William Barr just shut down Robert Mueller’s big plan to impeach Trump

Robert Mueller finally called his shot.

The special counsel made his most public call yet to remove Donald Trump from office.

But then William Barr went on TV and shut down Robert Mueller’s big plan to impeach Donald Trump.

During his outrageous and highly controversial press conference, Robert Mueller declared his office could not reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice because Department of Justice guidelines prevented the indictment of a sitting President.

Mueller used this excuse to fill a report with smears and character assassinations concerning ten instances of the President supposedly obstructing justice, even though Mueller refused to bring charges.

In an interview with CBS News, reporter Jan Crawford asked the Attorney General about Mueller’s decision.

Barr called it nonsense.

Breitbart reports:

In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Attorney General William Barr said Special counsel Robert Mueller could have decided on whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.
Barr said, “I personally felt he could’ve reached a decision…He could have reached a conclusion. The opinion says you cannot indict a president while he is in office, but he could’ve reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity. But he had his reasons for not doing it, which he explained and I am not going to, you know, argue about those reasons.”

Mueller did not want to reach a conclusion because he knew he had no case.

Instead, he shifted the fight to Congress, where there is no legal standard for impeachment.

Impeachment is a political question.

The Attorney General saw through Mueller’s shady dealings and called him out on it.


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156 Responses

  1. bud says:

    If Jim Baker was here I’m sure Betty would be first in line to drink the coolaid

  2. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Betty two bit bitch what you said about Donald Trump is a brand you should wear.

  3. Moses says:

    Barr for a few pieces of silver and become an evil footnote in American history has sold his soul to be Trump’s hitman, every mobster boss needs a few . Cohen went down and Trump helped kick his ass to prison. Barr has lied, misrepresented the Mueller report, didn’t reply to the Congress’s subpoena, and has been nasty to people who questioned his loyalty to the country when it belongs, not to Trump. Trump is corrupt beyond belief, and all the historians are getting to the point of losing words of the abomination of Trump’s Presidency and his damage to this country and our allies while he is helping Russia by kissing Putin’s butt, never criticizing him or Russia or taking stances. The added sanctions from the Russians invading our election system he opposed. Another word for Trump is Beelzebub.

  4. Worldwatcher says:

    The devious leftists chose Muller because a Republican but his hate for Trump they understood would work in their favor he would choose all leftists with attack and destroy the man they all hate the most the man who saved America Pres. Trump. When he defeated Hillary they saw all their dreams being destroyed eight years Obama worked very hard to destroy this nation turned the world against this nation he brought hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists into this nation final step was Hillary he stopped her destroyed their dreams they will never stop hating him

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Personally think deep state establishment traitor Rod Rosenstein hired Robert Mueller as special counsel to help him try to maintain a stranglehold on any investigation of any of their cohort traitors from getting investigated or indicted & to make sure no indictment got past the DOJ. and also to help him block the Congressional Committee’s investigation into the corruption inside the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ. It also put them in a position of ferreting out any evidence they found or tried to find & give them a chance with a full staff of corrupted traitors inside all of these departments to remove or alter any evidence they could find to prevent it from being found by any honest investigators.
      If you want to see a classic case of blocking investigation to obstruct JUSTICE – take a look at what Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller & Christopher Wray were doing the whole time they were supposed to be investigating Trump/Russia collusion.
      They needed to know what evidence they had against them, to know whether they needed to grab their new ID & flee the country.

  5. Yank says:

    This whole Mueller investigation has been a political sham to start with. Now the Dems want to impeach? lol These twits are really out there! There is only political motivations to file for impeachment. Mueller “cleared the slate” and then, in his speech, he basically told Congress to do what he didn’t have the evidence or balls to do.

    • Dora says:

      Mueller was running out off money because he was no longer wanted at the FBI so he begged another ignorant FBI THE KENYAN liar, Rob Rosenstein to appoint him as SC. They all knew it was a WITCH HUNT. but Mueller needed the money no JOB. Now he has $35 million dollars for retirement plus his pension. know wonder a career cheater like his job. If a law firm hire that liar os Mueller I hope the public will boycott them.

      • KYBred says:

        If you remember, when Mueller was appointed special counsel, he had just been denied a job he wanted by President Trump. Don’t remember who said it, but the intelligence community could get you six ways from Sunday for a sin against them.

