You won’t believe how many Republicans will vote to impeach Donald Trump

Adam Schiff and the Democrats have now staged three days of show trial impeachment hearings.

The big question is whether any cracks would form in the Republicans’ support for the President.

And now you won’t believe how many Republicans will vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Despite the hype by the fake news media, impeachment is a dud.

Polls show support for impeachment slipping to its lowest levels in a month.

The Democrats’ “star witnesses” revealed themselves to be power mad partisans scheming in the shadows of the Deep State to undermine and sabotage Donald Trump because their loyalty rests with the “interagency process” and not the country.

Fake news reporters Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer of POLITICO – who cheerlead for impeachment in their daily “POLITICO Playbook” email newsletter – were upset to report that not one single Republicans would currently vote for the Democrats partisan articles of impeachment.

POLITICO reports:

IMPEACHMENT HASN’T WON ANY CONVERTS … Despite hours and hours of testimony, reams of coverage and enough background briefings to make your eyes bleed, nobody is changing any votes here. At least not on Capitol Hill, where both sides are dug in and digging deeper.

TOP HOUSE REPUBLICAN OFFICIALS told us Tuesday that not a single Republican is currently at risk of turning against President DONALD TRUMP. Again, may we repeat: As of right now, every single Republican would vote against impeachment in the House, multiple senior-level GOP lawmakers and aides told us.
Internally, in the House GOP, there is exceeding confidence either that TRUMP didn’t do anything wrong, or that if he did, it’s not impeachable. (Although no one can say the latter, lest they risk ire from the president.) No endangered lawmakers are jittery, no retiring lawmakers are at risk of crossing over, and no one from the rank and file is, either. This is according to multiple people who are tracking public statements and private sentiments.

Adam Schiff planned a flurry of hearings to swamp the President with bad news.

Instead, his hearings blew up in the Democrats’ faces as an increasing number of Americans came to see them just as Donald Trump described – a partisan hoax to undo the 2016 election.

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125 Responses

  1. Stillkickin says:

    Sondland DID say there was no quid pro quo. I watched the news report and witnessed him say it.
    4 more years!

  2. Pat says:

    What an arrogant a**hole you are, Richard! Get lost.

  3. Pat says:

    What an arrogant a**hole you are! Get lost.

  4. Martin says:

    As long you can undersland wat Nobdy has said wat differance dose it make how she speles the words.
    Beside “I was told once “It is the sign of genius when a person can spell a word more then one way”
    So happy that you Susan are perfect.

  5. Samuel Stephens says:

    Most news agencies talk about this or that group said this and that thing BUT you never say Who said this or that. Show some backbone and name NAMES.

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