William Barr just got the worst news of his life

Democrats are still fuming over William Barr releasing the findings from Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Liberals are making Barr the scapegoat for the fact that Mueller failed to turn up any crimes committed by the President.

And now William Barr just got the worst news of his life.

Since Mueller did not determine that that President Trump committed any crimes, Democrats need to make their obstruction of justice case somehow.

That led the Left to zero-in on Attorney General Barr’s releasing the Mueller findings in accordance with the law – and not making public secret grand jury testimonies – as well stepping in to make the determination that President Trump did not obstruct justice as grounds for impeachment against Barr.

Long shot Presidential candidate and prominent Russia conspiracy theorist Congressman Eric Swalwell made this case on CNN.

This is just desperation time for the Democrats.

Everyone knows there is nothing there with the Mueller Investigation.

So in their haste to make something out of nothing, Democrats are trying to smear Barr as some kind of criminal running a cover-up.

It’s all lies, but their allies in the fake news media are helping them amplify this false narrative.


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224 Responses

  1. STEVEN J MOORE says:

    It just shows how stupid Smallwell is to assume that when you cant get the words you want you just cry foul and hope that the people are dumb enough to get on the bandwagon……on a long run to disruption, unfortunately it is of the disruption of the country some of us on here still love……the Democrats will never learn

  2. Elmer Werth says:

    The deep state Islamocrats are desperate to find an excuse to get rid of the current AG. The indications are that he might violate tradition and investigate the criminal activities of the Democrats and the Muslims and that wouldn’t be fair.

  3. Dorothy says:

    The DemoRATS are not only sick in the head, they are as treacherous as any traitor could be. They all belong in straight jackets for the rest of their lives or else, sent to a dead planet roaming around in the universe where they can eat each other alive.

  4. Mark says:

    Looks like the ONLY thing the Democrats want to do is do anything they can to stop William Barr from finding the truth on how CORRUPT the Democratic Party went to destroy a sitting President AND they know that President Trump has succeeded and is prospering this country here and the world and they have NOTHING to offer!!! So the Democrats must lie – cheat -steal to destroy President Trump Personally to win…Such losers.

  5. Mary says:

    Hillary’s cronies in the deep state will do and say anything to try to prove that her election was robbed from her when the regular American ( hard working people got tired of their bullying ) and finally said they had it with their way they of trying to direct the direction they wanted the country to go. Now on their side it is an all out war. I hope the next democrat President this country hast he or she will feel the rage from the American people oh I forgot they will feel it in 2020 that is why they are trying to turn every country in the world against President Trump because they already know they have lost the election.

  6. PupEPerson says:

    Attributed to a Wyoming rancher. Pretty much says it all….

    “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any
    horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

    I would too! How ’bout you?

  7. Jimbosidecar says:

    It depends. I do not know if the House impeaches Barr, does it then go to the Senate. Of course the Senate would never impeach Barr. So, if that’s how it works, then I say democrats in the House, Go for it. Impeach Barr. The Senate won’t and then every democrat in the House that voted for impeachment will be run out of town on a rail come November 2020.

    • wonderbeard says:

      Best move the dems can make is dissolve the party and reform as some other name like TREASONIST LOSERS!At least the name would tell people who they really are!

  8. Joe Masefield says:

    The Democratic Party is on its way out. The last great Democratic president, Harry Truman, would not have hired Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Nadler and the other braindead scumbag traitors to wash toilets let alone deal with them as members of Congress. That Democratic Party no longer exists, nor a leader to kick ass as Truman did.

  9. Bill says:

    The Progressives don’t have a clue as to what they were elected to do! It is time they actually start doing their real job, if they even know how. Attacking Barr is just another excuse for not doing their job.

    The biggest mistake President Trump did when he first took office was to try to drain the political swamp using a 1.25 inch drain pipe. When you drain a swamp as dirty as the current Congress, you need the toilet that can “flush a whole bucket of golf balls” at the very least, but to do it right he should have used a 96 inch drain pipe (there are some really big turds that need flushing)!

  10. Bea J. Slaton says:

    There are alot of facts in Mueller’s report making clear Trump obstructed Justice,
    The meeting in Trumps Office was with Russian agents to produce dirt on Clinton
    Because Trump was polling at a 25% chance to win the election . They were desperate.
    It’s easy to find guilt on criminals . But Mullner wants the Congress to investigate his findings and allow the testimony from the witnesses to be televised for all of . TheAmerican people to hear for them selves Congress is the ultimate Law on this . The Republicans can not stand the thought of Congress investigating this as deep as it need to be . If Trump and his campaing had nothing to hide they would make no comments he Go on his merry way .

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      The Democrooks can only. accuse Trump of obstruction of justice with their eternal witch hunt as they don’t have absolutely positive proof that he did so only by. sheer speculation.

    • GyMack says:

      Throw your Crack Pipe down and smash it. This entire Investigation is an attempt to unseat the POTUS, even though he committed no crime(s).

      Obama and all those who Conspired to Impeach the POTUS, should of already been indicted and sent to jail w/o possibility of bonding out.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I am so tired of you ignorant people! Since you have no common sense. I’m just going to tell you SHUT THE F**K UP!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        This response is for the ignorant dumas liberals.
        President Trump is the best President ever… & you liberals are just sick in the head! I am just fed up with you creatures!

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      BTW: BEA

    • Tony Bell says:

      Had there not been an illegitimate investigation of president Trump and his team there would be no accusation of obstruction. The entire episode is a failed attempt to remove a rightfully elected president. Simply because he won and the democrat queen Hillary lost, and they do not like president Trumps personality and ideology.
      Sorry, Bea, when you are falsely accused you have an obligation to yourself to defend against it. No comment is just not an option, get real.

