A top Congressman made this jaw-dropping prediction about civil war in America

Every day the Democrat Party grows more extreme.

Led by radicals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and llhan Omar, the Democrats inch ever closer to turning American into a socialist nation.

And now a Congressman made this jaw-dropping prediction about civil war in America.

Congressman Chip Roy of Texas was one of the conservatives who defied expectations and won re-election in 2020 when all the “experts” claimed Democrats were poised to flip his seat.

On Monday night, Roy appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and offered a warning about the Senate runoff elections in Georgia.

Roy said Republicans were right to be angry as they saw every major institution in America hang up against them in 2020 to attack their way of life and rig the election against Donald Trump.

“The American people are angry about big government, but they’re also angry about Big Tech. They’re angry about corporations that are stomping all over small businesses, local governments that are shutting down small businesses and putting them out of work. Now, they’ve seen issues in elections that are reducing their faith in elections that matter for democracy and for our country,” Roy began.

But Roy warned that if GOP voters stayed home and the Democrats won the two runoffs and installed Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader, a hot civil war could very well break out in America.

“But here’s the thing: What happens tomorrow in Georgia – if we have Democratically-controlled Senate – we’re now basically at full-scale hot conflict in this country, whereas right now we’re in a cold civil war. We’ve got a major problem in this country where the American people – regular people that are out there working every day, hardworking Americans that are getting trampled by a system that is rigged against them, as you said. That is what is at stake, and if the American people in Georgia – if Georgians don’t show up and ensure we hold the Senate in Republican hands, then that’s what’s happening. Two additional votes coming out of the Senate in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, and they lock it down for good,” Roy added.

If Democrats won the Senate they could eliminate the filibuster allowing them to add new states to create a permanent Democrat Senate majority, ban and confiscate firearms, grant amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens, pack the Supreme Court and impose the Marxist Green New Deal.

Overnight America would transform into a third world socialist nation.

And many Americans may not stand for it.

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