        • Wondering Woman says:

          Believe that was Chuck Schumer who probably got blackmailed into being a new world order traitor & if you were keeping up with pizzagate implications, you probably know why!
          However anyone willing to let these traitors willing to sell out our entire country and all of We the People off because they were blackmailed, may I remind you that if these deep state establishment hadn’t been lowdown & criminal enough to do something they would betray their country to avoid being exposed for it, they wouldn’t have been put in that position..
          BTW, personally feel the same way about all those lawyers who are/were congressional members, knew what was going on and did nothing to try to stop it.
          What a pity we can’t hang the crooked lawyers among them, twice after giving them their FAIR TRIALS FIRST.

    • Jo says:

      Agree. Mueller was/is a fake piece of garbage put there by the Dems.

  6. Betty says:

    Like the USA lives with the constant threat of nuclear war from North Korea cause our president D for DUMB trump is too busy Kissing instead of Kicking it’s Leader’s Butt!

    • Isabel says:

      What a stupid moron you demonRATS are!

    • Dahn says:

      What?? Sounds like you are D for Dumb.

    • Darrell Maynard says:

      Betty while you may not like this president he has done more than Obama and Biden did in 8 Years

      • WAJ says:

        Muller make some stipulation that he want to indict President Trump of abstraction of justice. But somehow decided not to because he does not have evidence. So, he made that conflicting narrative in his final report that is inconclusive. Which mean “He is out, you decide”. That is why Democrats in Congress wanted to impeach President Trump.

      • AL says:

        You have got that right,Darrell. Of course the former fraud-in-chief couldn’t make decisions because his ego wouldn’t allow his brain to function. Obonehead was an absolute disgrace. That knothead odumbo needs to see a prison cell…or rather yet..occupy a prison cell.

    • Dora says:

      Betty you sure been busy Kissing THE KENYAN BLACK ASS instead of using you pea brain to slam someone that is trying to take care of a country the your BLACK ASS sold out to his family MUSLIM BROTERHOOD. Go and join Jarrett and become a happy American TRAITOR. You POS.

    • John Flynn says:

      Truly ignorant statement, Troll!

    • Laurel says:

      Poor Betty lives in an alternate ugly, delusional universe.

    • Black Knight says:

      Grow up moron. And you want to start a war for what.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      Betty the best thing for you would be a drone strike to shut your communist ass up.

    • Bud says:

      honestly I hope n korea does fire missles at us. They can only reach california.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      WOW! Betty, have heard of people’s bowels backing up, but believe yours made it all the way to your cranial cavity!

  7. Garry says:

    Barr was biased from the day he became a candidate for the AG and the reason his name was submitted. He LIED to Congress and the American people. Robert Mueller said, both in the Report and in his news conference, that if he could not indict, he would lay out the evidence for Congress who has the only Constitutional authority to take action against a sitting president. Barr is unfit to serve and needs to RESIGN or be IMPEACHED himself.

    • Gary Kaye says:

      Sorry, he didn’t lie to Congress or the American People. All of the liberal half-wits that you listen to and follow, would have you believe that, though, because they are about nothing, and have to barf up some kind of idiotic B.S., and always without proof. Mueller is the one that told Barr he had no disagreement with Barr’s 4 page letter, and there were other’s in Barr’s presence that vouched for what Barr claims that Mueller said. Mueller is the one that has had to retract statements that he falsely made. Go check your sources and see, it’s all there. Wait til you see all of the erroneous B.S. that Mueller stated as fact, in the course of his investigation. Listen to what many of the folks that were indicted are saying about how Mueller charged them with lying, when they weren’t. Stay vigilant, because you’ve got some major rebuttals coming your way, once they come back with their other ongoing investigations. Mueller has his conference and refuses questions and refuses to testify in front of Congress, and MANY that have some very pertinent questions for him to answer.

    • Dora says:

      Gary you are as dumb as Betty but maybe dumber. Read the constitution if you can read.

  8. ray says:

    betty///////your the embodiment of why the FEMALE should have never been allowed to vote…………………

  9. ray says:

    mueller just did what JACOB ROTHSCHILD told him to do…………………………………….

  10. Betty says:

    Well, I too looked up the words RETARD & MORON in the dictionary & it showed your picture along with the words I’m the republican RETARD who voted for a Blond Haired Orangutan Ape As President. When it comes to Scary, even a Stephan King Horror Novel gots Nothing on you!