    • REX A SMOLEK says:

      I could not DISAGREE with you more. How do you know what the meeting was about? Moreover, if it is easy to find guilt on criminals, why hasn’t HRC been indited and in jail.

    • Will says:

      Liberal asshats , you Idoits are holding up the country moving forward , with yourself centered stupidity , , keep digging that hole boys n girls

  11. Ralph Lewis says:

    Annie they are all to stupid to shut their mouths. Witch is a good thing. It makes it a lot easier for us to find out just what is in what they call a brain. Swalwell is a perfect example of what I mean. At 37yrs. old I believe is why we need term limits. No more carrier politician’s. Look at Joe Biden, Nancy Palosi, or Chucky Shummer. They were 37 at one time and Active. 2 terms.

  12. Sue Rich says:

    Come on, Democraps. Be adults. You lost the battle. Give it up and move on to real issues instead of trying to make your opponent look bad. It won’t happen.

    • Stuart Geoffrey says:

      Should the democrats actually follow through with their threats I cn fooresee the total destruction of the remnants of the democratic party for at least the next 3 to 4 Election cycles.

    • REX A SMOLE says:

      Sue, I agree with you 100%

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    There is a 100% free website called talk right in which you can listen to many concervative talk show hosts around the country. I like Dennis Prager the most but many of you may have a different opinion than mine

  14. Lee says:

    COURUPT !!!

    • wonderbeard says:

      Your name is a good idea but cost too much money to sue rich. That be rich hunt? Anyway; Trump is the people’s choice. Dems smell like cesspool.

  15. DonRS says:

    These kinds of headlines, followed by NOTHING BURGER BS make Patriot Pulse look like gibbering IDIOTS. I don’t need my time wasted by you “click happy” fools. I’m unsubscribing to your garbage!

  16. Alaska Woman says:

    There were crines, just none that could be proceeded against while Trump is President. He will probably be arrested s soon as he leaves federal property at the end of his term.

  17. Saved says:

    Barr is a traitor like Trump. If he had any integrity he sold it to the Devil for a few dollars and for an evil footnote in history. Trump is a mobster, beyond redemption because he never cared about anyone but himself in his almost 73 years of life.

    • Bryan says:

      I can see by your comment you are telling untruths, and a democrat.
      There has never been any evidence to back up your comment.

      You possibly could be sued for your comments.

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        The poster “Saved” is more than likely a paid troll = Democrats have to keep their False NARRATIVES going, since El Chapo has identified – in open court – just about every US Government official who accepted his BRIBES, or solicited BRIBE Money.
        That seems to be the means that El Chapo is avoiding the Death Penalty.

        Pelosi, Beto, Schumer……just to name a few.

      • Marlene says:

        That would be NICE ! Lock him up with the rest of the CRAZY NUT’S

    • Will says:

      Boy you must of gotten rear ended everyday , in that cult you say brainwashed you , they rode what little brain’s you had right out of your dumbass ,. Your far from Saved you Liberal Simpleton

  18. Ken Capel says:

    Eric Swallow is a complete idiot.

  19. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Has anyone seen the democommie convention in San Francisco? I didn’t watch it but I heard that all of those so-called candidates who wanted Trump’s job, debated and see who can out communist each other the best.

  20. Kat says:

    I don’t think we ever had a more transparent president EVER. That’s the problem deep state has been tearing this country down for years. Eric swallow is what i like to call him is a California idiot too much sun baking that little brain. He is the male version AOC dumb as a stump. Can’t wait until report comes out on fisa. Chomping at the bit for that one, going to be like a game of dominoes

    • Saved says:

      If you mean transparent that you can see the evil in him by every word he has uttered and action that Trump has taken is all about greed, meanness, vengeance, egomania, sadism, bragging and insulting. When he hugs the flag it makes true patriots puke.

      • Mary Kelly says:

        Your description is about Obama and Trump is not like that crook.

      • Connie Knapp says:

        I know you can’t be referring to yourself as a true patriot – you are a vile, hateful, conniving democrat that refuses to acknowledge the truth – Mr. Trump is the best president we’ve seen in many years. Spit out the poisonous kool-aid Pilose, Schumer , Waters, AOC, and the rest of your crooked cohorts pour out to the public. You will all pay dearly for your deceitful lies.

      • Nick Byrne says:

        Lies like ass holes such as you spread is what makes true patriots puke.

  21. larry says:

    Swalwell is a idiot and does not know what he is doing and wha the law. Swalwell is just a little puissant in a big fiel

  22. John says:

    These nutcases what to impeach anyone connected to Trump. Remember Obama and Clintons are behind this.

    • Patricia cranston says:

      I quest have to Blane someone

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      Absolutely correct, “John”!

      I hope the Obamas and the clintons are HANGED until DEAD – as Traitors.

      There are more Nefarious SCANDALS that have yet to be addressed = LOCKHEED-MARTIN and THEFT of Intellectual Property of an invention that an American Patriot provided to our US Navy – that the obama-clinton regime sold to FOREIGN Governments, when James Comey was L-M’s Top lawyer.
      When this SCANDAL was being investigated by Robert Meuller as FBI Director, headed in the direction of nailing comey, obama and Hillary Clinton, president Obama hired James Comey as the new FBI Director.

  23. Ronsch says:

    Did anyone here actually read the Mueller Report? The Report lists 11 crimes Trump committed. There are now over a thousand Federal prosecutors that say Trump should be indicted for his crimes. Mueller said in his press conference, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime,” he said, “we would have said so.” In other words, we believe that Trump committed crimes. I get the feeling that Trump supporters have a problem with understanding a double negative.

