Tucker Carlson signed the Deep State’s death warrant by telling Trump to do one thing

Tucker Carlson uses his massive platform at Fox News to push his America first agenda.

There are even indications that President Trump regularly watches and listens to his advice.

And Carlson just signed the deep state’s death warrant by telling Trump to do one thing.

Now that Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is over, there’s no telling what will happen next.

It is clear that Donald Trump did nothing wrong, and that collusion is a myth.

That means the possibility of Democrats facing retribution for Mueller’s witch hunt is likely.

And that’s what Tucker Carlson spent the start of his recent show discussing.

He mentions how the hoax witch hunt was one of the most harmful and unnecessary things to happen to a sitting President.

And he also talks about the consequences there should be for politicians who perpetrated the hoax.

Transcript from Tucker Carlson Tonight:

The Russia hoax ended on Wednesday — we can say that. It ended not with a bang, but with the muddled half-memories of a fading old man slipping in and out of focus.

America sat transfixed by Robert Mueller’s halting testimony before Congress. No honest person could have come away at the end believing that the president of the United States colluded with the Russian government to steal an election. That was the allegation, you’ll remember.

And then, after the most extensive investigation in modern American history, we found the truth. And so, we can say conclusively, once again, what we told you the day this all started, the whole thing is a crock. It never happened. They were lying to you. That’s clear now. The debate is over.

But that doesn’t mean the Russia story has quite ended. There are loose ends. For two and a half years, some of the most powerful people in America — supposedly serious, well-educated people, very smart people — these people made wild and untrue and totally reckless allegations about issues critical to the life of this country, all on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. It’s hard to believe they did that. But they did do it.

What should happen to these people now? Congressman Adam Schiff, for example. Schiff claimed he possessed actual evidence of Russian collusion. And he didn’t just say that one time, he said it repeatedly.

There are dozens of politicians who pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax without any evidence.

And their falsehoods ended up causing major problems for Trump, making it virtually impossible for him to get anything done.

If Trump listens to Carlson, the Deep State will be in big trouble.

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