  11. Richard Daugherty says:

    William Barr when if ever will you deal with Hillcapone and Barry??

  12. R W says:

    Ken Starr reached a conclusion that Bill Clinton did commit obstruction. So, how was Starr able to do it if the rules said that you couldn’t? I swear, the left thinks that we, the American people are that stupid. They know that they can dumb down part of the population with the MSM but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  13. I guess people are ignorant to what is really happening around the world. If any one thinks China is really friends they are delusional. Just try checking. China is building super army base Islands . They adding to every year. They are still testing bombs. They have created a giant city. It is completely empty.
    What I see if they attack the US they will bring people back to China, I now we hear how big the US army is but China has the biggest standing army and well trained army as well. They still believe in fighting with people. I know the US Gov is dealing with high tech weapons. Meaning weapons of mass destruction outside of bombs. Trump think people in other countries are his friend. I put my money on Trump will bring us to a major war in a year.

    • Tom says:

      It’s better than Obama, he didn’t want to fight Iran, so he gave them millions of dollars, to buy them off, and then Iran invested that money to supply their developing a nuclear bomb capibilities, then was going to threaten the United States with annilation, and Trump put his foot down, and said it wouldn’t happen, and it just showed what a weak President Obama was.

    • Robert says:

      Save your money TH

    • Wondering Woman says:

      That completely empty city has built is probably to resettle Americans & other foreign citizens in after the new world order takes over and rounds all citizens up for resettlement from the FEMA camps.

  14. Jan says:

    Betty, if you were to keep your ears and eyes open, you would see all of the great things President Trump has done and is doing for America. Apparently, all you and others like you watch the bashing of President Trump every minute of every 24 hours of every day. It’s sad that people like you can’t see what’s going on!

    • First off I guess you don’t care at all about what is left of the Native Nation. Then what Trump is doing to them. I am sure you have no clue to what happened last years and what he is starting all over about the Pipelines he decided we need.
      Guess you have no clue to what is really wrong with our weather. How it is being created. Please I have been dealing with for over 25 years. What the president is allowing.

      • R W says:

        Weather has been changing since the beginning of time. People like Al Gore are make $millions off of your fear. Mother Nature is stronger than we are. That is not to say that we shouldn’t take care of the planet. The Alaskan pipeline has done very little net damage and actually has had herds of caribou hovering around its warmth and have expanded their population. We also do not want to be in a situation where we have to go to war or the Middle East and other countries decide to cut the US off of energy. That would be a huge national security oak and if there is no America, there are no Indian Tribes left either.

      • Robert says:

        Quit smoking the ‘whacky weed’ TH. I’m pretty sure it’s the cause of your rectovisualitis. You’re probably not aware, but this disease attacks braindead democraps…….the nerves in your eyes get crossed with the nerves in your a** and it gives you a sh**y outlook on life! Only known cure…….vote conservative!

        • Betty says:

          hey robert. Somebody should tell mrs. trump to stop smoking the “wacky weed”. Since Why else did she marry him if she wasn’t “HIGH”? maybe for his money? It certainly wasn’t for his intelligence or his brains cause he plainly doesn’t have any of either!

          • AL says:

            Well there’s one thing for sure that you Betty DO NOT have any halos hanging over your head. Oh and by the way, Our BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY MELANIA is a whole lot better as FIRST LADY and even then some. More than THAT.. whatever that this country put up with for those disastrous 8 years. WE NOW HAVE A MORE CLASSY…GORGEOUS..BEAUTIFUL FIRST LADY in OUR OVAL OFFICE/WHITE HOUSE. SHE DEFINITELY HAS MY RESPECT. Too bad people like you can not take off the blinders and get past your constant hate.

          • Rich says:

            Betty . . . . should it be assumed you are a multi-Billionaire?

