Unhinged MSNBC Morning Joe host just told Ivanka Trump “Go Home”

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have lost their minds.

They take to the airwaves on a daily basis with the sole purpose to criticize President Trump.

But Mika took her latest attack too far with what she said about First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

President Trump recently called out Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) for her opportunist attacks against Trump, which have led some to speculate she’s preparing for a 2020 presidential campaign.

Trump tweeted that not too long ago Gillibrand would come to his office begging for campaign contributions, and that she “would do anything for them.”

This is a common attack against money-grubbing Washington, D.C. Swamp politicians.

But the fake news media immediately piled on Trump calling it a “sexist” remark.

Fox News reports:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski is still fired up about President Trump’s tweet mocking Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and took her frustrations out on first lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump.

“[Trump] should have apologized for being a sexist pig,” Brzezinski said. “And the women around him, his wife, who has a platform against cyber bullying, that’s a joke. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Brzezinski then shifted her attention to Ivanka Trump, “Who came to Washington… to develop a platform for women,” but has stood by her father.

“Go home. You’re doing nothing if you stand by this president,” Brzezinski said of the first daughter.

Brzezinski began her attack on the women around Trump on Tuesday, when she responded to Trump’s attack on Gillibrand by telling female staffers they’re “worth nothing” unless Trump deletes his tweet.

Mika is quick to jump on her moral high horse to criticize anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

She cannot believe that fellow women would have differing opinions than her.

And she’ll use her TV platform to denigrate strong conservative women – and even moderates like Ivanka Trump who don’t fall into her radical left-wing worldview.

You can watch Mika’s anti-Trump tirade in the video below:

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19 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    From any of Mikas comments about President Trump & family are all about how enviously she is!!!!Chew on that for a while Mikla!!!

  2. William Richards says:

    Mika…pot, meet kettle? Can we just say hypocrite?

  3. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    But Melania IS home; America is as much her home now as it is mine or yours, since she naturalized making her every bit as much an American as all of us who are.

  4. Stan L says:

    Concerning the Scarborough suggestion to First Lady Trump to “go home,” it would be far better if Scarborough would “go home” and take his “Seeing-Eye” lady with him.

  5. Reverend Robert Basile says:

    MSNBC is hugely RACIST. Why didn’t you trash Michelle and the girls. plenty of fodder there, as well as with Holder, Lynch, Rice, and Barry. YOU LEFT THEM ALONE AND PROVIDE NO NEWS COVERAGE BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK. MSNBC IS HORRIBLE.

  6. karen zawack says:

    Amazing how those with no morals look down at those who have them, like President Trump.

    Two losers, who cheat. Even a mystery death connected. But they have the Moral high ground? So laughable.

    Fake Media need fake morals to get their message across. How well these two did for so long, but “times, they be a changin”.”. Fake news, fake people. Nope don’t want no fake people around here. Nor do I listen to fake people.

  7. Tam Fantom says:

    President Trump is not a racist pig. He is doing a fine job on his own, despite the swamp on the left & right. But I must say, for the very 1st time, the swamp MSNBC found a little truth. Javanka needs to be sent to the mail room or go home. Javanka= Jared & Ivanka are doing this counrty no good. I am sorry to have to say that to you Mr. President Trump. Enough of the feminism!!!! I am sick of it & I am a woman!!! I do not wish to hear the feminist yelp coming out of Ivanka’s mouth. Feminism destroyed America & families. “Old School” made this counrty great. Please make “Old School” great again. Finally, maybe women in America will learn how to cook & sew again. I learned from the best….my Grandmother & Greatgrandmother. My screwy, libtard, professional teacher mom taught me nothing, absolutely nothing except abandoment. Dont have children if you want to be a useless professional please!!! If all you love is money & power……take the darn birthcontrol. Give your children to your parents legally you useless women!!! You professional types are very bad moms and that is the truth!!! Wait until your children are grown to be a professional dimwit. Being a mother and homemaker is the greatest profession, as a woman, on Earth. God see’s it as blessed & fruitful. If you become a stay at home mom, you will always know what’s going on with your children. Give your children plenty of love & attention. Make them mind & teach them to follow the rules so we will have good lawabiding citizens in America. By the way, women, you learn more at home than you do at any school.

  8. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    The fact is this 1 time; Mika is correct; Ivanka does need to go home and take Jared with her! Both are flaming Leftists and NOT in support of the “MAGA” agenda at all! Indeed, they have been directly responsible for several changes in “conservative” course that Trump has made, especially where 1st Amendment rights are concerned. WH staff had to insist she make appointments to see her father in the Oval Office because she was being disruptive, whenever she didn’t like a direction the conversation was going. She is his daughter, but she is also being a “destructive” force for the efforts to bring AMERICA back!

  9. Jim Erickson says:

    Mika, mikea who cares it is hard to look at and the noise coming out her mouth is unbearable just like its sidekick. It is a it? I don’t watch that channel; but when I read this now I know why.

  10. Joseph schlag says:

    This woman has a right to her opinion! We just don’t have to listen to it! I don’t watch her show because they have no class. A classy show would put both points of view on, like they use to do. These liberals in the media do not even try to hide their bias anymore. It’s funny how a no class woman like Michael Obama was in the white house for 8 years, with her vile hate for America. The media love this low class American hating _itch. Trumps family has brought a lot of class back to the white house and have shown to be behind the American people. The liberal media can not stand them, Funny how a foreign woman can bring more class and elegance than a disgruntle American hater. Wow do you really want to go there.

  11. Jesse says:

    Mika is a MORON and should do the Nation a GREAT SERVICE by SHUTTING UP. Her equally WORTHLESS IDIOT co-host should do the same. Mika is like the rest of the BRAINLESS BAFFONS in the Democratic Party that say that the perverts who groped women namely Franken and Conyers should get to stay because they support MURDER of the UNBORN. But they say that someone who is accused by people proven to be LIARS and Worse must step down if they are Conservatives. So this BIMBETT SHOULD do the WORLD a FAVOR and shut her PIE HOLE. Her carbon footprint grows by acres when she opens it.

  12. Jimmy Tucker says:

    These 2 morons deserve each other. He was worthless in Congress and still is. Don,t know much about this homo, but guess it is not good.

  13. zee says:

    Support Potus 1000% . > But Yes, Javanka, Go Home / take care of Fam. PERI0D .
    P0TUS Must ‘realize’ this ASAP … Lib Dina Powell gone ( friend of Ivank)…
    Leave Gracefully < anyway possible …

  14. Charles & Cecil says:

    Both Brez———and Scarborough are very jealous of Ivanka and all the Trump family. Rather than say Ivanka should “go home” these two “morning losers” should give up their boring program and leave. We never watch MSNBC.

  15. DENNIS says:

    SLUT PUPPY…..perfect fit……….
    and she actually eats and kisses with that ‘filthy’ mouth……..
    one can only guess about the filth between her le…..

  16. DENNIS says:

    both joe and his whore are DISGUSTING PILES OF OBAMMMMA SHIDT…….
    both are CHEATERS and LIARS…….they’ll soon be cheating on each other…….neither of them can really trust the other…….

  17. DONALD KING says:

    Typical left-wing crackpots.

  18. JW says:

    What can a person expect from a IDIOT.

  19. Cyn says:

    Cheating Joe and his slut puppy Mika need to clean their own houses before judging others! Doesn’t say much for Mika that would knowingly take another woman’s husband. Not much of a sisterhood there if you ask me. And Joe, why would you even want a woman that would cheat on her husband with another man? Birds of feather maybe???? Two cheaters that know NOTHING of loyalty!

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