. But I think she could go away – I understand some jail time is being considered about her campaign finances! Does she think she is above the law?

  35. Dan Gibson says:

    OK “SANDY”… Let’s go back — let’s go wayyy back — in fact, let us start your educational process all over again. In the beginning, what came first — the Chicken, or the Egg ? OK, I’ll give you an easier question: what train of thought came first, that which is CONSERVATIVE, or that which is LIBERAL …. while you are struggling with that, I — closing in on the age of 72 — will impart the following upon you. Conservative is based on what has long ago been tried and executed. Liberal — still with me, GIRL ? — is reactionary and basks in counter proposal. It means change, it means new ideas, and it means new opinions about angles that “may” work better now than those employed in the past. T’ain’t NUTHIN wrong with being LIBERAL, for it provides a balance in our lives and the future of this nation.

    But to want to STAMP OUT ALL THAT IS CONSERVATIVE ?? Do you happen to know exactly what you are saying — whoops, better yet, DEMANDING? How dare you, MISSY ? Now do a 180, and go lie down in a very dark room, without another peep. Or it will be another slap on the wrist, and NO LUNCH for you ….

  36. Jim Wilson says:

    Really, folks. Does anyone really take AOC seriously? She is the Poster Child for Mental Instability!

    • Bill O’Reilly believe that AOC is only out seeking to be accepted by/looking for a career in the world of HOLLYWOOD, out on the West Coast. This is what I heard, when Glenn Beck has Mr. O’Reilly on, usually every Friday.

  37. angie says:

    Is that all that Democrats are capable of??, going after people???? They are incapable of doing anything that might benefit America’s Citizens……..This Dingbat started off on the wrong foot, spewing HER HATRED for people who are better than her, not to mention ALREADY STEALING……when does her kickbacks start? (you know, the ones from the Lobbies, Sponsors, Soros, Hollyweed) Given todays current news……how did she get into, or, better yet, how did she graduate any school????

  38. Estell says:

    This is another attempt by the left to silence those who don’t agree with them. She needs to shut up and disappear from the media.

    • trebor says:

      If there has to be a balance conservative-liberal there seems to be a problem. Mainstream media outnumbers conservative media by about 80%
      She has to be aware of this, probably not as she doesn’t seem to be aware of much. She blasted Reagan for coming down on the Welfare Queen, Linda Taylor. The woman who had 80 social security cards and identities and collected welfare on all of them. She had a problem with this? No she just ran her mouth off without knowing a thing about it. Idiot. She won’t be around after 2020, she screwed over governor Cuomo and that is the kiss of death.

    • larry says:

      no Estell she needs to disappear for good

  39. Bill Schmick says:


  40. Michael Brown says:

    Evita Peron is a brainless twit.

  41. Ege Shegava says:

    16 blog sites nationwide are offering $million prizes for the death of this horse-faced bi-t-t-c-c-h. Israeli secret police Likud or the NRA members are not eligible due to contest rules according to

    • Waldo says:

      This is WRONG.
      let the Dems be DEMONIC. NOT US! CONSERVITIVES MUST STAY STRONG AND “RIGHT”. LET THEM DO THE MURDERING OF BABIES. GOD JUDGES ALL, AND VENGENCE IS GODS. AND HIS ALONE. When people are made into MORTARS, their cause, “even if it is wrong” will be strengthened. So be angery, but SIN NOT.

  42. Don Nicholas says:

    The liberal defination of a fairness doctrine is no opposition, besides it would require them to bring humor back to late night.

  43. Peter J Duffy says:

    Absolutely amazing, how this idiot woman believes she should have full freedom of speech on every subject while at the same time telling everyone else they should shut up and don’t have the same rights!

  44. Linda H says:

    Watch the movie, The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker. It shows which Presidents were racists. Reagon was not one of them. AOC just reads her script and she don’t know what she is talking about. Now she is after Rush. That script writer stays busy causing trouble. Put them both in jail.