            It takes brains, hard work, luck and applied intelligence to become a billionaire and it seems from you’re short harangue, you lack all of these. 😊

          • John Hickman says:

            For your brain to learn mrs trump has her own money she was a model at the top of it an let see you speak 5 languages she can

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Guess you haven’t really been dealing very deeply or honestly with it TOMMY H. or you would know about a thing called HAARP which is related to a TESLA invention, which the federal government wanted but realizing what they could do with it, he refused to let them have it. They destroyed him because he refused but he stood firm.
        Then some AH geo-engineer working with some machinery accidentally set off a minor earthquake with his machinery to locate oil depostis, natural gas, etc. and realized what a WMD it could become & handed his knowledge over tot the federal government. When I first read about HAARP, there was only one in Alaska. The last time I looked it up there was said to be 7 of them, but only 2 are located in the USA. Remember when I read about it, thinking that now we know what happened to those whales, dolphins & other sea creatures washing ashore and they didn;;t know what killed them but said it looked like they had been nuked or microwaved. That must have been when they were learning how to direct or aim at the target.
        PS- think the way the government learned about Tesla’s invention was when he accidentally killed about 50 people shooting some high voltage energy from one point to another without any connection between the 2 points.
        Can’t remember if the distance he was aiming his high voltage device at was 50 or 500 miles away. Either way, it was quite an invention that would have had a lot of peace time usefulness, but I really appreciate Tesla loving mankind enough to suffer the consequences of refusing to put such a weapon in the hands of corrupt rulers.

    • Betty says:

      Wrong, jan. The only (great)? thing d trump is doing for this country is seeing how fast he can Flush it down History’s Sewer Drain. What’s Truly Sad is Persons like you who don’t see it. Hoping maybe, for a free cash ride on one of his supposed million Dollar Gravy trains. The only reason d. trump has friends & supporters is cause he has money. If he were broke, they would not even bother to give him the time of day.

      • Debbie says:

        I’m a supporter of priendent Trump and I. Don’t have money.priendent has done more for this country then … Obama had in the whole 8years he was in his office.and Obama sent millions of dollars to Iran before leaving office to support terrorist groups.

        • bud says:

          don’t forget thousands of familys that lost there homes because Obama didn’t give a dam about the buiseness of this country

      • trapperwv1 says:

        You sure your last name isn’t Obama, or you are regretting your sex change.

    • AL says:

      I agree with you JAN..We finally have AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT that RESPECTS and works for the AMERICAN PEOPLE..have brought jobs back to AMERICA. A BETTER GROWING ECONOMY ..A TOTAL RESPECT AND SUPPORT For both our LAW ENFORCEMENT and OUR MILITARY. Loves our country..most important,(in my opinion) PRAYS TO GOD and has donates his salary to VETERANS causes and works harder than the last former screwup..odumbo ever did. So yes,Jan I believe that you and I agree that PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for AMERICA in these past two and a half years than the past four combined. Too bad that there are people with the constant bashing and hate just cannot take off the blinders,and actually open their eyes to see the GOOD THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing. But then again,,,why argue or debate those that refuse to accept THE T-R-U-T-H!!

    • Laurel says:

      Jan, I am beginning to believe Betty is not actually real, but paid a few bucks for making comments of deranged absurdity. They reveal a low capacity of maturity and actual knowledge. Perhaps Betty is a person unable to find work because of poor thinking skills or because they are a foreigner paid to talk stupid.

  15. Dann Watts says:

    Seems to me the communist/Democratic party would get sick & tired of being WRONG all the time (they are cheaters, liars those 2 was Bill Clinton’s impeachment counts= 1 & 2. we know for a fact both Hillary & Obama have PROVEN IT time & time again) DEM’s are fools, idiots, GOOFY & vary SILLY people N vary HATEFUL!!! (now there was a man & women republican KILLED in the last 2 days, in 2 different states both were long term republicans: 2 REPUBLICAN State senators KILLED in the last 2 days) I was wondering when the vary HATEFUL COMMUNIST/DEMARCATES were going to start killing?!!! you see have always been WRONG in every single thing they have EVER tried or tried to do (you can look this up yourself) CRAP!!! the communist/Democratic party have been CRYING for over 2 years now, now there killing TOO!!! this is how JFK got GONE!!!! JFK was the last of the DEM’s that was ever RIGHT on what they were doing!!! AT JFK’s assassination by the government/Dem’s the not so communist/Democratic party DIED WITH JFK!!! it was a vary said day when I was a kid. I’d even say it was the saddest day ever before 911 where over 3000 lives were lost!!! both JFK & 911 where backed & paid for by our communist/government . when was the LAST TIME the communist/Democratic party right??? answer AT JFK’s death!!! hell all the things Obama ever tried to or did (you know he did 28 things in 8 years, Trump did over 285 things in his first 500 days) was bad for the USA & when Obama had to write executive orders ALL THE TIME to pass anything as with Obama care & that communist/Democratic party mandate law, WHAT AN IDIOT! what about Bill Clinton being fully impeached & screwing America over with his 2 programs TPP & NAFTA CRAP lets mensch Obama giving Iran over $150 billion, CRAP he gave then NUCLEAR as soon as he did that & when he said the day & time we were living IRAQ ISIS was born cuz they just pulled back & waited for the USA to leave then they called the group ISIS, OBAMA WAS THE WORST president BY FAR , what a DAM IDIOT!!! oh what about Obama adding $10 TRILLION to our debit, he doubled it!! in only 8 years that more then ALL other presidents before him what a DAM IDIOT oh & we have NOTING TO SHOW FOR IT EITHER!!! IDIOT!!!

