2024 ALERT: Ron DeSantis Presidential decision stuns Republicans

Will Florida Governor Ron DeSantis run for President?

That is one of the major questions facing the GOP.

And this Ron DeSantis Presidential decision stuns Republicans.

Governor Ron DeSantis made his Presidential intentions clear with a law change Florida Republicans now support.

The state of Florida has a “resign to run” rule on the books, which mandates that a current office holder seeking a different office must resign if their terms will overlap should they win.

If Ron DeSantis wins the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, he would have to resign as Governor of Florida due to the fact he just won a second term that runs until 2026.

But Florida Republicans in the state legislature appear ready to change that law.

Newly elected House Speaker Paul Renner said it was a “good idea” for Florida to change its “resign to run” rule and explained he had always been consistent on the matter.

“You will find me to always try to hone toward being principled and consistent,” Renner stated. “This is one area that, going back in history — you don’t have to go very far on a kind of two-second Google search — we’ve been totally inconsistent on. If you think that’s based on anything in your hypothetical, you would be right, and I’ll be very open and transparent about that.”

Senate President Kathleen Passidomo also sounded open to the idea of altering the state’s “resign to run” law.

“If Speaker Renner thinks it’s a good idea,” Passidomo said, before adding that “I think it’s a good idea.”

“When you think about it, if an individual who is from Florida, who is a Florida Governor is running for President, I think he should run and do it. I really do,” Passidomo added.

There would be no momentum behind changing the “resign to run” law if Ron DeSantis did not give his blessings.

Recent polling data shows why Ron DeSantis would want to run for President.

A new Quinnipiac poll showed DeSantis tied with Donald Trump at 44 percent for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Many Republicans see DeSantis’ 19-point re-election landslide as a blueprint for winning swing states while still sticking by conservative principles.

DeSantis kept his Presidential ambitions coy.

But DeSantis’ allies in the legislature seeking to make it easier for him to run for President while remaining Governor of Florida stands out as a pretty big tell as to what he ultimately intends to do.

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