    • trebor says:

      Uh, you got this a bit mixed up. The fact is that “there are over a thousand federally prosecuted saying that Trump committed a crime”. This will be increased by a bunch when the Steel thing comes to head

    • Dominic says:


    • Connie says:

      In this country we are innocent until proven guilty….at least we used to be. Without the confident, legal proof of a crime all else is supposed to matter NOT. Forget the double negative – this is a double standard. With the depth of this investigation Mr. Mueller had one job, and one job only…..to find the confident, legal proof of the crime of collusion. He couldn’t do it. And because he couldn’t find it he has pandered in contradictions and double (there’s that word again) speak to distract from the fact that he couldn’t do what he set out to do. If no crime was found, that is all the report should have listed. No “yeah buts” or “could have beens” or “what ifs”. No crime? The end!

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      And what about your communist idol Barack Hussein Obama who committed many crimes that Hollywood the Democratic Party and the left covered up that we will never find out what they were as the left and the Democrook party aren’t exactly friendly to Donald Trump.

  24. Mike says:

    Only a moron would vote for a Democrat you have to be a pedophile rapist child rapists and sick in the head to even vote anyone for a Democrat

  25. Eric says:

    I blame the left wing for getting the traitor Pyongyang donald selected as potus.

    • Polly Ester says:

      Pathetic loser.

    • Dan says:

      Advertising yourself as the village idiot,is as STUPID AS A DUMBOCRAP can get

      • 2004done says:

        Dan, I’m SURE you realize that the record for “as stupid as a dumbocrat can get” is constantly being shattered by the left, with no end to their ignorance in sight.

    • Mike says:

      God Eric you are dimer than burned out light bulb as are 99.999% of liberal Commie Bastards like you.

    • WW says:

      Eat your heart out, Eric. Take this from an ex-democrat, this country is better off with President Trump. That fraud before him tried to destroy our beloved country. And it is beginning to come out that he was a fraud.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      Eric – You are like all of the other Pathetic Losers – Leftist, Liberals, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democratic Party Members.
      Trapperwv1, said it right – In 2020 all 435 members of congress are up for election , let’s put some people with integrity in office and rid the legislature of all the Swamp Rats and all the other Enemies of our Great America Vote for Trump in 2020…..

  26. Robert Glade says:

    Barr does not have a thing to worry about. There isn’t one of the demonrats that have an I.Q. higher than the number of fingers on their right hand. That is if they can count that far or even figure out which one is their right hand.

  27. Terry says:

    The Democrats don’t think America is smart enough to know that their game of Obstruction. Exactly what have they done in the last 2 years except accuse President Trump and Investigate. Now the findings are in and your not happy because it didn’t go your way. So you knick and scream with more accusations.
    You all are running scared ????????

    • hook. CODGER says:

      The dems are acting like spoiled children who throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way. Boo hoo.

  28. DougH says:

    Go get them, Barr!

  29. John H Montgomery Jr says:

    We should get the House back. The seats we lost were by slim margins, corruption and un-contested. They will not have anything to show the people they represent anything. GUILTY DOG BARKS FIRST. Everything they were accuesing Trump of, it was them

    • Eileen Ross says:

      They cheated themselves in. That’s going to be difficult to fight, as in order to prevent it from happening again, we’re going to need a LOT of trustworthy conservatives stationed at the voting booths. Even then, electronic ones have been known to be changed from Republican to Democrat votes. Paper ballets and constant monitoring is all I can think of which may help us.

      • Grandmas Mad says:

        We need Voter ID……Even my 96 year old LEGAL Immigrant Aunt had a “Non Drivers Drivers License”

    • Jo says:

      Barr is laughing at these fool Dems. They’re cutting their own throats with all this stupid talk of impeachment. They better watch or they’re gonna be toast.

  30. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    The lame left democraps have tried everything from trying to frame President with mueller and his idiots, to trying to force the AG to break the law to trying to use ole “pencil neck” to continue to keep the “limp mueller egg noodle” witch hunt alive. It didn’t work, it won’t work and come November 2020 all these “swamp rats” will be GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John H Montgomery Jr says:

      Do they not know they don´t have the votes in the House or the Senate, Why go down this road. Having the Senate , save this country.

  31. James C Green says:

    Talk about desperate! The Dems have nothing, so they are having to create accusations that have zero merit! What a bunch of losers!

    • trapperwv1 says:

      And in 2020 all 435 members of congress are up for election , let’s put some people with integrity in office and rid the legislature of all the swamp rats and other enemies of our great republic.

  32. Ken says:

    This is a false headline. Barr is doing fine.

  33. Mark says:

    Swalwell is lower than a gutter rat An illegal should put him out of his misery. He’s a loser who wont get 1% of primary vote. Tell him to hang it up and go home!!! Nancy got it right about AOC (Always on Crack) when she said AOC comes from a district where a glass of water could be elected if it had a “D” next to it. Swalcrap is the same. What she said really means they come from a district of morons!!

  34. Robert says:

    I just saw a report on the collusion of the Mexican government official that worked on Hillary’s campaign and was supporting her because Trump had stated he would redo the NAFTA (or CRAPTA) Agreement with Mexico and their government knew that all of the giveaways that Obama gave to Mexico were going to go away. No one in the media happened to mention the interference from Mexico in the election.
    It has been noted that the monies sent back to Mexico from workers in the U.S. are the second largest source of revenue for Mexico’s GDP so no wonder they didn’t want Trump to be President.

  35. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Barr got the worst news of his life? What a total crock of steaming bull$h1t! Barr already went before Congress and made jackasses out of all the coup conspirators who tried to spar legally with him. He was held in contempt and wiped his a$$ with it, the same way the truly corrupt Holder did. Barr’s not going anywhere except for the jugular of the guilty Dems who are running scared and already turning on each other. I’m sick of Patriot Pulse using all these click bait, BS, headlines for what amounts to nothing!

    • Stuart says:

      Total agreement. Of course if the democrats did try what has been suggested, it would merely be yet another tack in their coffin.