  16. Charles Grimsley says:

    go get’em

  17. Fidel says:

    Mueller is hiding behind secret service protection like a crack addict behind a curtain. Dems use you then terrorize you, ultimately kill you. Like President Trump said,” Mueller is a FOOL”. Call it like you see it my President

    • Southern Patriot says:

      Mueller wasted millions on the Anthrax domestic terrorist episode. Then he falsely arrested the wrong people and was sued and taxpayers lost again millions of dollars.

      With this false premise and evidence, Mueller wasted $35 million of the taxpayer money. He then wanted the leftist demented Democrats to waste more taxpayer money to pursue farther investigation, rather than do what they swore and are paid to do, and that is to legislate solutions to the immigration crisis their laws have produced.

  18. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  19. Christine Lescalleet says:

    President Tromp is my president, that says it all. I am tired of being ashamed by the way the former President presented America to the world. Now we have a President who makes me Proud again to be an American.

  20. Gregory Sullivan says:

    “Impeach” all of the leftist liberal idiots in this country.

  21. Carlos Sanchez says:

    To the House Dems, I say, PLEASE impeach Trump, LOL! The landslide win Trump will have in 2020 will make Trump’s ass whooping of The Hag look like a nail biter by comparison.

    • James Termini says:

      The Dems don’t have to impeach. All they have to do to unite the GOP base is to keep threatening to impeach. The longer they keep this mantra alive the worse it will be for the Dems.

    • Betty says:

      Congratulations, Carl . Finally someone with enough sense to see that Oval Office Orangutan for the CRAP he really is.

  22. Donald Trump does not need to be Impeached. He is the Best President that we have had since Ronald Reagan and I personally think that He actually is maybe a tiny bit better. Just keep your dirty hands off Our Current President and vice President.

  23. navy vet says:

    Betty, in a past life you must have been a troll.

  24. Navy Vet says:

    Gee Betty, seems he’s acting like a Democrat CIP Odumbo.


    let them try to impeach our President, dems are use to losing, Soooo, so whats one more !!! Go for it Pelosi….He has done nothing wrong….MAGA

  26. William M Durham says:

    Mueller found no legal reason to charge Trump for anything period. If he had found anything he would have charged him. Doing things this way he can help keep the stink coming and hope to cover up for the coming indictments from the Barr assigned investigation.

  27. Eric says:

    It’s clear Mueller did not (and does not) want to be the one to indict a setting president. But he certainly seems to believe it is justified, and has provided all the information necessary to get the job done eventually. And that is in spite of little billy barr trying to protect Pyongyang donald from the truth..

    • Michael says:

      Wow Eric you must be that democrat troll that wants communism in our country if killery had been elected. You one sick sons of a bitch..

    • robert cosenza says:

      ok big mouth you got the talking part well covered,now enlighten us with your real proof,cmon show us all links and videos to your real proof,not your do nothing cnn and msnbc and democrat spoof.we await your real proof.what have the do nothing unamerican democrats accomplished in the last 2 plus yrs,outside of bad mouthing and blocking the greatest president trump.now look at trumps accomplishments since in office,and that.s without any help from the do nothing pathetic democrats.go ahead and see trump long list of accomplishments.go trump everyone we know has,and willbevoting for you again in 2020

    • Mueller took the job with the task to impeach our president. He would be thrilled if he could say “I found him guilty.” Your psychology about Mueller is ridiculous.

    • Raven78 says:

      All the evidence you have would not fit in your tiny skull, as there is NO EVIDENCE Tump or anyone around him committed even a smidgen of a crime.

      One day (I highly doubt this part of my comment) you will see the real crimes that were committed and those people will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Like Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, both Ohr’s, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Rhodes, Powers, do you want me to keep typing, I can. As the list is very very long.

