William Barr may end up in prison for this insane reason

Democrats and the media are still crying about a cover up surrounding Attorney General William Barr’s handling of the Mueller Report.

They believe he is concealing information in the report that will prove Donald Trump guilty of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

And now William Barr may end up in prison for this insane reason.

Attorney General William Barr refused the Democrats’ demand that he violate the law by releasing an unredacted version of the Mueller report that contained secret grand jury information.

Democrats rejected all compromise offers and so the President asserted executive privilege over the report.

In response, the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress.

The Daily Caller reports:

Nadler scheduled the congressional contempt vote for Wednesday at 10 a.m. All Democrats present voted to advance the vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress in the procedural vote Wednesday morning. The committee later voted along party lines, with 24 Democrats voting yes for Barr to be held in contempt of Congress. No Republicans joined.

Before the vote, The White House said the president would use executive privilege to prevent Democratic lawmakers from getting the materials they’re requesting.

“Even in redacted form, the Special Counsel’s report offers disturbing evidence and analysis that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Congress must see the full report and underlying evidence to determine how to best move forward with oversight, legislation, and other constitutional responsibilities,” Nadler said in a statement Monday.

After the vote, Pelosi joked with reporters about how there was a little jail beneath the capitol.

Some Democrats and media want Pelosi to direct the House Sergeant at Arms to storm into the Department of Justice and arrest the Attorney General.

Congress has not used this power since the 1920s, but Democrats and the media so hate President Trump that they believe nothing is out of bounds.


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147 Responses

  1. Truckman says:

    Anybody that thinks Barr will go to jail or prison is as crazy as cortez ,Heck mueller wont even go before them for a open Q&A session because of all the false facts and he don,t want to end up behind barrs

  2. ONTIME says:

    This posturing, BS and Fake News by the DIMMs to try and threaten a arrow aimed straight at their heart and the cabal of liars and usurpers they have become that makes them Barr’s target….

  3. Texas Belle says:

    The American people should hold the Democrats in Congress in contempt. They are the most inane, vindictive, lying bunch of sleaze balls this country has ever seen. They waited with bated breath for the Mueller report, but when it didn’t make the conclusion they wanted, they refused to accept the findings. When Trump was asked in a debate if he would accept the results of the election, he was called un-American when he declined to say he would. Now the Democrats have wasted the last 2-1/2 years refusing to accept the results. Talk about hypocrisy!!!

  4. Daniel L. McCullough says:

    Pat (and all the others of your pathetic fascist ilk that write of “civil war”) GET YOUR STUPID HEADS OUT OF DONALD TRUMP’S ASS before you suffocate!

    • Will says:

      Well as we see , the 8 years that you had your head Up Obummer / Barry the Traitors Ass , .didn’t make you any smarter , in fact your probably still in his butt eating his crap right up you simpleton , have a smelly day sewer dweller

  5. Pat says:

    Well Democraps you keep this up and i’ll just say 2 words CIVIL WAR. Your pushing the AMERICAN PEOPLE mighty hard and you wont like what you get if you keep it up .

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Pat I fully agree. I am 75 and a retired Master gunny sgt USMC. I was a scout snlper from 1963 to 1993 30 years. If the demogogs don’t get a grip I to think a civil war may come and this old tough ass marine is still ready to defend this great nation. SEMPER FI

  6. Will says:

    Liberalisms level of stupidity has no bounds as we see , there’s no talking to fools such
    as these people are , they’ll understand one thing and one thing only , A GOOD OLD FASHION AMERICAN BUTT KICKING
    , COURTEOUS OF THE RED WHITE N BLUE !! God Bless America and President Trump Ouraah

  7. Kara Wright says:

    Let them try it and then President Trump can pardon him along with any thing else that will show the DEMS for the most disgusting party to ever walk the earth.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Pat I fully agree. I am 75 and a retired Master gunny sgt USMC. I was a scout snlper from 1963 to 1993 30 years. If the demogogs don’t get a grip I to think a civil war may come and this old tough ass marine is still ready to defend this great nation. SEMPER FI

  8. DIDN’T I know it, Barr is concealing information by not handing over an UN-redacted mueller report…The REDACTION of certain information in such reports was put into law by DEBAUCHERY clinton and now they want the AG to BREAK that “law”….. CAN’T make this stuff up…..On the other hand, since “We the People” have PAID for this CRAP, we ALL should be allowed to see the UN-redacted version, just to see “WHO actually “LIED” and should be PROSECUTED, my feeling tells me it’s so-called democRATS that have LIED and ALWAYS will LIE, just thinking “hillary”….!!!

