Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed climate change for this unbelievable tragedy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is impossibly becoming more radical.

The freshman congresswoman has alternated between embarrassing gaffes and over-the-top political fear-mongering.

And now Ocasio-Cortez is blaming climate change for this unbelievable tragedy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proven to be ignorant on a host of issues.

During her most contentious interview to a date, which was a softball interview with Republican Margaret Hoover on the resurrected show, Firing Line, Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t answer a basic foreign policy question.

That was the last time she did an interview with someone who wasn’t on the Left.

Ocasio-Cortez also chased Amazon out of her district because she doesn’t understand the difference between a tax break and a government subsidy.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s most radical issue is climate change.

Her insane Green New Deal calls for a communist takeover over the American economy within 12 years.

And in order to push her radical policy, she blames every single weather event on climate change.

Recently, Ocasio-Cortez blamed California forest fires on climate change in a mind-numbing tweet.

Red State reports:

On Monday, AOC sent out a tweet blaming the wildfires ravaging parts of California right now on “climate change,” stating that this is what “climate change” looks like and even throwing in a hit on the un-scientific nature of the Republicans for good measure.

Naturally, it ended with a time frame for us to fix it and a promotion of the Green New Deal.

The problem with this statement is that California wildfires aren’t anything new. In fact, Capital Public Radio has a visual timeline that shows just how wildfires have hit California dating back well before the 1950s. Like any natural disaster, wildfires are worse in some years than they are others.

Twitter appropriately lit Ocasio-Cortez up for her ignorant tweet, but she persists.

Almost nobody on the Left is willing to call her out.

The truth of the matter is mismanagement is the main cause for the forest fires.

Illogical federal conservation laws have prevented local governments from clearing out dead shrubbery in bone-dry areas which creates a tinder box effect.

But, climate change.

That’s the Left’s answer for everything.

Environmentalists have been wrong on every single one of their bold claims over the last 50 years.

Needless to say, their track record is not good.

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153 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    Although MSM tells plentys of lies, its our schools wherein lies the majority of these problems. Started with the teaching of evolution and currently tjey teach your gender is how you feel. If evolution were real it would be occuring even now, it wouldnt have occured for the millions of years they claimed then all of a sudden stopped. Once they convince children that government has all the answers then its simple enough for MSM to proclaim the gospel.

  2. Mama says:

    Addition : ‘PLANTS & “TREES”.
    Ca Has Totally NOT ‘Taken CARE of
    >>> DUTY<< SHAME 0n CA ‘Due TO DEM . Policy.
    > Not my ‘fault’ 0r Yours. 0NLY, IFFF
    U Vote for that ‘dem’ KrAAP ‘policy’.
    ( ‘g’ Damn It ALL) . KNOW ‘Truth’
    Adjust ‘political’ Thinking. Thank you.
    . 1 more thang. There IS NO MORE
    ‘r’/ ‘d’ party. It IS re SAVING USA
    from ‘a Globalist ‘Take0ver’ which includes Both.
    > Whew, got on a rolll LOL . Hope PP posts.
    Thank you.

  3. Mama says:

    MORE ‘KISS’ To ALL…. hmmm___
    All ‘creatures’ Breathe OXYGEN (16 -18%
    Required for Planet Earth, FYI) &&&
    LET ‘0ut’ Carbon Di0xide.
    > Plants ‘green’ Take IN Carbon Dioxide
    (including cow/human etc ‘farts’ LOL )
    > Sooo, ‘i’ had to Learn ‘this Stuff’ Too, ya know.
    > Sooo, LEARN ‘it’ &&& LEARN ;IT’ NOW ___
    > & Know the ‘Truth’ … Thank you.
    TGIF. Be ‘Free/Happy’ . Help Any0ne, AnyWay U Can.
    SAVE USA. KAG 2020. POTUS in MS NOW.
    tune in >>> on internet. We’re Waiting, PoTUS
    ‘Just Landed’ – a bit Late ___

  4. KRP says:

    Hey AOC got a news flash for you. Every time a human being farts they are contributing to climate change just like cows which means you are too!!! So I think you should propose butt plug legislation to prevent humans from passing greenhouse gases!! You should wear one to a session of Congress and show us all how to do it!!