  45. Tony says:

    Nothing is going to happen to AOC, Omar, Tlaib or any other Dem by any conservative or member of the GOP. They don’t have the backbone or the balls to do anything. They are afraid to confront these nonwhite women and of course the Muslim factor is involved. GOP politicians don’t realize their base will support their strength if they confront any liberal head on. Only the left will call them racists, Islamaphobes, bigots and misogynistic, which the left will do anyway. Just look at the emergency declaration for the border. A dozen gutless Rhinos are going against the base and POTUS. Libs are wrong about everything yet they stick together in their insane stance. Something the GOP doesn’t do.

    • Waldo says:

      So right Tony.
      Our GUTLESS, BACK STABBING REPUBLICAN “leaders” and the STINKEN RINOS need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will keep the hand full that do have backbones, and do support our president TRUMP.

    • Peter J Duffy says:

      wow, hour racist hate is showing. Like it or not, they have the same rights as you to say their mind. You just have to ignore it or present another opinion but taking away their freedom of speech isn’t the solution! That is of course, unless you are of the same belief as they have.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      Bullets have no race religion or color barriers that I know of, Jerky!

    • Melinda Rodriguez says:

      You are soooooo right! REBULICANS are scared to stand up to these women bullying and crying racist to everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

    • Melinda says:

      You are soooooo right! REBULICANS are scared to stand up to these women bullying and crying racist to everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

  46. virginia s nedza says:

    Notice how AOC changes the narrative when she doesn’t have an answer. The people behind her didn’t give her a come back. They write all her speeches She flubs then asks another. Talks right over the person.She is so stupid.

  47. mikle. says:

    God, she is idiot. Can she shut up her f….. mou….

    • jug says:

      TheDemocrat Party ceased to exist way back in the 1960s! When they ripped off and adopted the Party platform of the CPUSA!

      They have been trying to bring Communism to this country ever since!
      They thought they had succeeded when they elected a Muslim/Communist, not once but twice! And almost succeeded the third time, but Trump “HAPPENED”!

      And now for the absolutely most important thing of all!

      If we can’t bring ourselves to call our enemies by their true name, we will be fighting them until WE LOSE!

      They are no longer the “Democrats”, they are the COMMIECRATS!

  48. FEDUP says:

    Too much time spent on this groomed NUTCASE already. Keep on putting your failed Highschool science pieces before your fellow conspirators in the democrat dung corner. What about the person(s) funding this group? Follow the money trail and indict the OAC clan !!!

  49. Art Ward says:

    AOC gets more pitiful every day! I do not remember seeing or knowing anybody within our Media system that matches her stupidity, and just plain awful presentation of herself. She virtually knows nothing about nothing! Perhaps she has friends or family that will assist her in removing herself from our Political System. At the very least, she needs to develop a much greater understanding of how America really works. It is hard for me to believe that a person like her can be so dull and under informed, but actually think that she is going to square it all away. Call it awful, naïve, stupid, and goofy! Hopefully, somebody close to her, will present truth and reality to her about the rookie mistakes that she makes daily. and then begin to help her start all over and then re-enter the political stage for a second and likely final shot.

  50. FrankC says:

    Reagan could not “gut the mental health system”, that was done through legislation. Who wrote that legislation and got it passed?

    Many of the “homeless” became homeless when they were kicked out of the mental health institutions because their dignity was being robbed. Who forced them out onto the streets?

  51. Marcia says:

    Someone needs to shut her down….she is so full of herself that she is sickening….her mouth is so big that I am sure she used when she was bartending for other than talk and on a man.

    • rafy goose says:

      Not that only, she also used her mouth for something slimy, doesn’t she read this poles? she should know, that she is not wanted!!!!!!

    • Jane Fogg says:

      She needs to go back to nursery school and leave the Adults meaning Patriotic Americans run our great country

  52. Helga says:

    We are getting way tooooo much of this ignorant little child-woman!!

