Top Trump official made this scary prediction about the coronavirus

The mysterious coronavirus is spreading beyond China to Italy, Iran, and South Korea.

Its effect on the global economy and possible transmission into America has millions of people on edge.

And now one Trump official made this scary prediction about the coronavirus.

There are over 79,000 documented cases of the coronavirus and 2,500 deaths across the globe.

In America there are 53 recorded cases of U.S. citizens testing positive for the disease.

Hundreds of new cases pop up each day in South Korea and Italy.

And now the Center of Disease Control Director Dr. Nancy Messonnier warned Americans that a significant outbreak in the United States was possible and that they should prepare for the worst.

“As more and more countries experience community spread, successful containment at our borders becomes harder and harder,” Dr. Messonnier told the press.

“It’s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses,” Dr. Messonnier added. “Disruption to everyday life might be severe.”

The coronavirus has a mortality rate of around two percent.

While this is significantly higher than the seasonal flu, Americans most at risk are the same as those for the common flu – the elderly, the young, and those with chronic medical conditions that weaken their immune system.

The Stock Market plunged over 1,800 points the last two days – for the largest two day drop since the Wall Street meltdown of 2008 – due to investor panic over the coronavirus causing an economic slowdown.

President Trump is counting on s a strong economy to carry him to re-election.

A massive and long-lasting coronavirus outbreak could upend those plans.

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34 Responses

  1. Jimmie Chesser says:

    I see the DEMOCRAPS are spewing lies again can’t people think for their selves just go to dc if you want the real truth. STOP LISTENIND TO CNN AND NEWS SITES THAT PUSH LIE AFTER LIE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. HE DID NOT CAUSE THIS.

  2. Clifford A Chamberlain says:

    This virus problem will not stop until our Lord Jesus Christ decides he has our complete attention and not until then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ABC says:

    Trump’s mishandling of Coronavirus and other diseases
    Trump sut down Predict Program, for disease prevention, late in 2019. Also, Trump shut down the entire global threat, security and biothreat infrastructure set up under the Obama administration (set up to handle Ebola and other pandemics).
    Trump keeps making public statements of misinformation about the CoronaVirus. Trump even ordered our own senior health officials and experts to stop briefing the public.

  4. Jack Handy says:

    To JD. re POTUS ‘turn0ver’ = All Establishment NW0 ‘global ‘snakes’…
    Not ‘easy’ To Find ‘Good Help’…
    I’ll let U ‘ride my back’ for a few more minutes….

  5. Jack Handy says:

    JD Is Back ! & Worse Than Ever !!!!
    Your ‘stat’s ARE V. Incorrect, mister…
    Find a Reliable Source’…
    There IS a ‘binary’ hooked up to ‘coro’…
    Apparently you ‘missed a prev V. brief post.

  6. Joe Bob says:

    Dr J D or jerk Dick. Doctor of what? Cokcsukcing? Your the type of a-hole who gets a bullet in the back in Nam you Turd.

  7. Jimed says:

    The fake news media have done all they can to distort the facts concerning the Coronavirus They are orchestrating fear and panic all over the globe. The democrats have the same complete idiot Shifty to spread their lies about Trumps handling of the virus to instill more fear and hype in an effort to derail Trumps election. Here we go again ???? I believe this virus will be contained by the efforts of our greatest President in the history of our country. Think about it, China and these other countries have very poor hygiene and I doubt they are even have access to hand sanitizer and are unaware of safe handling food preparation. Our President is on top of this threat behind the scenes and is trying to calm the markets. Many of us believe that this virus will peter out in short order and will not be a threat to our society. Let’s face it, dems are fatalists and have very little faith in modern medicine. I’m sure they will come up with a vaccine or something to thwart the spread but the fake news won’t tell you anything positive, like scientists around the world working to come up with a solution. This is the legacy of fake news coalition, they will go down in history as enemy of the people.

  8. Robert Glade says:

    Fear planted by the MSM and the Democrat party caused the 2008 Stock Market Crash, not George W. Bush, just like fear and the MSM and Democrat talking points are causing the downturn in the markets today, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is taking positive steps concerning the Coronavirus and God is in control. FEAR NOT>

  9. Tony Winters says:

    I don’t doubt that the Coronavirus is a very real problem but many of the so called news stations are going overboard. I just watch the news on NBC and in a special report, the commentator actually said that we should go out and stock up on food and pain and cold medication in the event there was a run on these items. These kinds of so called News reports are not only stupid but lack anything that even approaches responsible new reporting. This does nothing but instills panic in people. Of course, we must take all the necessary precautions but I don’t think we are anywhere near to point where we must start hoarding food and medical supplies. FOX is the only station that provides the actual information that doctors and other health officials are saying about this virus. Stop the fear mongering just to improve ratings.

  10. Becky says:

    And eve more interesting is that none of this tripe is in the transcripts for the Telebreifings

    So let’s hear it for FAKE NEWS!!

  11. Becky says:

    Maybe y’all ought to go read the CDC site regarding coronavirus (which is related to MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV) because it pretty much debunks this person’s quotes.

  12. Mongo says:

    Mongo says MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, MAGA. Go Trump go!!!

  13. Rolf Schulte says:

    Bravo, Dr. J.D. : you say it like it is – the Trump administration is failing us in these dangerous times – get rid of them all !

  14. Dr. J.D. says:

    Trump is making Americans much more VULNERABLE BY HIS IGNORANCE AND BAD DECISIONS HE HAS MADE IN REGARDS TO DISEASE CONTROL. First of all, Trump said yesterday that the (regular) “flu mortality rates are higher than the Coronavirus”, which is FALSE – – the mortality rates is twenty times the mortality rate! From the regular flu the mortality is only .1% where as for the Coronavirus it is 2% or a twenty-fold difference!

    Second, Trump has gotten rid of his top administrators for disease prevention and like many of the government offices, has not replaced them in the years since! That means the people who should be leading the battle against what could be the next pandemic are not there – – – Trump has made us far less prepared and much more vulnerable than EVER! Trump has done a HORRIBLE job keeping the top posts occupied, and because of his management deficiencies, they don’t tend to last for long. He has the most turnover of any president in history.

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