WATCH the three moments that made Mark Zuckerberg squirm on Capitol Hill

Facebook is in deep trouble.

Mark Zuckerberg was on grilled on Capitol Hill this week about Facebook silencing conservatives and its role in swaying elections.

Here are the three moments that made Zuckerberg squirm the most.

1.) Ted Cruz shreds Zuckerberg for anti-conservative bias

Sen. Cruz: “There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship.”

Watch Zuckerberg’s response below:

2.) Steve Scalise grills Zuckerberg on how Facebook shares users’ private data and how it boosts left-wing pages

Rep. Scalise: “I do want to ask you about a study that was done dealing with the algorithm that Facebook uses to describe what is fed to people through the newsfeed.

“What they found was after this new algorithm was implemented, there was a tremendous bias against conservative news and content and a favorable bias towards liberal content – a 16 point disparity, which is concerning.”

Watch Zuckerberg’s response below:

3.) Marsha Blackburn exposes Facebook’s censorship of conservative commentators like Diamond and Silk

Rep. Blackburn: “Do you subjectively manipulate your algorithm to prioritize or censor speech?”

Watch Zuckerberg’s response below:

Conservative Rep. Marsha Blackburn had an advertisement for her upcoming U.S. Senate campaign banned from Twitter, so she is very familiar with the bias of tech companies.

Her ad was deemed “inflammatory” because she called out Planned Parenthood for selling aborted baby body parts.


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22 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    NOW that we know and have proof of censoring Conservatives SO WHAT no one will do anything about it and we have no other way to voice and they know it AGAIN I SAY SO WHAT ???

  2. zee says:

    A Monster w/ AI Has Been Unleashed. NO Turning back now. &&& This IS
    Where we’re at in ‘human life’. 0h G_D. WHEW.

  3. Bot Bowles says:

    Congress should demand that among the 12,000 people reviewing the propriety of facebook posts and algorithms, there should be a group of a half dozen or so Republicans who have the ability to veto the other 11,994 attempts to promote “progressives” speech.

  4. j. hooper says:

    I feel whatever people decide to give out to the public by any internet avenue
    is entirely up to them and they should be responsible for their information given.

  5. Mr. Zuckerberg not is guilty of a existe primera First amendment and his rights emanating from him, he created a means of communication attached to state law And federal, what emanates from it and its controversies that the state decides that there are nothing else that the state is the one that must offer security. So it charges taxes and punish people to speak freely about social networks and not blame it on Zuckerberg.

  6. Chastran says:

    That’s not squirming. That’s slithering, which is what snakes do…

  7. Too bad more of you did not hear the WHOLE hearing. Most of his answers could not be a simple yes or no. Many senators pontificated through most of their “questions” leaving him little or, sometimes no, time to reply. When he did have time to reply, his answers were polite and thorough and understandable. I believe Z is being maligned for users own lack of oversight and carelessness.

    • zee says:

      correct on some points, JR. z was ‘blind sided’ 0n Reality. N0 Excuse. He ‘knew’ re ‘schnitt’ When ( & Before) obama et al Took Advantage. As for the ‘innocent’ fam folks . WTFU fam folks.
      > the Political, & Destructive ‘energies ‘ Have Taken 0ver,
      > the ‘coolio’ Fun stuff for fam HAS Been UNDERMINED, Forever.

  8. Dusty says:

    After years of use Facebook just shut me down.

    • Paul Powell says:

      I was locked out of FB for years after posting a video of the US COAST GUARD blowing a drug runner out of the water, all those on the drug runners boat were killed! I posted the video and the next day I was locked out.

  9. Mike H says:

    This guy has aspirations of being in the political mix. He is as far left as you can get. With his background I’m not sure anybody on the right would be safe with this guy in some kind of office. He could spew any kind a hate he wanted and get away with it. The left leaning kids of nowadays would suck this up .He will be definitely another problem down the road.

  10. Digby Macdonald says:

    Having read of the trials and tribulations of Diamond and Silk in defending their FB account against censorship and then to hear Z claim that shutting it down was a “mistake” (a inadvertent occurrence), I conclude that Z committed perjury and needs to be held to account. We will see if any of our politicians have the guts to do that!

  11. Z-man needs to do a ton of housecleaning. The internals of FB are rotten to the core. These hearings bear this out time and again. Unless he is lying through his teeth, and if he is actually in charge of his own company—-then he needs to “do something”. Some employees are biased, have a pro-homo tendency, are liberally biased, are anti-christian & anti-conservative—-there’s much that is broken & much that needs to be fixed. First amendment rights allow all to voice their opinion and obviously, racial prejudice, nudity, and the like s/b filtered (that applies to pro-muslim sharia violence—-which seems to get a wink wink pass), it does not apply to conservative views, christian views and patriotic opinions.

    • Bot Bowles says:

      You nailedit.

    • zee says:

      ‘zuckie’ Can Check & SHOULD Check ALL of his employees, & Their Activities etc ie algo’s IF he Really Wants TO – After all – We Are Looking at High Tech Brilliance, rite???
      > However, ppl that use this service ‘signed’ E’thing personal Away & apparently glossed 0ver the ‘fine print’ &&& AI – for THE ‘isn’t this coolio’ Stuff. oops. uh–oh. ps. i NEVER signed for Any< of this 'stuff' Knowing the 'Real Deal' – & Really wanted to. Whatever rite? = Now 'we' just Have to 'deal with/it. ' SUX,

  12. He is a left wing LYING nutcase….!!!! I have NEVER heard Diamond & Silk saying ANYTHING in terms of TERRORISM, HATE speech or what have you, they ARE Conservatives who were VOICING their disgust about Trump-HATERS, they are AGAINST Globalism, OPEN borders, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that ISN’T right in THIS country, they were SHUT DOWN by FB for NO reason, just TWO black women who UNDERSTAND the PROBLEMS with these so called “democrats” who are operating AGAINST the LAWS of the land and the CONSTITUTION…..NO Obama fans, and they have every RIGHT to be ANTI-so called “democrats”, ANTI-Obama, Hillary, Soros and the rest of this bunch of law-BREAKERS……!!!! They should SUE FB…..!!!! Just because they have black skin color DOESN’T mean that they have to be on the side of a half-black so called former president who has created nothing but CHAOS, MAYHEM = the DESTRUCTION of Western Societies…….!!!!!

  13. Kevin J. Leclerc says:

    “A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature.” — Thomas Jefferson

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