A key Democrat blindsided Joe Biden with one game-changing demand

Joe Biden’s own party is turning on him.

That’s how bad things have gotten.

And now a key Democrat blindsided Joe Biden with one game-changing demand.

Even Democrats are growing nervous about Joe Biden neglecting the crisis on the southern border.

Record numbers of illegal aliens pour into the country on a monthly basis and Democrats in states suffering the brunt of the illegal alien surge are demanding Biden take action.

Texas State Representative Eddie Morales, Jr. announced in a Facebook post that he penned a letter to Joe Biden urging him to approve Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s request for a State of Emergency Declaration which would allow FEMA to reimburse Texas residents for damage committed to their property by illegal aliens.

“Last week, on October 13th, I wrote to President Biden urging him to grant a Federal Emergency Authorization for the border crisis,” Representative Morales posted on Facebook. “Initially, he rejected to grant a Federal Emergency Authorization, but Texas is now appealing.”

Representative Morales went on to explain the dangers unchecked illegal immigration poses to public safety, citing reports of violent crime and severe property damage.

“I am fighting hard for President Biden to grant this authorization because I believe families should not have to bear the financial responsibility from the damages brought on by migrant crossings,” Morales added. “My office has received reports from families of migrants coming up to their homes, and in some instances, breaking in. We have also heard reports of ranchers having their fences cut and people’s water lines severed. Victims of this damage should not bear the financial responsibility of repairs.”

Morales urged Biden to consider the fact that a wave of illegal aliens marching over the southern border in Texas put residents in affected communities in fear for their lives.

Representative Morales added that it was unfair the people he represents pay the financial cost for damage done to their property by illegal aliens.

“Families and individuals along the border are often scared for their safety,” Morales continued. “The people I represent — the people who live in these communities — do not deserve to be subject to this fear, nor should they be subject to having to pay for the damages to their property.”

Biden is unlikely to approve such a request because the federal government paying out reimbursements for property damage committed by illegal aliens would create a new incentive for public pressure for the administration to put a stop to the illegal alien invasion.

Open borders are a feature and not a bug of Biden’s immigration policies.

But Morales’ letter shows that Democrats are worried about the political fallout from the border crisis and want to be seen by their voters as taking action.

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