A Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN

The Never-Trump movement within the Republican Party is all but dead.

But CNN loves to put the far-Left on the air to bash President Trump.

And now, a Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN.

John Dean is the former White House counsel under Richard Nixon, who is most known for his involvement in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal.

Now, he is trying to stay relevant through frequent appearances on CNN where he bashes Republicans, while claiming he himself is a Republican.

Dean focuses much of his energy on attacking President Trump, even bragging he is “on [Trump’s] enemies list.”

And, like every Never-Trumper, facts are tossed aside when it comes to launching his anti-Trump attacks.

That’s why on a recent CNN appearance, Dean chose to pull “facts” out of thin air about the Mueller Report.

According to Dean, every news outlet is wrong, and in reality, Mueller’s report “indicates there was collusion.”

It doesn’t matter that even the notably liberal NPR listed the fact Mueller proves there was no collusion as the most noteworthy finding in the report.

NewsBusters reports:

Is it age that has caught up with 80-year-old John Dean, or has his hatred of all things Republican clouded Dean’s short-term memory?

On CNN this morning, in the pre-game of Robert Mueller’s testimony today, Mr. Cancer-on-the-Presidency told John Berman:

“The report indicates there was collusion, contrary to Mr. Trump’s statement.”

Of course, the single most noteworthy finding emerging from the Mueller report, as even NPR had to admit, was that there was not any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Having to clean up Dean’s gaffe, John Berman butted in to say, “not enough evidence to charge conspiracy.” Dean, taking the hint that he had stepped in it, agreed: “exactly, exactly.”

To CNN’s credit, they did have somebody give him a weak correction.

But that is rare.

Overwhelmingly, CNN lets anything go out on the air as long as they think it harms President Trump.

They even recently brought on prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer to try to egg him into supporting Trump, just to make the President look bad.

But that backfired, and Spencer actually attacked President Trump for not being racist.

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120 Responses

  1. Will Penny says:

    Ok , just for you Mikey , YOUR MOTHER IS A WHAT , FITTING , SO WHOSE YOH DADDY

  2. Spanky says:

    Hey Grandpa with a title like that lets take a test what year was law passed making it a crime to hire illegal immigrants??? No cheating this is a test remember !!! Also when was same law wiped off the books allowing anyone to once again hire illegal immigrants just like grump has done forever remember he hates them after all they’re all murders and rapist just not the ones he hires illeagly

  3. Spanky says:

    Lola good to see someone on this trolling site that knows the TRUTH but you forgot that POS reagen he’s the biggest reason we’re in this mess remember Reagannomics destroy unions attack labor flood the country with Mexican immigrants also only 2 presidents have ever even attemted to balance the budget in the last 39 years without raising taxes and it DAMN SURE AINT THE RETARDICANS THE PARTY OF BIG DEFICITS BIG SPENDING AND EVER BIGGER GOVERNMENT also lets not ever foget TREASON when he made weapons deal with Iran

  4. Spanky says:

    Oh give me a break do you pray in CHURCH WITH THAT POTTY MOUTH

  5. Spanky says:

    Sarah realy bone spurs most commonly used lame excuse from that time but I’m sure he handed you personally his medical records maybe you also have his tax records once i see them you can clear all this up obstruction of those records does not exonerate him of any crime all it does is fan the flames for his IMPEACHMENT GRUMP IF AND THATS A BIG IF YOUR TRULY INNOCENT AND NEVER EVER COMMITTED A CRIME OH LIKE SAY LAUNDERING MONEY FOR RUSSIA TAX EVASION FALSLY REPORTING INCOME FUNNELING MONEY THROUGH YOUR FAMILY CHARITY AND MANY MORE THAN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RELEASE THOSE RECORDS IF AND THATS A BIG IF ONLY YOU CAN PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE OR GUILT I’M LEANING TOWARDS GUILTY IMPEACH HIM NOW

  6. Betsy Burton says:

    Who is Emmit Tillman?!? Who said these college students are Republican?

  7. Gary Von Neida says:

    So true, John Dean is afraid of insulting the internationalists.