    • Marth says:

      I just started watching P P and have been questioning their headlines – which I now find disturbing. This group sounds more like the yellow paper junk in their so called reporting.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      It sounds more like the democrats are trying to obstruct Barr from investigating them. Once Barr announced that he would be investigating spy gate they immediately to indict him and put him in jail. When that didn’t work, they now want to impeach him. This is obstruction of justice and they democrats need to be investigated for not only spying, but also obstruction of justice.

  36. Cheri says:

    It is a waste of time & energy when dealing with low IQ demon-crats. Even the clearest presentation of facts will not open closed minds. They are UI that are told what to think … they ignore the over whelming evidence of the corruption & abuse of power in their party & rush to judgment against the President even when their own special (obviously biased) prosecutor couldn’t find any evidence of collusion or obstruction. In the US you are presumed innocent until proven guilty …no charges brought because there was nothing to charge. Mueller wants to destroy this President but he wasn’t able to find any evidence to do it or he would have. However, He will keep trying to do whatever he can to hurt this President & knows that him & his best buddy Comey & the rest of the deep state actors from Obama Administration are in deep do do when the truth comes out with the IG report, and Barr’s investigation. The rats are all jumping ship & the truth is finally going to be told.

    • Dora says:

      I really thought that mule face Mueller had a little smart left in him before he joins CNN or MSNBC that”s where all the liars go to continue their lying profession. Mueller is a true dirtbag. He might even be a rat.

  37. Original Anna says:

    I would like to know why so many of these Washington people claim they are Republicans and yet they act and vote like Democrats and served underneath Obama and Hillary picked by Obama and everything these so called Republicans has been against President Trump and for Obama and Hillary. Comey refuses to indict Hillary, Mueller is carrying a suit case over to Russia for Hillary to sell U.S. Uranium to Russia and was caught by a reporter while doing it. Rosenstine worked with the dossier and the FBI got a Fisa judge to start investigating Trump before he was a candidate. McCain votes against the Republican healthcare plan in a drama on stage. No wonder the Republicans never get any Republican ideas done because they are too busy working for the Democrats. The Republican Party has got to start firing these fake Republicans the second they start making money by working for the Democrat people. Get rid of these fakers.

  38. Vasu Murti says:

    Kamala Harris says: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his first public statement since releasing his report to Attorney General Bill Barr last month.

    “After listening to him, it’s clear Mueller didn’t return charges against Trump because of a Department of Justice memo saying a sitting president can’t be indicted — not because his investigation determined crimes were not committed.

    “Mueller’s impartial investigation presented the American people with indictable evidence and information — and after his statement, Congress must take action and begin the impeachment process.”

    • Wondering Woman says:

      BS from another non thinker, if not another traitor, as kamala Harris obviously is, as well as all the others hoping to become the DNC nominee for 2020. /are there any patriots left in the democrat politicians?

      • Hells Belles says:

        Wondering Woman, you are so right about no brains big mouth Kamel-poo Harris having no thoughts of her own! On the rare ocassions I’ve heard her speak she just agreed with some of the
        others, but changed her mind on some of it the next day when she found out that it wasn’t good to agree with! She sounds way too much like Killary when she starts being overbearing and yelling about what she’s gonna do when she’s President!! The DumboQuacks have some of the most disgusting candidates running for President, but that’s nothing new or rare!!????

    • Go’s to show you Trump should have fired the crooked, lying MFer when he had the chance!

    • Bob the Builder says:

      I hope they do try to impeach Trump, it will end the democrat party.

  39. AFGus says:

    Swallowswell is straight up stuck on stupid. He’s the poster child for retardation. Not just ADHD, Dislexic, Mongoloid retarded, but can’t find his ass with both hands, a road map, and GPS receiver retarded. Only in Kommiefornistan could someone as completely ignorant as he get elected to public office.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Agree, and think a new indictment for treason with his name on it should be prepared ASAP!

    • dennodogg says:

      Yes….and feck swallow well and his 510 credit score. This bum couldn’t get a prepaid credit card from capitol one, but he wants to run the country.

  40. James Schwindt says:

    The writer of this article(not identified of course since right wingers don’t have the balls to put their names on any of the garbage they write) is totally wrong. Mueller has indicated that there was plenty of evidence of obstruction of justice on Trump’s behalf. He just left it to congress to deal with it.
    If there were no problem with the Trump family’s obstruction, then why is Donnie doing his best to keep the lid on the report and keeping it from the public. You folks who preach to the choir here know exactly what I’m talking about. Trump is headed for the dustbin of history and HE knows it.

    • AFGus says:

      James…..another stuck on stupid liberal snowflake. A dime a dozen.

    • Anyone still doting on the Obummer/Clinton Crime Syndicate is simply a brainless, anti America, @$$hole. Like yourself.

    • bella says:

      if you bother to look at the bottom it shows you who is or are the writers stupid .

    • Bruno says:

      You sir are a complete moron. Go to #walkaway and wake up!

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      I think it’s the Demoncrook party that will be thrown intk the ash heap of history when Donald Trump gets reelected Jimmy Boy.

    • Pat says:

      Trump has ordered AG Barr to release the entire Mueller report except for grand jury testimony, which can’t be released because of federal law. You would be wise to pull your head out instead of proving to everyone that you’re a liberal fool.

    • James C Green says:

      Donald Trump is one of the best Presidents the USA has ever had. There was NO obstruction by him, as discovered by the Witch Hunt! I thank Heaven for him & pray he will win in 2020. We need him badly for another 4 years to counter the evil that has been foisted on us over the past few years.

