Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on the Deep State’s biggest ally in Congress

The Russian collusion hoax has persisted for two years because the Democrats and their allies in the Deep State continually feed false information to the media.

But there is one fact about the entire story that blows it out of the water.

And Trey Gowdy revealed it in this interview with Tucker Carlson.

Gowdy ripped California Democrat Adam Schiff for his conduct during the Russia investigation.

Critics believe Schiff has been the source of some of the most flagrantly false stories fed to the media about the collusion investigation.

Gowdy revealed two truths about Schiff’s conduct that will infuriate every American.

First, Gowdy stated that if there was evidence of collusion with Russia, Schiff would have leaked it already.

Second, the South Carolina lawmaker pointed out that Schiff is pushing this hoax because the Democrats – and many in the media – believe the Russia story will help Democrats win back the House in November.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Adam Schiff says he has evidence of collusion between the Russians and President Trump. He said it over a year ago, he has presented to absolutely none, there’s no accountability for it, they want this investigation to drag on as long as it possibly can because it’s going to affect the midterms and they will get the gavels in their hand,” Gowdy stated.

“Regardless of whether you are Republican or Democrat, its just higher expectations and demand more from your elected officials, it’s not just about winning, it’s also about governing in a responsible way that’s worthy of people’s respect,” he continued.

“Adam Schiff accused me of working for Putin, he’s an irresponsible buffoon,” Carlson chimed in.

“Try working with him,” Gowdy responded.

The media should be calling out Schiff for promoting a conspiracy theory without any evidence to back it up.

But since the media is just an extension of the Democrat Party, they play along with this charade.

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