  8. David Custodio says:

    Yes speaking can be a crime. But a special kind of speaking, called “lying under oath”. What? That’s a government limit on Freedom of Speech! First Amendment! I should be able to lie to whomever i want whenever I want. Lying under oath? Twaddle!

  9. Grampa says:

    The left can dis out all the lies they want but can’t take anything. They are to be beyond question. They have fragile egos. And as we all know the left says our constitution must protect us from any and all insults or attacks using inappropriate labels. Government will make it an offense if we don’t keep up with the latest pr titles they feel better describes them at the moment. The left needs to rule when their plans fail they can’t cope. They demand other rules and point fingers. we need to remember that in every lie has its start with some form of truth—-Grampa

  10. David Custodio says:

    A very fine narrative, based on nothing but whimsy. Fun, but not really a way to sustainably run a country…

  11. David Custodio says:

    I’m sorry we can not agree on the facts. I laid them out for you, thinking they were common knowledge based upon televised statements by Trump himself, together with the sworn testimony of Donald Jr. Meanwhile you do not cite ANY “facts” to support your allegations against Hillary. It’s OK. Of course he’s spoken. He speaks a lot. Congatulations on SCOTUS letting him spend money meant for something else to spend on his wall. Why are WE paying for the wall? Didn’t Trump say Mexico would pay for it? It’s OK . Believe what you like, but please recognize you use a double standard. Your beliefs trump your ability to perceive “ëvidence”. May Jesus bless and forgive you. (It’s his job anyway)

  12. David Custodio says:

    Sorry didn’t understand the context. Some are in jail already, others seem headed there. See: https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2019/mar/25/who-has-already-been-indicted-russia-investigation/ I’m done.

  13. Sarah says:

    David, I’ll admit that my opinion of Hillary Clinton could describe Donald Trump but then I would be an opinion based upon the accusations of others. My opinion of H.Clinton is based upon years of observation.

    I listen to and observe the actions of people before I make a judgment. Have I ever been duped? Yes I have. But at least I made my opinion apart from someone else’s opinion.

    President Trump has spoken, then accomplished what he said and stands by what he says. There has been few that has or do.

    President Trump is the fighter and champion for The United States of America! This will be his legacy too.

  14. David Custodio says:

    Sarah, how quickly you’re standard of evidence changed. What “äbsolute evidence”do you have that Trump had a physical reason to not serve. He paid a doctor for a certificate, sure, and his family had lots of money . You have Donald’s word, the word of a known liar. (Can you think of any? Maybe not.)’

    Meanwhile, I notice he doesn’t limp or favor his bad foot…

  15. David Custodio says:

    Did you notice Ratcliffe did not allow time for Mueller to respond?

    By law, (well, Barr’s interpretation of it) Mueller could not indict Trump. The evidence was there for obstruction, but he could not, as agent of Barr, indict. Nonetheless he wanted to be sure a fairminded reader would understand that the evidence pointed to crimes committed.

  16. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  17. David Custodio says:

    Except for “Marxist minded”, (Please remember she opposed ” Medicare for All’ and free college tuition) your opinion based on “”absolute evidence”” could describe Donald Trump. Overconfident=Trump consistently issues Executive orders shot down by the courts. “Devious” – He sold us a tax cut that reduced his own income tax while removing deductions from middle class homeowners. (Remember he said, “My taxes will go up, believe me”. His went down.) Corrupt=Well he DID send Little Donald to a meeting with Russian agents to discuss US election meddling (no provable collusion though) then did not report the meeting to the FBI. He surrounded himself with corrupt individuals , in jail or on their way there. Immoral–Stormy Daniels. Perhaps you did not mean to say that Trump WASN”T these things, only that Hillary was. Yet you call Trump a “True Patriot”. After further self examination, you might discover a double standard…

  18. Sarah says:

    Warren, thank you! I also listened to the live Mueller hearing.

  19. Sarah says:

    Connie, I like your style. We “politically incorrect people” like this awesome President, are those who refuse to be lead over a cliff.

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