Tucker Carlson stunned viewers into silence by revealing this huge crime Joe Biden committed

Joe Biden’s lawlessness grows worse by the day.

But there is one offense against the country that stands out above the rest.

And Tucker Carlson stunned viewers into silence by revealing this huge crime Joe Biden committed.

The crisis at the southern border is a national emergency.

One of Joe Biden’s first acts was opening up the border to a mass invasion by millions of illegal aliens.

Tucker Carlson introduced correspondent Bill Melugin.

Melugin is the only reporter in the mainstream media actually covering the border and telling his audience that voters were set to reject the Democrat Party on Tuesday in large part due to anger over the illegal immigration crisis.

“One of the reasons it looks like the people that currently run the government are about to be repudiated in a historic way next Tuesday is that they have completely opened the southern border,” Carlson began. “The situation at the border’s not getting better. You’d think it would since there’s an election coming up. It’s getting worse.”

Melugin – reporting from the Del Rio sector of the border in Texas – dove into frightening detail about how Biden created magnets for illegal aliens to enter the country due to the knowledge that the administration would just turn them loose if they got caught.

“You see them just walking in this single file line, willing to give themselves up and surrender to Border Patrol,” he continued. “They’re doing that because they know once they step foot in the United States, under the Biden administration’s policies, they’re likely just going to be released into the United States rather than removed from the country.”

Melugin reported that the Border Patrol intercepted 46,000 illegal aliens at the Del Rio sector of the border in just one month.

That number did not include as many as 10,000 getaways, which are illegal aliens who evade capture and sneak into the country undetected.

“A CBP source tells us just since October 1, just in this Del Rio Sector, there have already been more than 46,000 illegal crossings,” Melugin continued. “And that does not count the thousands of known get-aways.”

Since Joe Biden took office, more than five-million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border.

Carlson closed the segment by telling Melugin and his viewers that Joe Biden opening up the border to this catastrophe was the single greatest crime ever committed against the country.

“It’s the greatest crime ever committed against the United States – by far,” Carlson declared. “Nothing ever has come close to what we’re seeing now. And no one has reported on it more assiduously than you have.”

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