William Barr just got the worst news of his life

Democrats are still fuming over William Barr releasing the findings from Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Liberals are making Barr the scapegoat for the fact that Mueller failed to turn up any crimes committed by the President.

And now William Barr just got the worst news of his life.

Since Mueller did not determine that that President Trump committed any crimes, Democrats need to make their obstruction of justice case somehow.

That led the Left to zero-in on Attorney General Barr’s releasing the Mueller findings in accordance with the law – and not making public secret grand jury testimonies – as well stepping in to make the determination that President Trump did not obstruct justice as grounds for impeachment against Barr.

Long shot Presidential candidate and prominent Russia conspiracy theorist Congressman Eric Swalwell made this case on CNN.

This is just desperation time for the Democrats.

Everyone knows there is nothing there with the Mueller Investigation.

So in their haste to make something out of nothing, Democrats are trying to smear Barr as some kind of criminal running a cover-up.

It’s all lies, but their allies in the fake news media are helping them amplify this false narrative.

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224 Responses

  1. STEVEN J MOORE says:

    It just shows how stupid Smallwell is to assume that when you cant get the words you want you just cry foul and hope that the people are dumb enough to get on the bandwagon……on a long run to disruption, unfortunately it is of the disruption of the country some of us on here still love……the Democrats will never learn

  2. Elmer Werth says:

    The deep state Islamocrats are desperate to find an excuse to get rid of the current AG. The indications are that he might violate tradition and investigate the criminal activities of the Democrats and the Muslims and that wouldn’t be fair.

  3. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Hey Gunny Sad Sack get some sleep, your tired lines and mind are from the KKK 1920’s.

  4. Dorothy says:

    The DemoRATS are not only sick in the head, they are as treacherous as any traitor could be. They all belong in straight jackets for the rest of their lives or else, sent to a dead planet roaming around in the universe where they can eat each other alive.

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