Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lost her mind after suffering this embarrassing defeat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez waged war with the Democrat Party establishment.

It did not go well.

And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lost her mind after suffering this embarrassing defeat.

One of the most closely watched primaries on Tuesday night was the runoff in the 28th Congressional District of Texas.

Incumbent Henry Cuellar faced off against squad ally Jessica Cisneros.

Cuellar, who represents a district that is trending Republican, has been outspoken in his criticism of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Cuellar also supports some restrictions on abortion and is opposed to parts of the Democrats’ gun-grabbing agenda.

The race ended up a nail-biter, as Cuellar declared victory despite only leading by 177 votes.

In a social media rant as the results came in, Ocasio-Cortez whined that the Democrat Party leadership supported a more moderate member who stood a better chance of winning the district in November but refused to embrace the Left’s socialist policies.

Ocasio-Cortez wrote:

On the day of a mass shooting and weeks after news of Roe, Democratic Party leadership rallied for a pro-NRA, anti-choice incumbent under investigation in a close primary. Robocalls, fundraisers, all of it. Accountability isn’t partisan. This was an utter failure of leadership.

Congress should not be an incumbent protection racket and sadly it is treated as such by far too many. The fact is those who fail their communities deserve to lose. They don’t need rescuing from powerful leaders who state they fight for gun safety, the right to choose, and more.

TX28 is an extremely close race. If Cuellar wins, leadership’s decision to go to the mat for a pro-NRA incumbent will be the reason why. If Cisneros pulls it out, they will have mobilized against a badly needed grassroots for Nov & fought against a historic victory. And for what?

Ocasio-Cortez has already inflicted enough damage on the Democrat Party during this election cycle.

Chuck Schumer constantly pushed far-Left legislation out of fear that Ocasio-Cortez would launch a Primary challenge against him.

That lurch to the Left alienated swing voters, as Joe Biden pitched himself to the electorate as a reasonable centrist.

Now Ocasio-Cortez sought to cripple the Democrats’ chances in the November elections by pushing the Party even farther to the Left.

Republicans only need to win a net gain of five seats in the House of Representatives to take back the majority.

And Ocasio-Cortez did her level best to make that task even easier.

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