You won’t believe what Dr. Fauci said now that the election is over

Dr. Fauci and President Trump were at odds the last several months.

The President even threatened to fire Dr. Fauci after the election.

And now you won’t believe what Dr. Fauci said now that the election is over.

For the final weeks of the 2020 campaign, Dr. Fauci played the role of Doctor Doom.

Facui discussed families canceling Thanksgiving Day dinners.

Dr. Fauci even warned that mask wearing and lockdown measures would need to be kept in place until 2022.

“If we get a vaccination campaign, and by the second or third quarter of 2021 we have vaccinated a substantial proportion of the people, I think it will be easily by the end of 2021 — and perhaps even into the next year — before we start having some semblances of normality,” Dr Fauci declared.

But now that the media declared Joe Biden the President-elect, Fauci changed his tune.

Pfizer held the announcement that their vaccine was 90 percent successful until after the election to avoid helping Donald Trump.

Dr. Fauci pounced on that decision to now declare that the end of the pandemic was in sight thanks to the development of vaccines.

“Certainly it’s not going to be a pandemic for a lot longer, because I believe the vaccines are going to turn that around,” Dr. Fauci told a think tank in the United Kingdom.

“Vaccines will help us,” Dr. Fauci added. “What we’ve got to do is just hang on and continue to double down on the public health measures.”

President Trump and many of his supporters believed that Dr. Fauci was nothing more than a political hatchet man out to sabotage the President.

Fauci’s pre-election comments about lockdowns running into 2022 and pivoting to claiming the pandemic would soon end – even though Dr. Fauci would criticize the President for saying this – now that Joe Biden is supposedly presumably the President-elect, many realize the President was right about Dr. Fauci.

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