This U.S. Olympic athlete just disrespected Trump for all the world to see

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21 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    I care less what these snowflakes feel. I believe it is an honor to be invited but they deserve no honor.

  2. Karen says:

    No athlete that feels this way should be allowed in the olympics AT ALL, and any who do I want to lose!! I want another American to win for sure, but not if they feel the same way. I will root for Zimbabwe or whatever it is if I have to, whoever, just so those POS AHs don’t win. Yeah a broken leg? Whoops, too bad.

  3. HCUA says:

    I would say to Lindsey Vonn, as is said in show business: Break a leg.

  4. Jack says:

    I do NOT want Lindsey Vonn to represent me at the Olympics as Mr. Trump is the elected American President of the USA who represents me. She and the other Olympic athlete’s are supposed to be representing the USA “AMERICA” in the Olympic games, and if Trump is not her president then she is not supporting we Americans. SHE SHOULD stay home and take a knee.

  5. Sandra says:

    I hate the term “libtard”. Retarded persons cannot help that they are that way. Change the “a” to “u”. Much truer and more than fitting.

  6. Rita Souza says:

    I will not buy from any sponsor that supports Vonn or the NFL.

  7. MARIE says:

    Just kick her off team. If she doesn’t want to represent Trump and America just get rid of her!

  8. Steven Coy says:


    • Karen says:

      I hope she does too, I hope she does something humiliating and debilitating to her AH anti American sorry ass and can never be a part of the olympics again. Our country is too good to be represented by that bitch.
      And thank you!

  9. Jesse says:

    These players or athletes can do as they please and if they don’t want to be at the White House that is their right. I know that when Obammy was infesting the White House there was not enough money in the world to go there.

  10. Roy de la Rosa says:

    What the hell does sports have to do with politics,nothing!!!Nowadays everybody wants to take a jab at a president trying to keep his promises.Hopefully one day they’ll get it,GO PRESIDENT TRUMP,stop inviting all these over publicized athletes to the WHITE HOUSE,they’ll never respect it anyways.I’m done with all sports.

    • Karen says:

      No don’t cut college sports! Never NEVER should athletes be allowed to put politics into games there and if they do they should INSTANTLY be cut from the team. The worthless maggots that get away with doing it in the pros should be benched FOR GOOD- but no goodall is getting to give too many head jobs.

  11. Lloyd says:

    Will watch olympics no more. Already quit the rest including nfl, mlb,college sports or any sport where atheletes are paid. Bring back the draft and see how different our young people behave and appreciate their country. A little more american history won’t hurt.

  12. Mike L says:

    Cut her loose. Any sponsor that picks her up would be making a bad move. I do not want her representing the USA no matter how good she is. I want someone that understands the USA is bigger than her little snowflake ideas.

  13. David Rath says:

    Stupid little pampered beaaach
    Has my voodoo doll poking pins in her; I hope she doesn’t medal so she won’t get the invite anyway. Effie libtard Hollywood puke!!!!

  14. Tibor Lody says:

    None of these pampered so called American atlert deserve the taxpayer suport, she should kicked of the team

  15. Travis says:

    They hate Trump, but they ‘want to win for America?’ I think not. I think their sole goal is to get more personal attention. Easiest path to draw attention to self……tell the media you hate Trump.

  16. John Dorne says:

    Just one more sporting event I will not be watching.

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