Winsome Sears just dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating truth

Democrats do not want to hear it.

Leftists are terrified of facing the reality of the situation.

But now Winsome Sears just dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating truth.

Winsome Sears turned into an overnight political star by winning the Virginia Lieutenant Governor election.

Sears ran on a pro-Life and pro-Second Amendment platform becoming the first black woman to win a statewide election in the commonwealth of Virginia’s history.

After her victory, Sears told the New York Times that Democrats faced the possibility of losing their stranglehold on black and immigrant voters.

Sears stated that her victory could serve as a permission structure for minority voters that never before voted Republican to consider the GOP.

“The message is important,” Sears told the outlet. “But the messenger is equally important.”

“The only way to change things is to win elections,” Sears added. “And who better to help make that change but me? It looks like the strategy.”

To Sears point, Hispanic and Asian voters shifted towards the GOP.

Democrats embracing the Black Lives Matter insurrectionists, shutting down schools for over a year during the pandemic to placate the teachers unions, and pushing to eliminate gifted and talented programs drove a wedge between Democrats and some traditional voting constituencies.

In 2020, Donald Trump won the biggest share of the nonwhite vote by a Republican since 1960.

That realignment continued in the 2021 Virginia elections where Republicans swept all three races for the first time since 2009.

For decades, Democrats took minority voters for granted expecting to vote for the Party based solely on race.

Donald Trump’s Presidency and the coronavirus pandemic accelerated a resorting of the political coalitions in America more along the lines of education and race.

And now Winsome Sears is telling Democrats her election is the canary in the coal mine that the political realignment underway is nowhere near complete.

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