  5. Mama says:

    Let’s KISS – “Keep It SIMPLE, SweetHeart” …
    > Solar/Wind etc IS Powered BY ELECTRICTY!
    Got that ? Good. ELECTRICITY IS ‘POWERED’
    by ( guess what) COAL / PETROLEUM’/ NG ….
    Any ‘Q’ s .

  6. Mama says:

    EASY To 0BTAIN ‘fake Degrees’ ,
    ( just like D.L. driver Licenses )
    When the $$$ Is there ___ . jd, WTFU, son___
    thank you. Quit being So ‘el Con-trare
    To just about E’thing Conservative.

  7. Mama says:

    Yep. &&& i sure do know re 500 ++ ‘Letters’ re
    ‘climate change HOAX’. ‘Climate Change MORONS
    Need ‘brief’ themselves on Vostok Ice Cores !!!
    > have a great nite it’s TGIF. SAVE USA . KAG 2020 !

  8. Mama says:

    0MG. LOL ‘banjo’ BUG eyes’ !!!
    Medical field ‘Does identify’ Bug eye —

  9. G BAR RED says:

    LOL – That is funny John. BUT she is exactly what most of us believe New Yuckers are.



  10. Gary J Miller says:

    Bender, Really, you are about as intelligent as a bag of hammers! You need to do some research on your own, instead of listening to CNN. President Trump pulled about 50 people out of the Sirean region to make it appear as though he was withdrawing, this caused the ISIS leader to surface and Our Special Forces eliminated him, and his successor, within two days, making the entire region Safer, and established agreements between Kurds, Seria, and Turkey. So spout your BS to the snowflakes that follow like sheep. And regarding so called scientists claiming “Climate Change” those same scientists have claimed “Global Warming” and “A New Ice Age” seven times in the last 90 years, 4 times Global Warming, and 3 times A New Ice Age. In truth, the planet is Always changing and the Only people pushing this narrative is people who are making money by convincing idiots to agree with them.

  11. Blue says:

    Izib that’s your argument your not doing everything so I’m not going to do anything. Nice mature thinking. The future thanks you.

  12. Wendell Ward says:

    Oh but it is once it dries out. Many Pioneers crossing the country by wagon used it for cooking and camp fires.

  13. dianep says:

    After the great flood that Noah and his family survived, God said the next time he destroyed the world, it would be by fire. Could He be starting w/ California??

  14. John J says:

    That silly looking buck toothed, banjo eyed asshole doesn’t have a clue, I am sure most of the votes that put the fool in office were illegal, but America still must be ashamed that we let it happen

  15. Mark C Hannigan says:

    ADD should be mixing drinks for Nazi,
    She probably was voted in by her bar patrons just so they could get rid of her dumb ass

  16. anniedawn says:

    AOC is the reason I believe ANYONE running for public office should take an IQ test. She stated that the government was the House, Congress and the President. According to a psychiatrist who appeared on FOX there accusations are scaring children. 500 scientists and people who deal with weather signed a letter to the U.N. stating that there is NO danger with the weather. Another thing that bothers me is that all the billionaires own beachfront property In fact the Obama’s just purchased a $15 million beachfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. The Kennedy compound is also there. AND all these rich folks fly everywhere in private jets. Did you know a trip from London to New York in a private jets uses about the same amount of fuel a car in the U.S. does in a YEAR? What aren’t they telling the peons?

  17. Jack Handy says:

    CA votes for Dem Policy. Now look ‘the suffering’ —

  18. scooch says:

    Ask AOC how she like s ‘solar panels’ &
    ‘electric cars’ now. I guess ‘AIR’ is her
    ‘green source’.

  19. lzib says:

    No biggie though it will be those coastal elites who buy their homes in the soon to be flood zones and fire zones (you know now that they do not do yearly backburns and clear dead trees and brush) will have the satisfaction of knowing they are right…please don’t ask those living in flyover country to bail you out. If you are truly concerned – move away from the coast.

  20. 32eagle says:

    OhCaseeeOhCoronas has blabbed hot air so much that she has outdone the santa anna winds blowing the hot air off of death valley-she is basically a human blowdryer-her own mouth moving has cooked the few remaining brain cells she has left she is as batty as that Ninny PugLoosley

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