WHOOPS: Anti-ICE protesters just went too far with this demonstration

The new rallying cry of the radical left is “Abolish ICE,” the department largely responsible for securing our borders.

They’ve taken to the streets with signs and chants and even tried to blockade ICE office buildings.

But their latest protest went too far and showed how insane they truly are.

ICE agents in Oakland, California were raiding a house that had been involved in a child sex trafficking ring.

That’s when dozens of anti-ICE protesters showed up holding signs saying, “No One Is Illegal,” “We Love Our Neighbors,” and “OPD is a disgrace” referring to the Oakland Police Department.

The video from a local CBS affiliate is a must-watch:

Oakland has a history of anti-ICE protests.

As we previously reported, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf got into hot water after tipping off illegal immigrants in her city of an impending ICE raid.

That led to at least 800 illegal immigrants escaping the authorities.

It’s telling that leftists’ first thought is to protest, not consider the fact that their could be a very rational, legal, and moral reason for ICE to execute a search warrant on their neighbor.

In this case it was to break up a child sex trafficking ring.

These radicals are totally consumed with hatred for President Trump.

Do you think these protesters are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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114 Responses

  1. carol says:

    Waters”’ Pelosi”’Schumer need to retire or get voted out”’we need people who love AMERICA and want to work to make us great””’ please vote in November AMERICA needs to win”””let the left know we support our PRESIDENT”’

  2. Dave D says:

    Do they carry their signs around with them everywhere? Lol. These idiots amaze me. “I love my neighbors” its a good thing she was too old for them to “love”. What a freaking loser!

  3. Vicki says:

    Probably George Sorros.

  4. Sam Caizza says:

    Who is paying these morons? They certainly don’t work and are total uninformed or just stupid.

  5. We need ICE to help defend us from criminal illegals, like MS13. If Maxine Waters, Pelosi, or Schumer start up anymore of the crap that maxine just did, they will all need to be kicked out of Congress.

  6. ronald fischer says:

    These are the Grand kids of the ones that ran to Canada to afford the draft in the 1960s and it was 85% of the Democrats and the Liberals that ran like little cockroaches,and now there Grandfathers are in our Government that are out to destroy our country within and they are the real enemies called the SS Democrat Nazi Party along with the rest of there Gestapo brown coats.This is the same way that Hitler had done to his people in Germany in the 1930s and is happening right here by the SS Democrats that are our real enemies within our own Government and using the liberals to march against any Republican they see.These people must be taking out of office A.S.A.P. this is nothing but a (COUP) that they were talking about two years ago and this is called TYRANNY against the United States Of American that i fought for in Vietnam in the Infantry and was wounded along with thousands of other young soldiers,now the war is here and i would fight all over again if and form of Government ever treys to comment TYRANNY against my country and it started with that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant for the 8 freaking years of commenting Treason against our country.

  7. Let’s abolish the Democrat Party by “defeating every Democrat Party Candidate up for Congress in the 2018 election and show how much we support ICE and what it is doing”!!! If they can protest, why can’t we protest with our votes on the 2018 election day and send them down to a major defeat!! GO RED WAVE GO!!!!!!

  8. Cheryl Southerland says:

    You reckon any of those “idiots” apologized or at least blushed at their Knee jerk reaction? Nah! Highly doubtful.

  9. Robert Ewing says:

    Without ICE, my friends and I would seal the border the 30 caliber way. The evil Left will want the return of ICE immediately.

  10. Franco says:


    I hope MS-13 throws a party in their back yard!!!!

  11. The Man Called X says:

    Can’t do that, because there has to be a brain first

  12. Jeremiah Kirkendall says:

    Remember the elitists have always hated real democracy they still do they want to see themselves in power and you in Chains. This is true in England or Britain depending on what name you want to call it where the elitist have suppressed the population for so long that even the brexit vote was a real surprise to them and they are still fighting it. In this country Donald Trump is a real truck surprise for them and they’re still fighting that to .

  13. Patsy Autry says:

    I have read, more than once, that the paid legal or illegal protesters DO NOT EVEN KNOW what they are being paid for protesting…and causing problems unbelievable… just getting their hands out for the money…from G. Soros, or the big three, G. Soros, B. Obama and H. Clinton…all three should be in Federal prison

  14. Patsy Autry says:

    Jerry, WE cannot abolish ICE. They do more than work with illegals and legals. They arrest and jail criminals, illegals, and generally hold the laws in place along with the horrible illegal situation…IN CASE MOST don”t know, they MUST obey the IDIOT laws that B. Obama put in place and our INCOMPETENT LEGISLATURES WILL not vote in a reasonable illegal program. ALSO, the photos of children locked in cages was from 2014 when B. Obama was president…AND The Legislators (that we voted in)
    are fighting our president, THEIR BOSS, and he can’t remake the world alone…I blame them. In all these years, they could not come together to vote down the disastrous ObamaCare Ins. and CANNOT come together to forget about amesty (that is the Democrats idea), and will not or do not help President Trump…

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