  41. Will says:

    There’s only one thing the Far Left Wing Liberal Idoits will understand ,. All this talking isn’t going to change a Simpleton Liberal Camel Sucker , there brainwashed to be stupid , just say when , we’re burning daylight , the time has come to put them in there place , not to be heard from ever again in this country , God Bless America and Our President , Donald Trump

  42. Ronsch says:

    Mueller’s press conference establishes that Barr lied. Mueller specified 11 counts of obstruction of justice against Trump, and stated that if he thought Trump had not committed a crime he would have said so. Anyone who misunderstands that statement has a grade school education. Mueller believes that his investigation has determined that Trump has committed crimes, and that it is up to Congress, not the DOJ to press those charges. The obstruction of justice has continued with Barr’s lies and Trump’s failure to provide documents that would resolve the issue, as well as forcing people to refuse to testify in defiance of the U.S. Constitution. I find it appalling that Republicans are so willing to ignore violations of the U.S. Constitution that they have sworn to uphold.

    • Grizzly says:

      Listen closely idiot!!! If there was NO collusion then there was NO obstruction for a crime that never took place!! If you assholes were attacked like you assholes have the president you would be a,lot pissed off to moron!!

      • Ronsch says:

        The Mueller Report said they weren’t able to establish there was conspiracy with Russia. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any. As the Mueller investigation did establish that the Russians interfered with the 2016 Presidential election on behalf of Trump. They then tried to determine whether there was a conspiracy of Trump’s campaign with the Russian effort and at that point Trump did everything he could to interfere with that investigation. That is obstruction of justice. Why did Trump interfere? One could conclude there was something that could have been found out. Trump even was quoted as saying in response to the Mueller investigation, “we’re f***d”. So it’s interesting, why did Trump interfere with the investigation, and why was he so worried about that?

        It is obstruction of justice whether or not there was an underlying crime. Ask you lawyer about that.

        • Mike says:

          What you dummy Liberals fail to under stand is that the DNC & Hillary are the ones that clouded with the Russians with The Steele Dossier they paid 10 Million for that was a complete fabrication.

    • AFGus says:

      Wow! You are proof positive that all liberals are Tools…..very, very dull Tools.

    • Ann Bissonnette says:

      Muller had to retract his comments….the Fake News Channels didn’t report it! Look in the Mirror it is the Democrats that have Lied…just because poor Hillary LOST…and all their corruption and Lies are going to be Exposed!

    • Norb says:

      Rocsch, I find it appalling that the Democrats continue to selectively ignore the connection of Clinton/Campaign to the Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign… sweep it under the rug mentality. The obstruction of Justice by Hammer of her email servers, the claim to ignorance on OATHS and security protocols regarding sensitive materials, and I could compile a larger list but you wouldn’t read it anyway… I think you are subject to selective persecution and therefore incapable of offering a valid opinion regardless of your Legal Expertise (Crackerjack). And was not the Clinton debacle a violation of the US Constitution…, and her OATH more damning than the President’s issues? Think about that before you demean others for their limited intellectual standing. And by the way… My father had a 3rd Grade education, and then went to College as a 3.7 GPA learner, outpacing the NEW Contemporary Educated field of Graduates. So I guess that means that my father’s 3rd grade education was superior to current HS Grads, and since his GPA was in the Honors Level… Perhaps you should look at your own training within your comparative analysis.

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        Norb, it appears the democrats can say & do what ever they want & are never hels accountable. God bless President Donald Trump. Trump 2020.

      • Linda 2 says:

        Norb, I think the closer Barr’s and Horowitz investigations get to being made public, the louder the Democrats are going to scream to bring charges against Pres Trump, Barr, etc. Pretty sure the public, that thinks, knows the truth and that’s something Dems don’t want coming out. Nothing could actually be done about it until rock solid proof could be established. Looks like now it’s coming. Frankly, I wonder how many in the house will find their names in those files.

    • lynn says:

      Ronsch, what kind of name is that?? You are a MORON an IDIOT and need to hide yourself under a rock. The DIRTY DEMOCRATS have lied and stolen more from the American People in the last 10 years than any Republican in a century. You are a Disgrace to the Human Race and should move to another country.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Anyone who believed that statement and cannot see the treason driving Mueller’s desperate attempts to take President Trump, A G Barr & Justice Brett Kavanaugh down has to have an IQ lower than the worst idiot’s would be if he was able to take one!Time to notify these new world order and deep state traitors that we know who most of them are and we are aware of Mueller’s plan for the congressional traitors in the House to rapidly crash our economy Send the following message to POTUS and all congressionl members NOW!

    • Chaz says:

      Stupid stupid stupid comment and so wrong its laughable. You are are the lowest rung, no under the lowest rung like the rest of the libtards.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      When has Mueller ever told the truth? Drink a whole pot of coffee and see if it wakes up a few more neurons in your brain!

  43. Isn’t it funny that all the Dems managed to hear the first portion if Mueller’s statement, but didn’t hear the very next line? ” We didn’t determine that the president did break any laws” , why do you suppose they didn’t? Here’s your first clue, because he didn’t. Holding a press conference or ranting on Twitter , isn’t a crime, if it we’re just about everyone on here would be going to prison. Especially you demwits who peddle false information it nit pick bits and pieces to holster your fearless bleeders narrative.

  44. Vasu Murti says:


    Robert Mueller: “If we had confidence that the president did not clearly commit a crime, we would have said so.”

    Dump Trump Fund
    PO Box 41112
    Austin, TX 78704

    • BA says:

      Please explain how you prove something didn’t happen. When Robert Mueller said this, everyone should be able to see that he was not impartial because you don’t say something like this. If I claimed you molest animals and you say no I don’t. I then say prove that you don’t molest animals. This is what Mueller is doing. So dishonest! It shocks me that most Americans are too ignorant to realize that it is impossible to prove something didn’t happen.

      • Ronsch says:

        Did you read Mueller’s Report? It lists crimes that Trump has committed. At his press conference he stated that he wasn’t allowed to make an indictment, that was the job of Congress. The report provides the evidence that Trump committed crimes.

