You won’t believe what this key Democrat said in private about Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has led the Democrats in the House of Representatives for nearly 20 years.

But as Pelosi’s time in Congress winds down, she is facing divisions.

And you won’t believe what this key Democrat said in private about Nancy Pelosi.

New York Times reporters Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin revealed in their new book, This Will Not Pass, that Democrats representing swing districts chafed under Pelosi’s push to tie a fake $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to a socialist $3.5 trillion spending bill.

At one point in the debate over the fake infrastructure bill, Pelosi claimed Democrats from swing districts kept moving the goalposts on what they would support.

“We read in the paper that there are members of our caucus joining with members of the Senate that reject the 3.5,” Pelosi told reporters. “The very same people who are demanding a vote on a certain day are making it impossible for us to have a vote on a certain day.”

But Burns and Martin wrote that in a group text chat, Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader blasted Pelosi for lying about what he and other Democrats agreed to.

Schrader wrote to the group that he had no intention of voting for the $3.5 trillion socialist spending bill, calling Pelosi a “truly a terrible person.”

“Carolyn Bourdeaux, the Georgia freshman, texted the other eight members of the Gottheimer-led moderate bloc before the meeting adjourned. ‘Oh dear lord this whole thing is going to collapse,’ she wrote. Kurt Schrader, the Oregon centrist who had voted to keep Pelosi as Speaker because he saw her as a safeguard against the far left, wrote back in biting language. The former veterinarian had never intended to vote for a multi trillion-dollar reconciliation bill at all. Pelosi’s claim was absurd. ‘Truly a terrible person,’ Schrader said of the most powerful Democrat in the House,” Burns and Martin wrote.

The $3.5 trillion socialist spending bill officially died when West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced his opposition to it.

The nearly $2 trillion socialist spending bill that Democrats passed in March of 2021 supercharged inflation.

Inflation is now the top issue for voters.

Swing-seat Democrats knew Pelosi was walking them to their political doom by supporting another $3.5 trillion in spending.

And Congressman Schrader was livid that Pelosi was misleading the press and the Party.

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