    • hayward stewart says:

      ERIC ? ERIC HOLDER ? IS THAT YOU ? I thought you were still down in Mexico arming the cartel with COMRADE OBAMAS guns !

    • dr says:

      “all the information” ?????….WTF?….he found NO proof of anything. and he used a fake doassier to try and that didnt even work….WTF?

    • Jan says:

      Eric, you’re the Pyongyang who doesn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face! Just you wait ’til the investigation of the investigators surfaces!!! That should wake you up !!!

    • Gary Kaye says:

      Eric, a true-to-form “drama queen”, but just like every liberal. Use your head: i.e. If Mueller could have charged him with an offense, he would have done so. But, like a “drama queen” he has to go and write up all this nonsense, that he published in his report, to give the Democrats hope for impeachment. Mueller got turned down for the Director’s job, at the FBI and so, he got his shorts in a bunch and had to pay back Trump for it. Why was it that Mueller hired 13 Attorneys that were Hillary supporters, for his investigative team? Nothing biased about that, huh?

  28. Betty says:

    Too bad there’s yet No Way to Legally & Lawfully to get CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump to Shut Up His Big, Fat Stupid, Stinking Mouth on His Own!

    • Mike says:

      Betty do you eat and make love with that dirty mouth .. Talk to Billy Clinton he’ll fix ya.

      • Michael says:

        Aaaahahahahaha oh that is a good one.

      • Raine says:

        Excellent, Mike. It would probably make her feel good about herself. Apparently, Betty is consumed with hate.

      • Betty says:

        mike, do you have a sister or girlfriend, then be sure to introduce her to our president, mr. Piss Ass Pig who undoubtly needs some new names on his screw a bitch list, considering his Well known viewpoint of Women everywhere as sex objects instead of as people. Who knows, maybe she might even replace mrs. trump as mr. trump’s Latest Legalized Whore.

      • Betty says:

        Hey, mike, Too bad you’re not a woman. just think what fun our presidential PIG would then have in grabbing your private parts! Since that’s all women everywhere are to him, objects to use instead of people to respect!

    • Jake says:

      Betty, you are like the rest of the lefties who hate the fact that our President fights back. That is the exact reason why we elected him. He doesn’t allow the left-wingers like to accuse him of things he did not do. He fights back and we like that and we love seeing the reactions and the gnashing of teeth of the left. Trump is driving left wingers like you crazy.

    • Nick says:

      Betty, maybe that’s what you should do, shut that dirty mouth.

    • Bemused Bill says:

      Poor Betty Boo Boo, getting all emotional and losing control of her upper and lower case….whats wrong Betty Boo Boo? Got sand in your vagina?

    • Jack Handy says:

      Ha Haaaa Betty, you just admitted DEFEAT. LOL.

    • David Rose says:

      You proved my point.
      Voters should be required to possess two brain cells before the vote counts. Liberals could combine their brain cells to get to the needed two. This would take approximately 38 liberals,

    • Lisa says:

      You must be talking about that pos Obama, Hillary or the biggest mouth of all Nancy the pig!! Liberals like you just prove how disgusting you all are no class at all.

  29. LES says:

    The putrid smell coming from that swamp is becoming unbearable!!! Perhaps if it can’t be drained we can pour oil or water on top and burn the thing with all the
    monster Demonrats in it!!! Sick to death of the cry baby left that talk big but are
    Nothing but a bunch of cowards who think their numbers will peotect them!!!

  30. Penny K says:

    Speaking of immigration: Is there a reason we can’t just collect the individuals that have crossed ILLEGALLY and put them on planes, trains or buses back to their countries? Only consider the ones that cross legally into our country should be allowed to stay in shelters or pass thru.

  31. Penny K says:

    For over 2 years Mueller and the media tried to cast as much suspicion as possible without any evidence. They probably thought the Republicans would believe all their lies and innuendos. They were wrong. We immediately saw what they were up to and stood up to them. They have made governing this country nearly impossible with their fighting every single thing the Republicans have tried to do. Trump may not be perfect but he sure beats the alternative that the Democrats tried to ram down our throats. Keep on fighting and bad mouthing and slowing things down. It just shows how you are not governing “for the people” but for yourselves.

    • Betty Sakai says:

      American labor Democrats and the once-free American media have been taken over by an international crime organization intent on driving prices higher while giving out free dependency in terms of welfare, a dopamine that takes the fight from the individual, puts them asleep with game shows, that make them think they do not have to struggle. the “Left” is poisoning America.