        • L says:

          Evidence that President Trump committed crimes? Mueller himself said there was not evidence that President Trump committed any crimes….also there wasn’t evidence that Trump didn’t commit crimes. There is never evidence if someone doesn’t commit a crime. You cannot prove a negative! Also, in America, we are presumed INNOCENT unless PROVEN guilty. Are you aware that Mueller is not an independent investigator? Just before he got the job, he had asked President Trump to be attorney general and Trump said “NO”. That alone is enough to keep him from getting the job. On top of that, he had an issue with Trump in the past, where Trump told him “NO” . Seems to me that Mueller’s ‘objective’ investigation WASN’T so objective…..grudge maybe?

        • Wondering Woman says:

          BS! ” At his press conference he stated that he wasn’t allowed to make an indictment, that was the job of Congress.”
          Everyone seems to be forgetting there was also talk of “grand jury involvement” in Mueller’s & Rosenstein’s investigation report, which should tell any sane person that if traitor Mueller is telling the truth when he said “I was not allowed to make an indictment” the truth probably is that he presented his evidence to a grand jury, who took a look at the BS he was calling evidence and said there was no evidence of a crime as the grand jury would have been the only one who could have turned down his request for an indictment for lack of evidence . Now the QUEST(ON becomes when did they present their evidence to the grand jury and were told there was no evidence of a crime?

          All these deep state insider TRAITORS are getting more terrified of Hillary’s feared gallows, and now that Rosenstein & Mueller have lost their protective and blocking positions inside the DOJ and can no longer depend on knowing exactly what the OUTSIDERS are investigating and exactly what EVIDENCE they have against them at all times – they do know Barr now can look at anything he wants to and it scares all the traitors because they know their treason is exposed for all to see. The INSIDERS best shot at evading being held accountable by taking Trump down with their KING OF THE FRAME UP when a grand jury denied his request for an indictment, they now came up with this plot to keep; the treason going in the traitor controlled HOUSE, who now have the purse strings of treasury funds.
          Anyone else read the most recent Pelosi trick?
          A House member reported that Pelosi had closed the House for recess and after everyone was gone. she tried to pass a disaster bill for $19 billion all by herself, but he foiled her plan!
          We must demand an investigation into this plot? What was the disaster? Was it to help the new world order keep hiring more caravans of invading illegal aliens and oi hasten crashing our economy before A G Barr gets a look at what they have been fighting to keep hidden for 2 years?
          This chicanery by Pelosi sounds more like an attempt to embezzle $19 billion dollars than it does to legally pass a disaster bill. Hope POTUS puts several accountants audiitng every expenditure paid from treasury funds until the SWAMP is drained of all the traitors.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      We are going to dump the demcraps and put some in prison for a long time. This was a failed over throw of our goverment which is treason. Vasu wake up and get you facts straight TRUMP 2020
      Take bach the house 2020.

      • AFGus says:

        Amen Gunny! ????

      • ann bissonnette says:

        Thank you for your Service and thank you for stating the Truth! Trump 2020

      • WW says:

        Thank You Master Gunny, USMC, Retired for your service. I work with our military’s benefits (SGLI) here in NC at LEJEUNE & FORT BRAGG. Our military guys and gals are, and should be the most respected and loved group of citizens in the world. They, and their families give so much. I just wish they could be paid the salaries that the scum democrates in Washington are paid. And, the Democrat politicians be paid the military salary. All military that have voiced opinions to me, love our President

    • AFGus says:

      ????Another liberal Tool! ????

    • Delia says:

      What about the “insufficient evidence”, do you understand that?

    • Connie says:

      Innocent until proven guilty used to be the guide we followed in this country. It is harder to prove a negative; therefore, without proof of a crime the investigation is done. You don’t put disparaging information out there for all to see as a backup plan like Mueller has done. When are both parties going to get focused on actual work for the country. We should care more about our cou try than any political party.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      This address should be the dump communist democrat fund as I wouldn’t give them jack s***.

  45. Les says:

    The best Demonrats can do is accuse by innuendo and skipping facts because they do not exist. Mueller is a rat and I hope he and his family suffer many of the same horrible accusations and punishments that he heaped on others just because they were members of the opposition party.

    • jack says:

      Muler committed treason with the illegal sale of Uranium One where he himself carried enriched uranium to President Putin and received money for his part . While the Clinton Crime syndicate pocketed Millions and laundered millions the wounded up in the Clinton’s and Obama’s pockets !

      • Lynn says:

        The American People with Brains can see what the Democrats are doing. Mueller is craw fishing because of the pressure by Democrats like Pelosi and the other Democrat Turds, Harris, Schumer and the rest of the SWAMP. They are running Scared and creating more problems for us, the American People caught in the Cross fire. We need to IMPEACH the whole Democratic Party and lock them up for abusing their powers and embezzling pour tax-dollars, collecting pay checks for destroying this country. GET READY FOR TRUMP IN 2020

  46. Denny says:

    Impeach Bar? This is all about what Barr is going to ,find out regarding the Democrat leadership and what they did which was totally against the law and constitution. It should go into SEDITION and where the money comes from to buy these traitors off. Like George Soros and associates, (Deep State)

  47. Marge Wall says:

    The loony liberal democrats are scared…… plain and simple. More will “faint” and many will mess their knickers over what may happen next…….. Nobody says Treason but that’s really what was going on.

    • AFGus says:

      Absolutely Marge! Absolute Treason and Sedition. It’s clear cut, and eventually they are going to pay the piper!

      • Connie says:

        If only! Is anyone going to be held accountable for the FBI leaks? I have very little confidence that the swamp rats are willing to take down each other when the time comes. Both sides talk big but love their status quo. THAT is why Trump is President. He promised to drain the swamp, but I fear it is a much bigger swamp than he imagined. They will protect each other in the end and only go after the outsider, President Trump.