    • Harry says:

      The main purpose of keeping the grand jury evidence and testimony secret is to keep suspects and any possible leaks to suspects from seeing what lines of inquiry you are pursuing. It is hard enough to keep that all secret without showing the entire nation what you are doing. The accused, if there ever will be any in this mess, are entitled to discovery only after they are arrested and charged. We, the people, are not entitled to see it until the trial begins. That is supposed to keep it from being tried in the press before court begins.

      This House committee should also be barred from seeing the redacted portions of the report, because they may be suspects themselves, being that they are all, or almost all, Democrats, and thus members of the Democratic National Party, along with Hilary, which contributed to paying for the false Steele report. They should all be arrested and charged with hindering the investigation, but a sitting Representative can not be arrested, one of the perks they enjoy while in office. They should look to the future when they could be ousted from their high and mighty position in the next election.

  9. Gideon Rockwell says:

    What this punk wuss Nadler wants A.G.Barr to do is a crime. It is against Legal Statute for him to reveal Grand Jury information in a report to Congress. Nadler knows this. He is looking for an excuse to damage A.G.Barr to the point he will have to resign, because he and the rest of the Demotards are so scared of Barr they are no longer anally retentive. I say if Nadler tries this,Barr should get a warrant for the arrest of every committee member that voted for the subpoena and the contempt charges for conspiracy to committee a crime under U.S.Code, then send the Marshals to arrest all of them.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Gedeon I agree. Bill Barr is strong and will not play Naders dumb game. Barr will go after the swamp rats and all hell will break lose. Barr won’t be bulled by the house of representatives.
      SEMPER FI TRUMP 2020

  10. John says:

    Eric Holder was held in contempt. How much time did he do??

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Holder did no time because Barack Hussein Obama cried EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE to not only block but end the investigation before it got a good start because he knew if they took Holder down on fast & furious, his traitorous adz was going down with him, Both of them are traitors and enemy combatants to this nation and their prosecution is long overdue!

  11. ROBERTW says:

    This is all fake bull crap news. Barr is the AG and no one is going to do anything against him.

  12. Libertarian58 says:

    Nadler is a sickening display of corruption and treason at the highest levels of government. He’s the one who should be in prison (along with the rest of the stupid dems.

  13. File says:

    The dems are idiots. They are liers and wicked. This will get them nowhere.
    It is a shame that President Trump has to deal with this. The dems are cry babies.
    In the end President Trump will win.

  14. David says:

    Barr should go to prison IF he continues to refuse to follow the laws. Barr has NO BASIS to withhold the full report to the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees of congress – – the full version of the Starr and Watergate investigations were given to Congress. The people paid for this information, it does not belong to Barr OR Trump. Seems Trump is sure working hard to hide things – – he clearly is working to cover up his numerous crimes!

    • The Real M says:

      David, What part of “AG Barr would be breaking the law if he releases the complete unredacted Mueller report to Congress” do you not understand? For the one thousandth time, it has Grand Jury information and names and is illegal for it to be released to Congress. Not only that, Nadler knew when he subpoenaed AG Barr, the full unredacted report could not be released, to do so was unlawful, Nadler is a lawyer himself!
      One more note, AG Barr had a copy of the report made available at the DOJ, to the Dems with proper security, to view that was unredacted except for the part that included Grand Jury information but NOT One single member has read it, in fact they have refused to come to DOJ to read it.
      Your leadership is just making a lot of subversive diversionary dishonest tactics to continue to delay and be difficult. My question is WHY?

      I can also guarantee that in the past no special investigation report containing Grand Jury info and names has ever been released to Congress. It has always been illegal to do so!

    • Pat says:

      Grand Jury information By US law is secret . I’ve been on a grand jury ,you take an oath to keep it secret and only a court of law can release it and only if a crime has been committed . Bar cannot release it to the committee, only a court can . Barr is not breaking the law but Nadler is saying he too . BARR IS NOT IN THE WRONG .

    • David, The Democrats passed legislature after Clinton was impeached by the House, to wit: No more submitting Documents from those who were not indicted by the courts to protect the innocent. It was the Democrats that didn’t allow Grand Juries information to be exposed. Too Bad for your concern.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      David you are a dumb ass. Bill Barr has told the nuts they can read the report in a room at the juistis dep. Only one a rep. from Geogia has read the report .The others dumb ass’s have not because they are brats and want Barr gone as they know he smart and will be bring charges soon in this dog and pony show. The demogogs are trators to this great nation. SEMPER FI

  15. C. Wilson says:

    Unacceptable unless Obama and Hilliary are there too. In prison of course.

  16. The Real M says:

    Michael, Hillary is totally inconsequential to anyone or anything therefore, she couldn’t rally a dead dog to incite a Coup D’état! She needs a bottle of wine, a glass, and a long walk (never to return), deep in the woods in northern NY!

