Tucker Carlson called out Sean Hannity for one inexplicable thing that happened on his show

There may be an issue brewing between Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

It came to a head in one uncomfortable moment.

That’s because Tucker Carlson called out Sean Hannity for one inexplicable thing that happened on his show.

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson called South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham to the carpet for supporting 100 percent of Joe Biden’s judicial nominees despite claiming to be a conservative fighting the Left’s radical agenda.

Graham is the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and Senate sources told Carlson that Joe Biden got more judges confirmed than any President at this point in his Presidency because Lindsey Graham played ball.

Toward the end of the show, right before Carlson handed off to Sean Hannity, Carlson ripped conservatives who promoted Graham and revealed that Graham refuses to come on Carlson’s show.

“Why are conservatives continuing to promote him and allowing him to continue to sit on the Judiciary Committee?” Carlson asked.

“We would love to ask that question of Lindsey Graham himself. We have asked him many times to come on the show, but he refuses because he’s afraid and that’s a shame. That would be a very interesting, fact-based conversation,” Carlson concluded.

That created an uncomfortable moment because Hannity appeared on screen and there was awkward silence between the two hosts.

It quickly became clear why.

30 minutes after Carlson called out conservatives for promoting Lindsey Graham after Graham repeatedly stabbed conservatives in the back, Hannity hosted Graham for a softball interview where Graham railed against Joe Biden’s incompetently executed Afghanistan withdrawal and claimed he supported impeaching Biden over it.

Almost no one believes Graham would actually do anything to hold Joe Biden accountable or support impeachment.

When Graham took over the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham promised to get to the bottom of the FBI coup attempt against Donald Trump.

Nothing ever came of it.

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