Trey Gowdy had some bad news for Donald Trump about Fani Willis

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Fani Willis wants to force Donald Trump to stand for a political show trial in an act of election interference.

Now the case took an unexpected turn.

And Trey Gowdy had some bad news for Donald Trump about Fani Willis.

Trey Gowdy slams Fani Willis for prosecutorial misconduct 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing serious allegations of perjury and conflict of interest that could get her disqualified from her case against former President Donald Trump.

Defense attorneys presented evidence in the form of bank records that she hired her lover Nathan Wade to serve as the special prosecutor in the Trump investigation.

Wade used the investigation as a piggy bank for their relationship taking money he earned during the course of an unusually long grand jury investigation to take Willis on vacation.

Cell phone records, location data, and witness testimony provided compelling evidence that they lied on the witness stand about their relationship beginning after he started working the Trump case.

The case to disqualify Willis seems obvious.

But Fox News host Trey Gowdy thinks that may not be good news for Trump as a prosecutor without all the dirty laundry Willis brings along could take up the case.

“I just want people to understand that this is not the way 99.9% of all prosecutors in this country conduct themselves on either side of the aisle. These are politicians masquerading as prosecutors, and it will be the undoing of our justice system. Now, whether or not a judge finds that this is sufficient to disqualify the prosecutors, I’m not sure that helps Trump. I’d rather have two people who don’t know what they’re doing prosecute me than go find two people who actually do,” Gowdy stated.

Weaponization of the government is the real issue

Gowdy explained that swapping one Democrat prosecutor for a less ethically compromised one is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

And the real issue at play is how Democrats weaponized the criminal justice system to do what President Joe Biden can’t – and that’s stop Donald Trump from heading back to the White House.

“The larger point is weaponizing our justice system, whether it’s the federal or the state level. It will be our undoing. What I’d like to know more about are these meetings between Fani Willis or Nathan Wade and the White House, because that level of political coordination should disgust people of all political ideations,” Gowdy added.

“Fani Willis or Nathan Wade may very well have issues with respect to perjury. They may have issues with candor before the court. They may have Georgia bar issues. The question for President Trump and other co-defendants is whether or not the indictment is legally sufficient. And even if it is not, they’re just going to go get another grand jury to indict him. Again, we got to fix the underlying pathology, which is a politicization of our justice system,” Gowdy concluded.

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