    • Laura says:

      It is amazing how so many Trump supporters claim to want to move forward but clearly so many of them are stuck in the past with the focus on inconsequential people like the Clintons. She is not even running in this election – – seems Trumpers want a diversion from the real crime violations of our president.

      • The Real M says:

        Laura, Oh you liberals will write anything trying to be relevant!
        The whole world fully realizes HRC is not running this time and we are eternally blessed and grateful we don’t have to look at and listen to her everyday! However, we do wish she would just go away, SHE continues to inject herself in the conversation by her outrageous behavior and denial of the truth. But hey, she is typical of Democrats, right?
        I would say that your party (Dem) is the one with all the diversions from the truth, THE TRUTH, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Laura, hold onto your seat, you Dems are in for a very bumpy ride, very soon!

  17. Edna says:

    This is way out of hand. Has anyone read or heard that CA is not put Trumps name on the 2020 ballots? I have read that other states are considering doing the same thing. Someone said write his name on the ballots but you can’t. It’s all computers.
    If this is true there will be such an out cry over this. It will start a civil war & if I am right its unconstitutional. Just wondering if anyone else heard of this.

    • The Real M says:

      Edna, It has been reported what your comment states is true however, it cannot be constitutional to do this, regardless of who the candidate is or as in CA, because DJT won’t release his tax returns, which isn’t even a lawful requirement. That would be denying a candidate their constitutional rights as well as the rights of all people who plan to vote for him!
      It would also be denying at least half the country their right to elect their choice presidential candidate. (No way if multiple states do this could he or anyone be elected.) Does anyone think that is going to fly?

    • Nick says:

      We have many renegades such as the Governor of CA, etc. You know, we fought a bloody war and won it against such people once, and I believe we can overcome this again.

    • Edwin Mack says:

      All of these comments make one wonder if say over 70% of the Democrats in this area are as stupid, arrogant or self-righteous as those around the DC area. There can’t be over a dozen or so around Cayuga, Onondaga and Seneca county area this bad…………. CAN THERE?

  18. Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
    Mr. Barr is not going to put his self in jail and neither is anyone else. He didn’t do anything.
    The Democrats think so, but what do you expect from people that Dumb. Mostly ignorant, but dumb also.

    • Beverly says:

      Agree. If nothing else Trump can turn around and claim obstruction of justice by the Dims into their nefarious deeds and attempted soft coup de’tat.

  19. BILL says:

    What woman do you know or have ever heard of that will willingly tell the truth regarding something that was their fault? I’m 71 and I’m sorry, but I’ve never met a woman like that in all these years – EVER. That being exactly the case why would anyone expect Hillary to have a different play book, especially given the stark ugly fact that this “Blaming other’s for her own mistakes” has always been her M.O. Nawwwww, Hillary RODENT Clinton is nothing but a lying, worthless, homosexual pandering goober that loves her DemocRAT friends who are child molesters, and she ain’t never going to change, so give it up friends! We have two (2) choices, either try her for TREASON or SHUT-UP ABOUT THE BITCH.

  20. James says:

    Jailing The Attorney General ! The whole thought is absurd ! How would the democrats accomplish that ? Send a single officer from the House of Representatives to the Department of Justice to arrest the Attorney General for his refusal to break the law. With CNN, Wapo, NY Times in tow. Haha !! What a joke. the Sergeant at Arms would be met by 40 FBI Agents, and taken into custody for questioning to find out if all his faculties are in order. They might keep him under arrest for an unlawful execution of an unlawful order. It’s high time the Russia Hoax illegal coupe conspirators be legally held accountable, and that their attempts to intimidate the Attorney General be brought to an end.

  21. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Trump has dug a large deep pit across a trail and set pungy sticks in the bottom. The hole is well disguised and Trump has set bait (denying the Democrats access to the Mueller report) that has the Democrats screaming and thundering down the very path Trump wanted them to follow. The Democrats are about to bury themselves and their ideology, removing themselves as a threat to the republic for fifty years or more.

  22. Doc Quam says:

    they(the disgusting left) are panicking because the real crooks/ colluders (them) are about to be disclosed ,they have followed the Saul alinsky commie playbook. ie accuse others of what you have been doing yourselves

  23. Bob says:

    The stupidity of your statement is exceeded only by its ignorance. For there to be obstruction of justice requires that there must be a crime and an intentional and overt attempt to block investigation of that crime. In this case, you have neither. The entire investigation was an investigation of the president to determine if he had committed a crime. This is backwards and prosecutors should be investigating crimes, not investigating anyone to try and find a crime. Imho such prosecutors should be disbarred and possibly prosecuted for prosecutorial misconduct.

    • Pamela White says:

      When are you going to report the truth? This News is BS! I would think after what has happened to other News outlets, you would learn not to report Fake News! If I continue to read this type of BS, you can take me off your subscription!