  53. PAT says:

    where are all the republicans in congress 4 women are running congress and they are not for America
    no one in congress is challenge them get off your knees come out from under you desk and stand up and fight back
    that’s what you were elected to do
    trump was right from the beginning about the border he’s doing his best but he needs help from republicans forget about the green deal it will never happen you think people are going give up there cars stop flying stop eating hamburgers HELL NO civil war will happen before that will TRUMP 2020 AND BE YOUND

  54. CatThomas says:

    It’s pretty simple… anything that comes out of that ignorant b*tch’s mouth is WRONG…

  55. Joe Masefield says:

    AOC wants America to be destroyed!

  56. Ron says:

    A OdashC wants to use her right to use free speech to silence Rush Limbaugh’s right to use free speech. And she is preaching it on MSNBC, which means: Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap.

  57. Harvey D Schneider says:

    This woman is like a damaged recorder or echo that repeatedly plays things that she heard in her classes at Boston College.

    She didn’t then and doesn’t now have an interest in fact checking her professor’s statements.

    Hopefully she will be investigated for the possibility of financial criminal acts committed during her campaign. If found guilty she will have time behind bars to meditate on what she believes and come under conviction to repent and discover that Jesus saves sinners.

    • Bud Savoie says:

      She actually went to Boston University, Harvey, not Boston College, for which BC must be eternally grateful. BU sends its alumni a magazine called Bostonia, and in a recent article, one of her profs said (unbelievably) “Everybody knew her [AOC]as one of the smartest people in the room.” Make of that what you will.

    • jackie says:

      she will not spend a day in jail. mark my words. They are going to feel sorry for her and remember she is cut from the same cloth as Hillary. no jail for them.

  58. jim lennon says:

    Lets see how ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc respond to this ‘fairness” thing. These “news media” are 24/7 anti trump so then the Feds cut them to only 12 hours per day anti-trump….they will have nothing to say. But the deep state will not enforce the “fairness” thing against their fellow liberals creeps

  59. Alexander Marinesko says:

    She has a degree in economics? William Rick Singer helped her with that…..

  60. William M Durham says:

    Someone needs to help this commie bitch meet God

  61. Michael says:

    Seems to me either in Minnesota they have muslims on payroll to check on all leftists liberal are being threaten by Muslims to check on democrats families are being held hostages if democrats don,t follow liberalism then their families will get hurt if Muslims don,t get what they want? Is that why pelosi afraid of those idiotic Muslims?

  62. JC says:

    Somebody lock this witch up before she starts a war! She is not a good person much less a decent official.

  63. Sarah says:

    AOC enjoys the liberty afforded in our Constitution concerning freedom or speech, and now uses it with authority of her new position in Congress, but all the while wants to trample this freedom of the people.
    She should also be accountable to the whole and not the few.

  64. eml says:

    On the other hand. AOC’s plan would require the liberal media to give equal time to conservative programming. She probably did not think this through.

  65. Steve Allen says:

    People have to ask. When did a kid get to tell us what to do? Why are people listening to the obvious stupid? If people didn’t show up to listen to the stupidity coming out of her mouth then maybe we wouldn’t see her. Just get her and the other like her deported.

  66. It seems to me that the media is far more dominated by liberal (left leaning) stations than conservative stations now. The liberal have ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, HLN and all we haveis FOX. If the fairness doctrine was brought back, they’d haveto have more conservative stations to make it fair.

  67. Waldo says:

    AOC wants the fairness doctrin back. OK …..I guess that means Levin, Rush, Hennity, etc,etc will be on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS ETC, ETC… half the time to balance the SUPER CRAP LIB LIES AND DISTORTIONS.