    • Deb says:

      HEAR! HEAR!

  48. DonRS says:

    Rep. Eric “Empty Suit” Shallowell’s views put him OFF the BOTTOM of the CHART, even FAR LEFT RADICAL LIBERALS jokes of his ILK running for President!

  49. Steven Pike says:

    The Democrats want tp hold Barr in contempt and impeach him. For what? For obeying the law. Some things in the Mueller report he cannot release without a court order. The Democrats, of course, know that, but they do not care.

  50. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Hey Billy Sidewinder you have the mentality of a snake.

  51. Joe says:

    I used to vote for who I believed to be the best person for the job. But I have to say e very day those dam democrats make it hard for me to belive anything they say.Good thing they only talk B.S. when they open there mouth!!! So I have to say I belive the dummycrats just took me from independent voter to a REPUBLICAN!! They sound like a little kid that’s mad because they hate PRESIDENT TRUMP so much they can’t get to. him Good thing cause PRESIDENT TRUMP is the 1st president since REAGAN to do nothing but good things for our country The lowest unemployment and also the lowest for blacks and hispanic lowered taxes he is just doing great things

  52. jomama says:

    only way to end this is for demon rats to quit talking about it and introduce articles of impeachment and try to impeach PRESIDENT TRUMP but they are all talk and no go.

  53. James Beith says:

    The lying dems are doing anything they can to keep Bill Barr from finding all the un-lawful things they did to stop a election and all have there dirty hands in it from barry, holder lynch comey brennin , clapper strok-boy and his s&m girl friend page all of barry’s DOJ & FBI THEY SHOULD ALL BE HUNG FOR TREASON
    And don’t forget nadler,schiff, maxine,polosie and shomer!

  54. FLOYD SLOAN says:

    I’m sure Barr is quaking in his boots!

  55. NOBODY says:

    the only lies are those that are coming out of this morons mouth!
    \he is NOT a republican he is a rhino that is in the wrong party

    • William J Vital says:

      You need to check your facts first…You have it backwards. The Democraps are/will continue to do ANYTHING to hinder the administration from getting America being/staying the number 1 country. They make up MANY stupid stories that many IDIOTS believe.

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        William, all of this are not stories they are bald face lies by commy demogogs trators t hat failed to over throw the elected goverment like some third world countries l have been ln. TRUMP 2020 TAKE THE HOUSE BACK. SEMPER FI

  56. President Trump will again!!

  57. Vasu Murti says:

    Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell points out: “Mueller said his investigation found evidence that Donald Trump obstructed justice but a Justice Department policy kept him from filing charges. That policy, he noted, ‘says that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.’

    “It’s important to build this case by gathering all the information – including getting the unredacted Mueller report, getting Mueller on record with Congress, and hearing from other witnesses – before trying the case.

    “It’s time to hold this lawless president accountable. Nobody is above the law.”

    • Ralph says:

      Mueller has made a career being a dirty cop. Do your research. He’s a dirtbag.

    • PUINSHER says:


    • dora says:

      Why don’t you explain the corruption that the mule face Mueller has been involved with the likes of carrying suit casses full of the pure yellow powder for Hellary to Russia. Is he above the ;aw Vasi <irto/

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Nobody is above the law except democrats according to your way of thinking you brainless idiot.

  58. Johnny says:

    Demonrats are the scourge of the earth! Why anybody in their right mind would vote for them is beyond me. All they do is tax and spend and take away our rights. Enough is enough!

  59. Jasper says:

    The threat of impeachment of Barr just shows how desperately they will cover for obumma and his henchmen.

  60. Fedup says:

    Winder does that stand for dumbass Windbag ?? To me it does !!!

  61. joe Jacobs says:

    i keep hearing obstruction but there is no dem that can tell me EXACTLY and i mean EXACTLY what obstruction was committed and how… come on tell me

    • Dan says:

      The OBSTRUCTION is up the dumbocraps ass

    • Ronsch says:

      He fired Comey and he stated in a television interview that he did it because Comey failed to stop the Mueller investigation. That’s obstruction of justice. He threatened the father of someone who was about to be a witness in Congress. That’s obstruction of justice. You need to read the Mueller Report. There are 11 counts of obstruction of justice listed there.

      • AFGus says:

        You’re a freaking moron! Nuff said!

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        To me your dumb comments here are a obstruction of justice.

      • Will says:

        The Liberals , they take first place hands down as the stupidest humans , in the history of planet Earth , truly amazing to witness humans with no Common sense , but I’m afraid we haven’t seen the worst out of them just yet , GET A ROPE

  62. Remember the roots of the Demo rats come from the Kkk. They purposely change and omit history to keep our children ignorant and claim to be the party that represents everyone
    Well we’ve seen who they represent and it’s sickening, and bringing the wrath of God Almighty upon us

    • jomama says:

      they also brought you jim crow laws and segregation (president wilson). They also don’t teach you that right after the civil war 28 blacks were elected to congress as REPUBLICANS

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      Also check out the founder of Planned Parenthood & what her goal was !!!

  63. Lynnie says:

    You keep sounding dumber and dumber, the more you type, William Winder. You’re not bright enough to vote.

    • Buckwheat says:

      Yes, stupidity should be a disqualification for the right to vote and WW is definitely stupid, Lynnie.

  64. Tim Shepperson says:

    I find it amazing that Comey in July of 2016, gets on TV and states all the crimes HRC committed but then exonerates because they determined she didn’t intend to. You try breaking the law like she did and see if you get exonerated. Good luck.