  32. Bill says:

    It is amazing how different liberals and conservatives of today are in political methodology. Liberals are loud, crass, hateful and arrogant. Conservatives are calm, methodical, respectful and not only on the right, but in the right. We elected Trump because we felt he was the one person who could stand up to the progressive BS machine, give them a dose of their own medicine, and defeat their agenda. He is doing a great job. Thank you William Barr for your support of the best President in decades.

    • Betty Sakai says:

      Ditto. Thank you William Barr.

    • Lorraine says:

      William Barr is doing the job that the last attorney general chose to ignore. If Trump had Barr as his Attorney General from the start of his presidency the democrats would never have gotten away with what they did. Upon the first allegation made, and before the FISA warrant was filed, Barr would have investigated the situation and stopped the Dems in their tracks. Unfortunately, Sessions was the attorney general and totally ignorant about was going on right in front of him. He was a terrible attorney general and should have been removed much sooner than he was. Barr will get to to the truth and expose the individuals responsible for the witch hunt, and hopefully they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. God Bless William Barr and our President.


      • D.A.N. says:

        AG Barr would not have been able to stop the first FISA warrants. Because Trump was not even President yet when they were issued. That was done under AG Lynch who should be brought to trial for perjury. You have to remember this crap started as a means of protecting Hillary from losing but didn’t work.

  33. Bob the Builder says:

    The democrats have never met a person like Trump. A real Patriot and a real man, who is not in office for the money as they are. They can’t believe he is clean, because they have never met anyone like that. They are sure that if they investigate everything about him they will find some dirt, they think there has to be dirt, no one is that clean. The democrats have forgotten how to win elections, they now think they need to bash and lie and make things up about their opponent and their followers never question them. There is an old saying, I am from Missouri and I only believe half of what I see and nothing that I hear.

    • Grumpy says:

      …don’t get me wrong, Trump is by no means a clean little angel, I have no doubt he has pulled a few dirty strings, however he is much smarter than these twit heads he has to deal with; his constant picking at them on twitter has them all up in arms; they fear he will actually be the best president ever and make them all look more obviously like the biggest pile of schmucks since the Obamallah administration; he has them so riled up and thinking about him none of the new or old congress or senate players has done anything else to make their constituents happy; sooner or later all this special counsel crap is going to come to some inevitable conclusion and these twit headed dimwitocraps will be either behind bars or running to save their hides; yes he is not in it for the money or the hype, he is in it to make us better and to clean up the dirty game of politics…

  34. I am glad that I am not alone with my opinion . Thanks

  35. Dennis B Anderson says:

    I want the money back they have squandered in the name of democracy. Instead of paying to house the criminal element deport them and shut down the border until further notice. Stop trade with all of them until they finally realize we don`t need any of them. They need us.

  36. hotrod greene says:


  37. A Sseeker says:

    Investigate MUELLER!

  38. The following is a message to Mueller:
    Far too many modern Politicians lack the Moral compass of their predecessors and the wisdom they had which came from their experience and age. I’m a 76 YO Republican from Florida (a former Democrat from New York) that helped get President Donald Trump Elected! Those that have defeatest feelings must learn to live with that as I had to live with the knumskull ideas of New York’s Democratic Administrations (read Rules and Regulations in New York State). Put you pants back on and recognize that further stupidity on your part (democrats) will surely put Mr Trump back in the White House for the four years following the 2022 elections. You spent way to much of our hard earned money is a witch hunt and you think that Congress will do your dirty work of attempting to Impeach MY PRESIDENT! Good Luck to any representative or Senate occupant that votes for impeachment. They will be gone from office soon after. If you can’t respect the office then deport yourself and go idolize Kim-Jong-un, move to Venezula, or better yet volunteer for a space flight to Mars where I don’t have to listen to your BS for at least six years! Trump is my President and I demand you respect him! He is the Chief Executive Officer of this country and the Commander in Chief, you idiot!

  39. Martin Michaels says:

    Mueller is a crooked clown. As a former Marine, it shames me that he was also a Marine. While he MAY be a registered Republican, he is absolutely a Swamp dweller like Brennan, Comey, Strzok, Page, and Rosenstein.