  68. Daniel Colburn says:

    Actually, AOC is just saying what many (most?) liberals have wanted for years. They have kept quiet about it so that it could be done n the sly. Now that she is blabbing it all over, maybe we can, now that our eyes are finally open, do something to stop the entire thing.. Hopefully…

  69. Hey child, it’s a travesty your Mother didn’t have an ABORTION.

  70. GaryG says:

    Someone is telling her what to say. She AIN’T that smart

    • mrp says:

      She’s nothing but a puppet. How abut she debate Rush? He’ll eat her up and spit her out. She only participates in friendly interviews; will not dare take one that doesn’t treat her with kid gloves. She’s been involved in her own scandals including her boyfriend’s access to government e-mails and her manager abusing campaign finance, her hypocrisy regarding her green agenda that she herself does not follow, and so on and so on and so on. Can’t believe how someone of her caliber has risen so fast. Dems will push anything and Cortes is living proof.

      • Jane Fogg says:

        Get her Rush and let the country see who she really is and bring out all her lies and Treason to our Great Country

  71. Charles Moseley says:

    Cortez is a Blooming IDIOT. She has no sense of reality. She needs to wake up and see the real world. Although that may just be impossible.

  72. Franklin says:

    AOC, Reagan did not gut the mental health system, that was done by your Democrat buddy Jimmy Carter. Carter closed down all mental health hospitals and put the patients out on the street making a new demographic that the Democrats believed would become a voting block called “The Homeless”. You mention reading books? Try reading a HISTORY book.

  73. Carolyn C Delahoussaye says:

    I would like to shut down AOC!!!! Is she the new Speaker of the House? She’s more ignorant and abrasive than Nancy Pelosi and that’s saying something!!!!

  74. John says:

    need to put brain in gear before engaging mouth what an idiot ignorant and flat out stupid

  75. Betty says:

    Doesn’t anyone able to get rid of this traitor? I wonder who is paying her to destroy America? The democrats have created this nightmare. Can’tyou See what is happening and get rid of this moron?

  76. Robert says:

    Unfortunately, AOC and most of the other leftist Deamon-rats come from deep blue States like NY, CA, and IL. Conservatives in purple and red areas should get out and vote in Nov 2020 to drive the rest of those leftist pigs out of office.

  77. John says:

    Instead of tv she should go to a fair and bompete against horses when ever she opens that pie hole it reminds me of MR ED she would surely place in top three or maybe a jackass is moe appropriate

  78. Martha woerner says:

    OAC the nutty crazy town needs to shut her mouth. All that comes out of her is nonsense!

  79. Li'l old White Boy says:

    Hey, AOC, get over yourself. In anyone is racist and bigoted, it is you. For the record, I am not a racist nor am I bigoted. I’m just a li’l old white boy who is anti-bitch from up north

  80. Dave Miedema says:

    The reason that conservative talk shows dominate the radio airwaves is because it’s interesting, has some humor, and is almost always factually correct. In the days of Air America (the national liberal radio network that went belly-up within 3 years), even a partisan liberal Chicago Tribune columnist, Clarence Page, felt the liberal radio talk shows there and elsewhere were not on par with the good guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and the rest. Among his criticisms of liberal talk radio hosts were too much lecturing of the audience, too much condescension towards the audience, a total lack of humor on the shows, and a gloom-and-doom attitude by too many of the hosts. A leftist newspaper writer can see this; why can’t left-wing fruitcakes like AOC?

  81. helene says:

    an uneducated waitress Mexican thanks to our country generosity gave her whole family a place to live and money to better their life now was .instead of having gratitude to our generosity , she brought the trash idea to change our country the most generous saved and helped many life s miserable in their own country, Mexico or , Guatemala. These ingrates have no shame after benefited all our helps to better their life. The ingrates compare our life as a garbage life. Why she is here have the pride to move back to her miserable life before to MEXICO.? Shameful, ingrate animal. and we what we waiting for not give a kick to her ass,to push out of our land. immoral, dishonest, ungrateful animal.

    • Don Lavrich says:

      There are more of us then them. They will crumble and fall. Make sure we stick together and all vote conservative and for Trump 2020

  82. Pauline says:

    AOC needs to stick her foot into her oversized mouth and bite down hard! That immature idiot has has gone too far!

  83. cuzinmikie says:

    AOC is the poster child for why some animals eat their young!

