A GOP Senator blew the whistle on a vaccine secret Dr. Fauci doesn’t want you to know

Dr. Fauci continues to promote mandatory coronavirus vaccinations.

But there is a truth Dr. Fauci is hiding.

And this GOP Senator blew the whistle on a vaccine secret Dr. Fauci doesn’t want you to know.

Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has been one of the leaders in calling out the lies and falsehoods pushed by Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden about COVID mandates and restrictions.

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, Senator Johnson told guest host Sean Duffy that the latest surge in omicron cases blew a hole in the Biden/Fauci narrative about a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Senator Johnson attacked the Biden administration’s push for vaccine mandates as a failed strategy since the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

“Listen, we all hoped and prayed the vaccines would be 100% effective, 100% safe, but they’re not,” Senator Johnson told Duffy. “We now know that fully vaccinated individuals can catch Covid, they can transmit Covid. So what’s the point?”

When the vaccines were first widely available, both Biden and Fauci falsely claimed the vaccines would prevent you from catching COVID.

That did not turn out to be the case.

Johnson also pointed out that the vaccine mandates provided no exception for natural immunity – which multiple studies show is as durable and effective at preventing serious illness or death as vaccine induced immunity.

“We’re not recognizing natural immunity,” Johnson added. “And sadly, we’re not acknowledging the vaccine injuries and doing research to help those individuals who have been harmed by the vaccines as well.”

Duffy asked Senator Johnson why Fauci and Biden doubled down on the failed strategy of trying to push the false narrative of a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Senator Johnson responded saying that Fauci and Biden recognized that every mandate and restriction failed to slow the spread of the virus so they are casting about for a scapegoat.

“Because they need to find a scapegoat for their failure,” Johnson responded. “At this point, Sean, I have no idea why anybody would listen to Anthony Fauci. He should have been terminated and fired from his position a long time ago as soon as we found out that he funded the dangerous research that folks at the Wuhan lab had access to.”

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