    • William Winder says:

      You’re boy Trump does this sorta stuff on a daily basis. And now Mueller has come out and said specifically that he could not exonerate the the Donald on charges of ‘Obstruction’ and that if he could have, he’d have done so. This also shows that Barr’s statement on the Mueller report was a lie and that he lied before Congress when he said that he was not aware of any objection Mueller had as to the way he (Barr) had represented the findings of the report…your boy’s gonna go down.

      • Blue says:

        So your admitting hillary broke the law when you said Trump does this “sorta stuff” all the time, which he doesn’t! Sooner or later you’ll also realize President Trump ain’t going down!

      • TOM says:

        Typical DUMB ASS Demmcrat. END of STORY

      • Bonnie says:

        So what about Mueller spending 2 years doing the investigation when he knew he couldn’t charge him as a sitting President! Seems like a lie to me. He sat with Barr when he drafted the 4 page memo and agreed with it. Why did he choose all Democrats to investigate when they were suppose to be non-political and especially 2 that was deep into the dosier stuff and should not have been leaked? When you are scared for your life and others doing the investigation and know it is easy to play into the press then you can play it as hard as you can so you and friends hopefully won’t be caught! Why can’t we have moral people on both sides?

      • Ralph says:

        Guess again you moron.

      • Julia Gurule says:

        Winder, how about a mental status exam?

      • Cheryl Hargiss says:

        Uh! William ! Go toot that nonsense down your toilet.

      • Roger says:

        Keep at it, you windbag. Your MINUS 101 IQ is really showing, eh ?

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        William, all of this are not stories they are bald face lies by commy demogogs trators t hat failed to over throw the elected goverment like some third world countries l have been ln. TRUMP 2020 TAKE THE HOUSE BACK. SEMPER FI

      • AFGus says:

        Moron! ????

      • Carlos Sanchez says:

        You’re a total f***ing moron! It was never Mueller’s job or legal authority to fish for crimes that never existed, which was all he did in vain. Mueller’s known he didn’t have jack $h1t for 2 years and milked it through the 2018 midterms so low info, clueless, spoon fed dip$hits like you would get mad vote Dem. He has zero credibility and will soon find himself subpoenaed before the Sen. Oversight Committee to face many questions he dreads.

    • Ronsch says:

      What is more interesting is that Comey failed to tell the people that there was an ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign. That fact that he said there was one on Clinton a few days before the election crushed her campaign even if he said he wasn’t going to make an indictment. This and refusing to say there was an ongoing investigation against the Trump campaign won the election for Trump.

  65. Jo Deplor says:


  66. Expat Tom says:

    I find this all very entertaining. Consider this. Suppose you were an alien visitor from another world sent to earth to try to make some sense out of our crazy bewildering culture.
    You find yourself in the most powerful country on the planet and learn that there are two political parties who control everything. One party has a noble animal as its totem, the elephant. The elephant ilves in family groups, is exceptionally intelligent. The other party had a common “Jackass” as it totem. It is a lowly animal that is stubborn and difficult to work with. It is known for nonsensical pointless ‘braying’, You process this information are return to your world and file your report. “Let’s stay away from this place since it is too unstable and irrational to be bothered with”.

    • William Winder says:

      That ‘Jackass’ is stubbornly fighting against an individual with autocratic tendencies and a group of people whom this person has put under the ether to maintain the rights, privileges and responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution. And Jack, there are no ‘lowly’ animals other than those capable of rational thought who refuse to use that facility.

      • Lynnie says:

        You keep sounding dumber and dumber, the more you type, William Winder. You’re not bright enough to vote.

      • Mark N. says:

        You mean Hillary? Who illegally hired and paid for a dossier of lies to undermine an elected president? And this bull about Barr–Mueller’s job was not to EXONERATE Trump, it was to determine if there was sufficient evidence (i.e., probable cause) that Trump committed the crime of obstruction of justice. Although Mueller found SOME evidence, it was not enough to meet this legal standard, and that, friends, is all she wrote.

      • Deb says:

        Oh my _uck…..do you even listen to yourself? You need help! Serious help!

  67. Blue says:

    democrats and most media are the Lowest forms of life.

  68. Barbara says:

    The dems wont stop until WE THE PEOPLE STOP THEM. LETA VOTE THEM OUT. starting with Cuomo we dont want you we want justice not only for our state which you have turned into a 3 ring circus but for our country. There will be a civil war if we the people do not come together and start voting them OUT COMPETELY. WNOUHH IS ENOUGH…. VOTE THEM OUT!! WE DESEVER BETTER NOT ONLY FOR US BUT FOR OUR COUNTRY. TIME FOR THEM ALL TO GO!!

  69. Dee says:

    That’s it ! From the beginning till the ended Proves & shows DEMs is an mixed bunches radicals coverup enemy’s , that’s function a nonsense propaganda framework to takes down the US , try to sabotage ours legals bidding Government & systems , wishes to turns into a Communism or Terrorism country’s ! no more talk or argument just wasting times , Patriotic preparing 2nd Civil war & fights all the diseases , we have to do it !

  70. Lookout says:

    Eric has a death wish and it may come to him sooner than later.

    • William Winder says:

      Lookout, you loose the right to free speech when it crosses the line from discourse to the purview of incitement, harassment and threat…just something to keep in mind here. What you’re saying here sounds a little like a threat.

  71. Jack says:

    Is there anything the democrats won’t do or say to be elected in 20/0. Watch them tear into each other during the debates. They have to keep the best President on the fire because of all he accomplished in the two and a half years of his office. Can you imagine if they had helped him what he could have done for this Country

  72. Karin says:

    The Dems and RINOs are just creating a stronger reason for all conservatives to vote them out of office and redo our 2018 situation back to conservative values and persons. They have done nothing FOR the American People while in office for over 20 years except brainwash our children.

  73. Annie Maull says:

    Everything the Left does now makes them look bad, why don’t they just stop and be still.

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