You won’t believe what George Soros has planned for the coronavirus outbreak

The Left is going on the attack.

They smell a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remake America into a socialist nation like Venezuela.

And you won’t believe what George Soros has planned for the coronavirus outbreak.

A number of George Soros-funded groups formed a coalition called the “People’s Bailout.”

The People’s Bailout issued a list of demands for any coronavirus relief that is the Holy Grail of the Left’s project to turn America into a socialist country.

Breitbart reported:

In the spirit of the repurposed progressive anthem of never letting a crisis go to waste, the suddenly created People’s Bailout group is demanding that the next stimulus package adhere to “five principles” the group says are endorsed by “nearly 1,000 organizations, unions, and community leaders, and nearly 100 members of Congress.”

Those “principals” encompass such far-left wish list items as government healthcare for illegal immigrants, required $15 per hour minimum wage, enhanced union collective bargaining and government regulation of the board of directors of private companies to ensure “worker representation.”

Also within the “five principles” list are “direct sizable cash payments to every person” and the use of stimulus legislation to push what would amount to a massive “green” new deal.

Democrats know they can only turn America into a socialist nation if the coronavirus outbreak instills so much fear in the population that the public turns against President Trump.

That’s why the Fake News Media is playing-up doomsday prophecies and what some on the Right deem “panic porn” to destroy any confidence the American people have that the economy will recover.

And presumptive Democrat Party nominee Joe Biden has all but announced that despite claiming not to be a socialist, that Biden will rubber stamp the Left’s schemes to remake America in the wake of this pandemic.

On multiple occasions, Biden’s expressed his enthusiasm to exploit this crisis to transform American institutions and the nation’s way of life.

And the George Soros backed People’s Bailout is providing Biden the roadmap.

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52 Responses

  1. Soros has publicly admitted that he has a GOD Complex ! The guy should have been deported years ago. Hungary has an outstanding warrant for his arrest that should be made International so he can be extradited back and go to prison ! Then the Government can go after his son, who by all accounts, is worse than he is !

  2. sharon says:

    And Unions-go figure. Got to have those public workers unions and teachers union pensions secured. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the taxpayers maybe out of work, small businesses going bankrupt, people losing their homes but we have to take care of the wacko Sierra Club. Next it will be the fish, rats in the cities sewer that need food to servive and etc. They simply loco.

  3. Bob says:

    Why isn’t George Soreass in Gitmo for terrorism??

  4. MARK Rynearson says:

    Why is this devil still alive it should have been assassinated a long time ago and his son we need to make this son of a b**** disappear once and for all wipe out his lineage off the face of the Earth I could care less about the repercussions this man needs to die and die soon.

  5. Bill says:

    Fortunately George will be a piece of rotten meat within a few months or years. After a few years no one will recognize the name Soros. No one will care !!

  6. Ralph Kramden says:

    Soros is 90, maybe he’ll do us all a favor and “DROP DEAD”! The sooner the better!

  7. Reach Reachport says:

    Both George Soros and Hillary Clinton have been enemies of Humanity since their youth, with Soros aiding and abetting Nazis in his youth and Hillary terrorizing the women that her Husband abused.

    Evil does exist in our world. It is embodied in people like Hillary Clinton and George Soros among others. They will surely be condemned and suffer in the fires of Hell when they die, but in the meantime, they have inflicted misery and pain on those whom they have infected with their evil here on Earth.

  8. Gry McKin says:

    Soros should be deported from USA .

  9. Jeff Yarberry says:

    Of the “nearly 1,000 organizations, unions, and community leaders, and nearly 100 members of Congress” listed on their web site, there are no specific names of “community leaders” or “members of Congress”. The only two names I recognize are GreenPeace and the Sierra Club… hardly anyone whom I would seek wisdom from in the “care and feeding” of our Republic!

    Our Founding Father had it right, and I will continue to have confidence in AND defend the foundational documents of our nation… including but not solely limited to: the Declaration of Independence, the (US) Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

  10. Kenneth Barr says:

    May sorass burn in Hell!!

  11. George Soros needs to have Charges of Treason leveled against him. He should be liable for the damage and attacks of conservative people he instigated through gangs of masked terrorist he funded. In addition the monies he and Obama stole from the American Tax payers to perform their terrorist deeds against the Conservative American Citizens.

  12. Darrin marthaller says:

    I think Soros and his1000 wimpy friends. Along with-all of the politicians that want to follow should go live in China they think its such a nice place have at it .

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