      • Irene says:

        There is no cover up and what these democrats are doing is trying to keep this crap up until 2020 so that they will take complete control of OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  24. rebecca says:

    If the left really want to send the bad people to jail, they should turn to the left, & then turn to the right, & lock all the people they see up. Then the rest of the people, in DC can do what they were elected to do, represent the people, & what we want.

  25. Carolyn Meece says:

    When the “Narrative” is false then everything after that is false also. Without a crime, one cannot make illegal charges. The games are as old as the hills. Nancy Pelosi crying and screaming about her “Constitutional” crisis. Show me where it states in the Constitution that it states she has any Constitutional rights to break the law and violates the Presidents rights, etc.

  26. Rickster says:

    I’ve about had enough if these galacticly stupid democraps and there fricken games! There so dam corrupt theyll do anything to side track the truth and get news to lie and cover up the truth! They just jump from one person to another! Wish they would spend this kind if time on worthless bitch like Hillary and Obama, George Soros, and all democraps in Congress! So rediclous this goes on in our goverment!! Nuts!! Prime example of why not to vote for democraps!

    • The Real M says:

      Rickster, That’s what I’m talking about! I am right there with you! My favorite thing to say about how the Dems operate is; Dems will do anything to anyone anytime to accomplish their goals! There is nothing they will not do or level they will not sink to, to win! (That is scary, no, they are scary!)
      It is hard to believe we have a political party in the United States that has evolved into what the Democrats of today are! They are so angry, mean, lying, tantrum ready, dishonorable, conniving, unpatriotic and un-American. They say they love the Constitution but everything they do screams not only do they not love the Constitution, they don’t even know what is written in it!

      • Waldo says:

        The true definition of todays Dumocrap is …TREASON.
        They are in the Nazis goose lock step. Not one will go out for what is right in the eyes of GOD!!!!!!
        TREASON, TREASON, TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Taylor made says:

        Boy for such a religious pretender, you sure can dish out the angry, and unpatriotic and dishonorable hatred for a large group of Americans. If you are so religious, why don’t you pay some attention to the words of Jesus and consider doing unto others as you want done to you? You think your way is the ONLY way to interpret the constitution – – – you are surely an arrogant and nasty hypocrite.

        • The Real M says:

          Hey Taylor made, I recognize you, you precocious troll toad! 🙂
          Whatever……………….floats your boat! You liberals try your hardest to say whatever you can to insult and discourage Republicans from posting the truth, but, it doesn’t work!
          I see you are using “my” descriptive words in your comment so thank you for recycling.
          No one who knows me accuses me of arrogance, being angry or being a hypocrite so your accusation is a minority of one.
          🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. dennod says:

    He’s not going anywhere with this dumb b.s.. Why the “intrigue” ?

  28. Grim Reaper says:

    I am hoping these Jackass traitors to America that call themselves Dems are all rounded up for treason and taken to Gitmo.
    The entire lot of them should be tried by Military Tribunal for their criminal behavior and actions.

    • Ugly says:

      After than, shipped off to a deserted island where they can blame each other until the end! Then to be God the true judge will cast them all into the lake of fire that burns for ever and they will suffer for ever! To God be the glory!!

  29. The Real M says:

    The Democrats will never put AG Barr in jail. Their brains are low wattage and very dim however, a 4 watt night light bulb would know better than to jail Barr. The fact that Eric Holder was not jailed after he was found guilty of contempt, the Dems have GOT to be bright enough to know they must extend AG Barr the same courtesy Eric Holder received. But, if they are stupid enough to do it, that will be a dark day in the history of Congress that will live in infamy! I wonder if the people would even stand for it but, if they did, the Dems would pay dearly at the ballot box! I believe their own party members would desert them. Even they have been polled and are stating “the Mueller report is out, no collusion, no obstruction, time to stop the investigations, move on and get real work done”!
    I would be livid upon hearing AG Barr had been jailed, wouldn’t you????

    • Edna says:

      You sure post all the time on these blogs – – – is it important for your ego to always be spouting off, or are you a paid troll for conservatives?

      • The Real M says:

        Edna, I do post a lot some days and I may not post at all for days at the time. I have no ego problem Edna, I am a mature person unafraid to express my views and opinions and, I do. Paid troll, what a laugh but, conservative, I am.
        Edna, you wasted a comment with a petty personal attack on me when you could have been sharing something useful, well maybe. 🙂

  30. 4USA2 says:

    Democrats are beating a dead horse to death. Their stupidity is beyond comprehension. Muller should go before Congress, answer some questions and put this matter to bed once and for all. Then A.G. Barr should keep right on digging out the truth of WHO PAID FOR THE FAKE DOSSIER AND HOW MANY CORRUPT FBI AGENTS WERE INVOLVED and those are the people that BELONG IN JAIL.