  84. Freddie Sue Stanton says:

    What I would like would be to shut them up for good; however, that ain’t gonna happen. So, let them rave on until the whole world is convinced they are all
    Moronic Idiots!

  85. Karin says:

    Fairness Doctrine? What the heck is she going on about. Right now there is no FAIRNESS in any of the media to allow conservative reporting, opinion, or anything else. The Left Media (LBM: Lame brain media) has already tried this with the Debates. They will not appear on FOX because they know they cannot prove anything they report, and if a fact is thrown at them they don’t know how to handle it. She is a dunderhead.

    • macbrahma88 says:

      As long as they (AOC Omar & the like) have a captive audience wanting free tuition, healthcare, a guaranteed job, explain that one with Artificial Intelligence taking over many jobs AOC herself said would occur in addition to retirement benefits, have I left anything out? Meanwhile everyone worth millions upon millions “they” intend on TAXING to SUPPORT their SCHEME, will have LEFT the country. Meanwhile, along the border, I pray the Millennials & Z Gens realize what’s crossing over each day. It’s apocalyptic. It is a clear & present danger in the form of disease, hunger, education, violence, welfare (state/federal welfare taxes) and that’s for the appetizer. We can’t help our own CITIZENS? Votes votes votes! Isn’t the House attempting to pass legislation to 1. Lower the voting age to 16 years of age? 2. Make it harder for Republicans to purge voters because of questionable citizenship until it can be verified by the state in which they reside? To not agree to any and or all of this is shear INSANITY/DENIAL. This is NOT & this IS about TRUMP. The AGENDA IS NOW OBVIOUS. Our country is being taken over. As much as I’m a God FEARING MAN let me tell you this if we now turn our back on Israel our fate is sealed in Gods eyes. If I’ve left anything out I have left space so please add to this if you wish.

      • Carolyn C Delahoussaye says:

        A dear old preacher preached a sermon on “Payday Someday.” It was preached many years ago but the message is the same. An unrepentant, unredeemed person is going to pay as judged by God Himself. I believe that we will never destroy Israel, the country God chose for Himself. Those who try will be doomed.

  86. Nathan Paris says:

    The more these Democrats speak, the more foolish and idiotic they are proven to be. I’d be surprised any of them maintain their seat for more than 6 years. It’s hard enough to believe they were actually voted in for an elected seat…. Please MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and get rid of these democratic nit-wits! VOTE INTELLIGENTLY!!!!!!!!

  87. how crazy………how long do we have to listen to that crap…I had rather hear a roster crow…………..
    people that would follow and listen to that needs to see a shrink

    • Dave Miedema says:

      I’d rather hear a toilet flush.

    • Sharon Lee says:

      Well guess what? Soon that could be all we have to listen to if AOC and others of her ilk have their way. THEY are busy at this moment laying the groundwork for taking down the last bastion of free speech left for Patriots, FOX NEWS. And even that platform has been compromised by the owner of Fox, Brett Baire , Shep Smith, Chris Wallace. Giraldo Rivera, Juan Williams etc., etc. Actually I think it’s kind of funny, or karma, that the CEO of one of the biggest financial institutions is being grilled by the very mindset that I’ll bet he has supported over the years with campaign contributions. This CEO and other company heads felt protected because of their status, thinking they could never be affected.

  88. Lewis Hodge says:

    I’d like to see how the liberal crooks at MSM would deal with giving conservatives half of their time.

  89. Dan Gibson says:

    Hey “SANDY” … Get over yourself, GIRL ! You were pretty good in the dance video. You were presentable as a Bar Maid. But that’s where the plaudits end for You. As a senator, you bring NUTHIN’ to the Table. So stop throwing daily mud at the wall, and praying that something will STICK ! The over/under for that to happen is -1 … think about that one for awhile, huh ?

    • Rafael Guzman-Aponte says:

      Do not insult other Bar maids or Dancers, some of them are smart but don’t interchange body parts for money or positions in the leaning back position

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