    • dennodogg says:

      That’s true, Michael. While mueller’s service may have been admirable, he chose to be a swamp dweller 40 plus years ago. The scoundrels always call on their past “patriotism” after being involved with larceny and questionable activity in the present. He is a Republican of convenience, not conviction and just as dishonest as the rest of the swamp denizens.

    • Jake says:

      As a 27 year combat veteran retired USMC. Mueller is a complete ass wipe. And like most officers in any branch of service serving income bad they all like to write medals for them selves. I know people who served with Mueller and said he was a freak and a coward

  40. Junius says:

    Mueller, is a Democrat puppet, it is a shame when a Prosecutor is a big Criminal him self. He failed to honestly do his job.

    • Betty says:

      Which is worse, a (Democrat puppet)? or a a republican Retard with their constant Asshole Kissing of that Oval Office republican RETARDED CRAP?

      • Froggy says:

        Betty: Can you please write without all of the bad language?

        • Roger says:

          Betty’s vocabulary is only composed of four-letter words, because of the few, if any, brain cells in that vacuum she tries to pass of as a head, eh ?

        • D.A.N. says:

          Hey Froggy, don’t jump on poor Betty. She can’t help the way she is. She’s a product of the liberal education system. Only problem is, it isn’t liberal or educating. 😉

      • Mike says:

        Your a sour bitch

      • Raine says:

        I haven’t seen anyone even trying to kiss our president’s a$$, but we certainly saw a lot of a-kissing for 8 lonnnng years when oBozo was in OUR house. The a-hole, military, police hater himself, who also set racial issues back 50 years. MLK Jr is probably rolling over in his grave because of oBozo!

  41. George says:

    It is way past time for all this crap to stop. The Office of the Presidency used to be Respected and it must return to being Respected.

    One reason the USA is in such need of change, which is why the American People Elected President Trump, is the fact that the Truth seems to be a diminished quality, as in turning lies into so called truth, such as a Man marrying another Man, or a Woman marrying another Woman, which is Insane of and by itself, though entertainment turns these things into so called normal behaviour, which it definitely is not, and why respect in many regards has turned into a dirty word.

    Time for some to Grow Up and Smell the Roses.

    • SGT Preston says:

      The office of the President was respected at one time before the democrats developed their “character assassination techniques, in which our President is guilty until proven innocent, which to the democrats would mean that he would NEVER be found innocent, no matter how innocent he really is. It is deplorable that the democrats were allowed to attempt to railroad our president for 2+ years and then have the agent of that “railroading attempt” drop little hints about the President “really” being guilty, The problem for the democrats is that they have NO EVIDENCE that President Trump is guilty of any crime, just some vague “suspicions, which really don’t add up to a “hill of beans”.

    • Junius says:

      George, I agree with you 100%. The crooked politicians have tried their best to Destroy respect for America. They have tried to destroy Freedom for real American Citizens, to give free things for votes to keep their sorry lying hides in office!

    • Betty says:

      Hey, george, the Office of President was once Respected untill this country got it’s Current president who has No Respect for Anybody except Himself & Who Also Cannot Even Act Like An Civilized Rational, Intelligent, Mature Adult Instead of like a 3 year old Spoiled, Dammed Brat For More Than 5 Minutes.

      • DD says:

        You and your ignorance are why more and more people H*A*T*E Dems and libs.

      • Mike says:

        No respect for Clinton or Obama, we waited to watch them hang their selfies and looks like it’s in motion

      • D.A.N. says:

        Betty, that describes to a T your queen Hillary. She still can’t accept the fact that the reason she lost was her. How many others who lost in a Presidential election did not go out and at least thank their supporters? The way you act, you two could be related. She questioned whether Trump would accept the election results while it is her that can’t. Now there is a spoiled brat who needs locked up for the good of the country.

        • Betty says:

          Well, d. a. n. How many presidents Verbal & Cruelly Mock a Handicapped Person on TV for All Americans to see? How many USA presidents Insult & Demean a True but Dead American HERO while at the same exact time are Asshole Kissing a North Korea Killer like it’s leader ? How many presidents childishly thow Hissy Fits just because they didn’t get their Own Dammed Way. A Spoiled Brat who needs to be Locked Up for America ‘s Good is a perfect description of that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT. One of CLASSY Hilary is Worth More of Ten Thousand CRAZY donalds.

      • spunky says:

        I looked up the word Zombie in the dictionary, it had your picture there – wearing a “I voted for Hillary” Button – whew – that was scary

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