  31. Willy says:

    Typical Democrat Retards… The best recruiter for the Great Republican Party, is the crooked, corrupt & criminal Democrat Party… Keep up the good work you retards…

  32. Michael Groves says:

    If the House, and Senate keep dragging this out. If the Democrats keep this up. . We the people should storm the House, and Senate demanding heads roll. We the people elected Donald Trump, and we don’t appreciate the Coup they are forcing on this country, and we the people. Enough of the jokes. It’s time for a fight. There is a Constitutional Crisis, you Democrats are forcing it on the rest of the country.

    • Frosty33 says:

      In the 2020 cycle, we need to clean house. The Dems used a bogus piece of paper to start this and we taxpayers gave them a 35 million dollar answer they didn’t like, It is time to go to work for we the people.

  33. Randy Tielkings says:

    The democrats are digging a hole and they want be able to get out of it. The Amercian people see why they don’t need to be in. Charge

    • canam884 says:

      Let’s quit all of this crap and do what has to be done, arrest Hillary, and her entourage, and other democrats that have flouted and think that can get away with it, eg; AOC, fraudulent use of election funds, And work your way down the line. No swaps and no trades, enforce the law. Big businesses that employ many illegals and are breaking the law, go git em. It’s time for you to have a bit of fun too Mr. President, and it’s all legal

      • terry says:

        I agree with 100% but I have to wonder why this hasn’t already occurred.

        • Michael says:

          It hasn’t already occurred because the corrupt Democrats have so thoroughly spread through all levels of the government that they can threaten and terrorize everyone else who disagrees with them. This is not how a democracy is supposed to work. Do we even still HAVE a democracy?? The depth and scope of government misconduct and Democrat corruption, as evidenced the “collusion” hoax, is beyond scary and disgusting. If we don’t get to the bottom of it, the very Republic itself is in danger. By the way, I’ll bet the “small jail under the capital” would fit Nancy Pelosi nicely, and at least she would deserve it.

  34. Randy Tielkings says:

    The democrats are digging a hole and they want be able to get out of it. The Amercian people see why they don’t need to be in charge. Thank you Pelosi for letting this go thru. Trump 2020

    • Clarence says:

      When you lie for a
      Long time, it gets more and more difficult to extricate your self. How do I know this. I have been watching the democrates for many years do this. I also think that they send their fake helpers what the daily lies are to be. Tell a lie often enough and it starts to sound like the truth .

  35. Charles says:

    The problem with the House sending its sergeant at arms to arrest the AG is the AG has a better and larger protective detail and the sergeant at arms may find himself in cuffs. The reason John Marshall decided Marbury vs Madison the way he did was he realized the power rests in the executive branch and that he couldn’t enforce an order. The Speaker if she has an ounce of brain which is doubtful should recognize the inequality of force and save a nice old man from time behind bars.

    • Michael says:

      Just more evidence that the Democrats, with the leftist media collusion, are still trying to pull-off a Coup D’etat against the Trump administration and the United Staes government. They refuse to accept the results of the election(Hillary recently said it was stolen from her.), and that makes them a danger to the country and should not be tolerated. Voting for any Democrat is a betrayal of country.

  36. Roberta King says:

    With everything else that’s actually a threat to our country right now, North lKorea blasting missles, Venezuelans under a tyrant’s dictatorship and starving, desparately in need of our help, Iran threatening to start production of nueclear weapons AGAIN!, millions of illeagls flooding our southern border and this is how the Left spends their time and our money?! This is nothing short of treason!

  37. Richard McClure says:

    I’m still laughing at the absurdity of Nadler the Knuckle Dragging Neanderthal and the Democrat nitwits that are following him because he would have to hold a public trial in the Senate with a Supreme Court Justice in charge of the proceedings and Present evidence of a Crime and withholding Grand Jury Documents isn’t a Crime it’s the Law !!!!!!!!

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      AG Barr has done nothing wroung. The demogogs think they can cow tie him and he will not go after obama crooked hillery clapper DNC CIA NSA and others involved in the failed coup on this great nation. SEMPER FI USMC TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY

  38. Cowgirldiva@gmail.com says:

    AG BARR knows the law..!! The Demoncraps don’t..! AG Barr will follow the letter of the law…!! The Demoncraps NEVER follow the law..!!

