What the New York Times said about Chick-fil-A confirmed every conservative’s worst fear

Photo by Murtada Mustafa from Pexels

The New York Times sets the tone and pace for media coverage in America.

But conservatives have long harbored suspicions about the Times.

And what the New York Times said about Chick-fil-A confirmed every conservative’s worst fear.

Times staffers berate conservative over his love of Chick-fil-A

Former New York Times staffer Adam Rubenstein wrote a bombshell piece in The Atlantic about being scapegoated over the meltdown by woke New York Times staffers over the paper publishing an op-ed in the summer of 2020 by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

Cotton argued that then-President Donald Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military to put a stop to the Black Lives Matter riots raging across the country.

Polls showed 58 percent of the public favored such a move but snowflake Times staffers whined that they felt their lives were in danger from the piece

Times management caved and retracted the op-ed and forced out editorial page editors James Bennet and Rubenstein.

Rubenstein wrote that he should have known he was in trouble from the start.

During an ice-breaking session for new hires, Rubenstein said his favorite sandwich was “the spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.”

The human resources (HR) representative – the tyrants who impose woke ideology on corporate America – told Rubenstein he wasn’t to mention Chick-fil-A at work since the store supposedly hates gay people and that Times staffers engaged in a bizarre ritual where they snapped their fingers to express agreement.

“The HR representative leading the orientation chided me: ‘We don’t do that here. They hate gay people.’ People started snapping their fingers in acclamation,” Rubenstein added.

Chick-fil-A is a Christian-owned franchise that won’t open on Sundays and its founder once said he opposed homosexual marriage.

For that, Chick-fil-A earned guilty status for committing a thought crime.

Leftists freak out

If there is one thing Leftists can’t stand, it’s being the butt of a joke.

And Rubenstein’s piece exposed the fact that a bunch of mentally deranged children work at the New York Times.

This led to an instant backlash on social media with Times staffers claiming The Atlantic didn’t fact-check Rubenstein’s piece and that the finger-snapping incident never happened.

New York Times investigative journalist and 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones led the charge.

But once again, the joke was on the Left.

The Atlantic did their due diligence and confirmed that the finger-snapping incident took place with other Times employees who were there at the time.

And the lesson of the story is that no matter how biased, absurd, or woke you think the media is, the truth is actually way worse.