You won’t believe who is funding Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign

Photo by PDM-owner, via Wikimedia, public domain

Nikki Haley’s barely hanging on by her fingernails in the GOP Primary.

Donald Trump’s won every Primary and caucus in landslide fashion and yet Haley is still sticking around.

And you won’t believe who is funding Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign.

President Joe Biden’s donors are helping to fund former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s campaign so she can remain in the race and serve as a stalking horse for Biden by leveling the kind of attacks Democrats hope will alienate swing voters.

“More than 5,200 donors to Biden’s 2020 campaign have backed Haley financially, including roughly 1,600 who gave more than $500,000 in January alone, according to a POLITICO analysis of Haley’s most recent fundraising report, filed Tuesday night with the Federal Election Commission.” POLITICO reported.

Haley’s resorted to defending the phony court cases against Trump, calling him a Putin stooge and repeating the “this is not normal” line of attack Hillary Clinton unsuccessfully deployed against Trump in 2016.

Nikki Haley isn’t just talking like a Democrat because she needs Democrats to keep her campaign afloat.

Haley is talking like a Democrat because her campaign is trying to turn out Democrat voters in the South Carolina Primary.

South Carolina allows voters to cast a ballot in whatever party Primary they want.

Haley’s campaign is mass text messaging black voters to try and get them to turn out in the February 24 Primary to try and close the 30-point lead Trump holds over her in the polls.

The efforts aren’t appreciated.

“Nikki Haley on behalf of all of us, lose our number,” Debari Barber, a South Carolina Democrat wrote on Facebook in a post that went viral.

Another South Carolina Democrat, Danny Davis told The Bulwark that he never voted for Nikki Haley and would never consider voting for her.

“The text messages are very weird,” Davis stated. “She has texted me more than Biden. It’s very asinine that she’s texted people she was supposed to represent but she didn’t do a good job doing it when she was in office. It’s pandering at best. She didn’t really care about Black people before.”

Nikki Haley’s campaign is now just bizarre wish fulfillment by Never Trumpers and Joe Biden donors paying to see a candidate attack Donald Trump in a way they always wanted to see a Republican go after him in the hopes that it would eliminate any General Election appeal he has to swing voters.

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