  39. Frank says:

    If AG Barr winds up in jail for this, the Democrats can kiss their asses goodbye as far as the White House is concerned. I don’t think even the democrats among the general public will put up with it. If they do, it could spell the end of America as it would split the people into two or more camps who will not compromise their values and it will eventually end up in a Civil War

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Frank I agree wit you. It has already split the country. People are tired of the brats in the house and their stupid aniics for two and half years of dolng nothing. Hillery the theif and crook lost get over it SEMPER FI. USMC RETIRED

  40. Frank says:

    If AG Barr winds up in jail for this, the Democrats can kiss their asses goodbye as far as the White House is concerned. I don’t think even the democrats among the general public will put up with it. If they do, it could spell the end of America as it would split the people into two or more camps who will not compromise their values and it will eventually end up in a Civil War

  41. Ronsch says:

    The Mueller Report lists 10 crimes of obstruction of justice committed by Trump. Barr made a highly inappropriate statement that they “weren’t actionable”. He had no right to make that statement. It is up to Congress to decide whether or not they are actionable, and now Trump is committing more obstructions of justice by keeping Congress from doing it’s job. Trump is already a criminal and it is unthinkable that Republicans are so willing to condone it.

    • Bonnie says:

      Who told you this and where did you get this information? Media?

    • Lynne says:

      You aren’t as smart as you seem to think you are. Congress cannot force AG Barr to break the Law and commit a crime. That is precisely what he would be doing if he released any more documents at this time. As for the Republicans condoning Trumps behavior, They should be showering him with praise for what he has done to turn things around after 8 years of Democratic destruction to our Country. If you are so hungry to punish someone for crimes committed. Lets start with the Clintons, Until Hillary pays for what SHE did…I don’t want to hear a damn thing you have to say about Trump and collusion or obstruction after 2 years of investigating him and produced nothing of value > Your OWN henchman Mueller even admitted that !! Get over it !! Hillary Lost , she cheated and lied and STILL LOST. WE THE PEOPLE have had ENOUGH of the BS and spoke out LOUD and CLEAR by electing Trump !

    • Gordon Liddy says:

      please list those Crimes as I read the report and no such thing is in it..

    • Mary says:

      If there was obstruction it was Mueller job to indict. Of course Mueller didn’t do anything!! Just left it to AG Barr. And….. he made his decision!!!

    • John says:

      You can’t have obstruction without a crime you idiot.

    • Michael says:

      Hey, Ronsch, where to start. Oh, what’s the use. Have a nice day. Just curious, what color is the sky in your world?

    • Numbnuts the President did the same thing that Obummer did when he invoked Executive Privilege in the case of AG Holder. It is his right you damn fool.

      • The Real M says:

        Sherrill Davis, Sorry but, the Dems don’t have the intellect to understand. It makes logical people want to butt our heads against a brick wall but why, won’t change anything or change the Demos low IQ! BLEAH! 🙁

        • Melania says:

          Low IQ ? Most liberals are much better educated and of much higher intelligence than conservatives – – and the studies point out they know the issues and the information much better than conservatives. And what kind of intelligence cannot recognize a life-long conman like Trump who lies continually about everything, and runs such scams like Trump University”? I think you are projecting here – – as Jindal said — you need to stop being the party of stupid.

          • The Real M says:

            Melania, I sure struck a nerve in your little minor league liberal arrogance neurosis. You Democrats and especially your leaders are really displaying a lack education, low intellect, low knowledge of the Constitution, no honor, and etc.
            President Trump is far from being a perfect person, we all knew that when we voted for him. The reason we did vote for him was because we were desperate to find someone with the knowledge and intestinal fortitude to stand up to your party’s domineering bullying practices against Republicans and save our Country from the last eight years of a Democrat President, BHO, who had made us the laughing stock of the world with his weak apologetic pansy personality and had taken our country to the brink of financial destruction. You Democrats can and should take full responsibility for the DJT presidency and thank God for President Trump!
            So Melania, if you had an ounce of truthfulness in your entire body, you would admit President Trump has done a wonderful job in spite of having to get up everyday and face the harassment, abuse, and lack of cooperation he gets from you Dems! I have never seen anything like the shameless display, lack of patriotism and un-Americanism you Dems constantly show the entire world each and every day.
            But hey, we Republicans are a loving happy party trying to do and be the best we can for our great nation, in spite of you Dems.

    • Bob says:

      The stupidity of your statement is exceeded only by its ignorance. For there to be obstruction of justice requires that there must be a crime and an intentional and overt attempt to block investigation of that crime. In this case, you have neither. The entire investigation was an investigation of the president to determine if he had committed a crime. This is backwards and prosecutors should be investigating crimes, not investigating anyone to try and find a crime. Imho such prosecutors should be disbarred and possibly prosecuted for prosecutorial misconduct.

      • Linda 2 says:

        Bob, I was going to bring up your points, but I must say you said it far better than I could.
        The sad truth is the Dems are searching for a possible crime to prosecute. They don’t have one.
        As far as AG Barr goes, they can charge him all day, but by law he can’t UN redact grand jury testimony without breaking the law. The Dems know this and think they have to perfect trap for him……..Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. This is going to bite them right in the butt, and should. Never have I seen so many hating vengeful idiots in one place as the Dems are.

