Trump just smacked John Kerry with news that will destroy a UN scheme

Since taking office, Trump has been unafraid of taking on even the biggest of his enemies.

Among them is the UN, which has been cooking up a horrible scheme in tandem with John Kerry.

But Trump just smacked Kerry with massive news that will destroy the UN’s biggest scheme.

Trump is unapologetic about being a nationalist who loves his country — and loathes globalism.

But in the last administration, the actions of Barack Obama and his lieutenants indicated they felt exactly the opposite.

John Kerry, as Obama’s Secretary of State, did all he could to destroy American sovereignty and the Second Amendment in order to help the United Nations implement global gun control by putting his signature on the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.

Even without ratification, Kerry’s signature was a powerful symbol of U.S. support for the Treaty, and left the door open for its full implementation.

But last week, Trump publicly declared to gun rights supporters that he is un-signing the Treaty and leaving it all together.

Bloomberg reports:

“President Donald Trump said that his administration is withdrawing from a global arms treaty that set rules for sales and transfers of small arms, missile launchers and warships.

“My administration will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. My administration will never ratify the UN Arms Treaty,” Trump said Friday at a National Rifle Association conference in Indiana. “We’re taking our signature back.”

The NRA, a key constituency for Trump, has long opposed the Arms Trade Treaty, saying it infringes on gun owners’ rights, even though the U.S. never ratified the agreement.
“I hope you’re happy,” the president said.

The White House was concerned that future revisions of the treaty could have created new exposure to the Second Amendment rights, according to a senior administration official who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The treaty will be open for amendments in 2020.”

This is huge news for U.S. gun owners who have been under the threat of ratification since 2013, when Kerry signed the Treaty and it was sent to the Senate for ratification.

But now it is all over, and gun control supporters are back to square one in their plot to force global gun control by making America adopt the scheme.

Now, with this major act of defiance toward the UN, some are hoping Trump will take things a step further and leave the UN altogether.

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99 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    As I scroll thru comm’s
    Betty Loves Hate. Wow.

  2. Mama says:

    Whew. Amen. Thank YOU Pres Trump.
    This UN treaty Is V. Dangerous to US.
    to the point of collapse.
    HOW can ‘some’ ppl NOT UNDERSTAND
    this ‘stuff’.

  3. Mama says:

    STAY IN Alaska !! Alaska IS Beautiful. don’t
    wreck it.
    ‘We’ Do NOT NEED you in the ‘Mainland’.

  4. David Rose says:

    Tell us how you really feel, you ignorant pig.

  5. Drew says:

    Not only should we exit the UN, but we should kick the UN out of the United States!
    Let the globalists find a new home. Think of it… no more foreign government sanctioned spies running around in our country, courtesy of the UN. Member countries don’t contribute their fair support for this place so take back all the land, buildings and other UN Prius’s payment in kind for all the money the US has paid and show the foreign representatives and their staffs to the airport! Good bye and good riddance!

  6. don callies says:

    not only the media is our enemy but looky at all the tinfoil hats out there actually drinking all the fake kool aid. Ignorance at its finest. They give us no choice … total eradication. lowlife sewer insects.

  7. don callies says:

    got that right !

  8. don callies says:

    alaska woman is dumb and insults alaska

  9. Robert Baird says:

    Three traitorous stooges: Jane Fonda, John Kerry and John McCain!!! One down and two to go!!!

  10. Dale says:

    Betty are you a demented deranged out of her medication Democratic loonatic from some mental institution that some how got into the office to use the computer while the staff was out delivering the evening medication that maybe you should be on your way to get yours to calm you back down again. Every thing going to be just fine for next say 5 almost 6 years while President Trumps in office. It will all be just fine don’t you worry about a thing.

  11. J says:

    Your a moron brainwashed fool. Get with the times and stop watching the fake ass news

  12. Amen Estell. We should have pulled out years ago.

  13. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump embarrasses America before the world — again,.
    Nothing new, people; juat walk away.

  14. JC says:

    John Kerry is a SOB. He is a traitor to America. I am still mad at him over Vietnam and he has gotten worse since. The Iran Nuclear Deal, The Global Climate Agreement, The UN Arms Agreement…he should be charged and thrown into prison!

  15. Dewey says:

    Anything with John Kerry’s name in it is bad for America. This condescending moron is an embarrassment to our country. He gave away 150 billion to Iran. What did one American gain from this absolutely stupid move. There aren’t enough negative adjectives to describe this jerk. I wouldn’t follow this traitor to a local latrine.

  16. Carmella says:

    Breaker 19… God bless you.

  17. Carmella says:

    I agree with you Robert
    TRUMP / PENCE. 2020

  18. Carmella says:

    I agree with you Estell

  19. Estell says:

    I used to get emails from the UN stating what they were up to. We need the UN gone as of yesterday. Not goo. They are worse than any terrorist group we’ve know.

  20. T-pac says:

    Make them pay their own way …………….. nothing more than the ” Rape of the American tax payers” while All the politician’s steal their piece of the American Pie right in front of our faces. All politicians should audited by the IRS and why not if u have nothing to hide?
    . I live on disability and got audited

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