Trey Gowdy has an ace up his sleeve that struck terror in the Deep State’s heart

The Deep State conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump is unraveling.

Americans see that Barack Obama and his henchmen used the FBI and fake news to try and destroy Donald Trump.

And Trey Gowdy is holding ace up his sleeve that could bring the entire conspiracy tumbling down.

Democrats and the media accused the House Intelligence Committee of running a sham investigation.

They claimed they tried to cover up for Donald Trump.

But Trey Gowdy shut that lie down.

He is pushing the committee to release all the transcripts of interviews with witnesses.

Gowdy says this will show every witness – including Obama officials – all said there was no evidence of collusion.

He also contends the transcripts will show that it was the Democrats who tried to turn the investigation into a farce.

CNS News reports Gowdy saying:

Well, you’re going to see that (Reps.) Tom Rooney, Mike Conaway and I asked collusion, coordination, conspiracy questions of every single witness, from Jared Kushner to Donald Trump Jr. to Steve Bannon to Susan Rice, Samantha Power. I want — I want your viewers and my fellow citizens to see every question that was asked.

And what they will learn is, Republicans were just as interested in finding out what happened with respect to collusion, coordination, conspiracy as anyone else.

And what they will also learn is that Adam Schiff wanted to go back 25 years and ask questions of witnesses while they were in junior high school. And then he goes and gets the Spark notes from the “Brothers Karamazov” and decides to ask about Russian — ominous-sounding Russian names that none of the witnesses had ever heard of.

So I can’t wait for the transcripts to come out and defeat this narrative that Adam Schiff is the only one that is concerned about collusion. You can rest assured this, Maria. If there were evidence of collusion, Adam would have leaked it a long time ago. But there is not. And I can’t wait for the transcripts to be public.

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