    • Rodney says:


  42. John says:

    The Demorats have lost their minds. (I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt.) They have their mind set on destroying Trump and the Republicans because they are still pi**ed at loosing the 2016 election. $30M and two years of time wasted. What have they accomplished for the good of the American people? I hope that all their negativism bites them in the butt come the 2020 election. Serves them right!

  43. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Barr’s not going anywhere but after the Deep State traitors and it’s they who are going to prison! This is a bull$h1t click bait hack job and I’m unsubscribing as soon as I send this!

  44. FEDUP365 says:

    If the demoncraps want to go to a full fledged war then all they have to do is keep up their BS and I think we can get enough Patriots to storm the White House this summer and take them all out and hang them without ever firing a shot because there won’t be anybody there who would want to defend them for all their ridiculous BS they have pulled since President Trump was elected. President Trump can tell the <ilitary Guards to stand down along with all the Police and let History TAKE IT's COURSE. They want a cabal and to overthrow our Country and it's Constitution then let it BACKFIRE IN THEIR FACES.

    • Robert Ingram says:

      FEDUP, I will join any group ready to remove these thugs from breathing. I would vote to burn most of all in steel cages. Without a second civil war this country will not survive!

  45. Karl says:

    Will someone please point out where Congress has law enforcement authority in the Constitution? To my knowledge that is reserved to the Executive and Judicial Branches.

    • William Fulkerson says:

      Exactly. They are not part of the Judicial.

    • Marcus says:

      The Executive Branch is charged with enforcing the law , The Judicial Branch is charged with interpreting the law and the Legislative branch is charged with writing and introducing legislation , At this point our Legislative branch under the Communist Party majority has not done their job for two years and is trying to usurp the Constitutional Duty of the Executive branch , The House of Representatives have refused to do their Constitutional duty again and again , The Communist Party Majority in the House have become the Domestic Enemy of The United States of America

  46. Donaldo says:

    If pea brain Nadler is truly interested in finding corruption in the government, just take a look at his own party where there is a mountain of evidence of corruption.

  47. Bill says:

    Democrats know damn well Trump never “colluded” with Russia. This is about the hate they have for the man who stopped them from completing the destruction of our nation which was started by Obama. They were primed and ready to go with the hate puppet Hillary doing the continued bidding of the muslim a-hole Barack. I believe this a a last ditch bluff by the deep state, knowing they have lost.

  48. Michael Hughes says:

    The DOJ needs to sue Congress for malfeasance, malfeasance and dereliction of duty.

    • Bill says:

      How about the DOJ storming congress and taking the worthless leaders of the coup movement into cudtody, charging them with treason?

      • D.A.N. says:

        Bill, if not treason, conspiracy for sure. They have been conspiring to remove a duly elected President by illegal means. 18USC 371. As it is more than one involved, it is a felony with up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine. I think 5 years in Gitmo would teach them a lesson as they would never be able to hold a Federal elected office again.

  49. Margarita says:

    It’s all in God’s hands. HE is watching ????

  50. James says:

    I honestly believe that when our founding fathers started with the Republican and Democrat they would set across from each other and negotiate deals like adults now the Democrats are just a bunch of whiney babies .I think they should all bu put in a time out

    • Darlene L Deeb says:

      I don’t understand how the dumbocraps and liberals are even allowed to do this.
      It’s as if they think someone appointed them judge and jury of the whole country.
      I am not sure who the strongest, loudest, most high up law enforcement person is, but he needs to step up and start charging, trying and jailing these lying, cheating politicians that we call dumocraps.

  51. Pelosi and the rest of her ilk somehow seem to have appointed themselves as ruler of our Country! It is way past time for this BS to end. It is time the American people sends a message to Washington. We are tired of the Democratic party and it’s Muslim members along with the RINO’s. Either start working for our Country or get out! Anyone who still cares for our freedoms and our Country better start getting the message out that the. 2020 election will deside the fate of our Country and the true Americans. This is going to get nasty before it’s over. It is way past due.

    • Michael J. Hall says:

      I think a mass march on D.C. is in order. Bring your arms and ammo!

    • Ray says:

      I agree with you Anthony 100% the future of our Republic is at stake and if the Demacrats regain power in 2020 they will push their leftest liberal muselin ideals down our throats.
      What Hitler and his sadistic followers did will be minuscule compared. To what Christians in this country and around the world will endure. God be with us

  52. tony says:

    put him in jail?? just remember, payback is a bitch

  53. Helga says:

    Nadler should go to prison and we should fight this insane cabal tooth and nail. They can’t put us all in prison, just saying!!

  54. Ken says:

    This is insane, there’s no way in hell Attorney General Barr is going to jail because he hasn’t committed a crime just like President Trump hasn’t committed any crimes . The Democrats are lowlife dirt bags and they are just doing this because they know that Attorney General Barr is going to get to the bottom of the phony Mueller witch hunt and send them to jail and The Democrats are running scared ! When Barr finishes his investigation Hillary, Obama and Comey will be the first to be indicted and sentenced to prison !

  55. Bing says:

    Liberal pricks . Just a bunch of no good assholes that hate America .. we need to visit their Baseball field this year.

  56. Kenneth Meier says:

    These liberals and their constitional crisis is a bunch of crap. These current Democrats in DC are the worst I have ever seen in all my 86 years.

    • Helga says:

      Absolutely! They are insane and should be held in a mental institution! They are the worst ever and what makes them so insane is that they found nothing on the President. Now we need to get the goods on them!

      • Helga, the goods are already out their on the rats. Just need a set off balls to push and do the work to imprison the POS rats. I believe barr is the set of balls but needs a little help. MAGA.
        TRUMP 2020…

        • D.A.N. says:

          That is what the dimwit Dems are so worried about. They know that it goes all the way to 0bama as Barr has the info about Hillary’s e-mails being on 0bama’s WH Executive Office computer and that he knew about her computer and did nothing. If an innocent picture can get a sailor locked up for 5 years, what she did should put her and the rest away for the rest of their lives. Or at least till Pence is no longer President in Jan 2033.

  57. Randall clark says:

    The diddle-brain Dems could put him in prison, but our president will pardon him!!! When are those dingle-berries gonna realize…….they can’t win!!!

  58. James Giddens says:

    I think that they have proven multiple times that several have broken the law and several of them for treason and they are all still out making their bank accounts fatter at our expense .I dont get it how many laws do they have to break before it counts against them.

    • canam884 says:

      James, most politicians in both parties could and should be investigated. This is why President Trump is so hated by “professional politicians” and their owners, and the other reason for the hate, they are afraid of him. I say go after both sides, and end up with term limits and politicians pensions will be the same as the rest of us Americans, Social Security.

  59. DALE says:

    Let these leftists/liberal Democrats keep up with their insanity and watch GOD ALMIGHTY take every one of them down.

    • Craig Walser says:

      Amen brother. The more the demonic party drags the mueller witch hunt out the more idiotic the demonic party looks.

  60. Magoo says:

    Very well said.

  61. Dawn says:

    The Demonrats are totally out of control. They do not think they have to pertain to any laws. I hope they all get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law from Ohboobo on day to his last spawn

    • Absolutely , without a doubt,Dawn. They will agree to anything that pays their way and feeds them. They are like animals.Have you noticed? They want us to listen to them. I, personally do not listen to losers. They are not worth noting anything they, say”because they do not have logical value of importance. Half of these are going to prison and the other half voting(or, think they can vote) have already been there. Does anyone need a foghorn to tell them,”how ignorant they are”? LOl……………………………

  62. Will says:

    They better not put him in jail , if you Liberal knuckle heads don’t pull your own heads , out of your own Rear Ends , so you can get fresh air and see the light that’s coming to send all of your butts strait to Hell’s Gate , but go ahead be stupid once again , I guess we the people are just going to have to kick your asses from here to hell , that’s the only thing that you’ll understand , Well , maybe knowing you simpletons , to damn stupid for your own good , much less anyone else’s welfare !! Ouraah Simper Fi

  63. Raymond A Martucci says:

    If the democracts are going to go that way they need to be putting themselves in jail first. The democracts have been lying for many years to the American people and to Congress. That’s right the laws don’t apply to you democracts right? You steal every day and on election days you should be going to jail. All of you should be held in contempt for lying to Americans and continue with this witch Hunt that you started

  64. Robert says:

    If the Demomorans do they will be guilty of obstruction of justice for attempting to force a federal official to commit a crime.

  65. Pete says:

    Where was the Sergeant at Arms during the Obama administration?

  66. Waldo says:

    The real ones deserving jail time are the Dems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SGT Preston says:

      Amen to that, starting with former 1st lady, Horrible Hillary Clinton, the great enabler. who should be behind bars for her “computer gate”, enabling hubby Billy’s lecherousness, doing nothing at Benghazi while Americans died, EVEN when the Special Forces and SEALS were ready to go in and rescue the Americans., Don’t forget Uranium I-Gate, as well.

      • Magoo says:

        Very well said.

        • Michael says:

          Yes, well put. Hillary recently said she still maintains that the election was “stolen” from her!! She still refuses to concede. Does it look like she’s trying to incite a Coup D’etat?? Would this spark an actual civil war??

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