This top Republican spoke one word about gun control that will have you seeing red

Republicans are on the verge of committing one of the worst betrayals anyone can remember.

One RINO is leading this charge.

And this top Republican spoke one word about gun control that will have you seeing red.

Texas Senator John Cornyn – who also supports a deal for mass amnesty of illegal aliens – is working behind closed doors with anti-gun zealot Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut on a deal to allow the government to seize firearms through red flag confiscation laws.

Cornyn told POLITICO that failing to reach a deal on restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens would be “embarrassing.”

“And John Cornyn, tapped as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s emissary to bipartisan negotiations on gun legislation, is feeling the pressure after years of congressional failure to get a bill done. If the Senate can’t agree on a legislative response after the killings in Uvalde, Texas, Cornyn said, ‘it will be embarrassing,’” POLITICO reports.

Senator Cornyn added that failing to gut the Second Amendment would prove Congress can’t govern.

“It would feed the narrative that we can’t get things done in the public interest,” Cornyn told POLITICO. “I don’t believe that narrative, I believe we can get a bipartisan deal done in the public interest.”

Gun-grabbing Democrats know that Cornyn’s fake reputation as a defender of the Second Amendment is critical to winning the votes for their plan to pass far-reaching legislation to allow the government to seize firearms from Americans based on flimsy or nonexistent evidence of “mental illness.”

“He’s critical,” Delaware Senator Chris Coons said in an interview with POLITICO. “His credibility as a conservative, as a Republican caucus leader, as a law enforcement leader from Texas … gives him the credibility to negotiate a balance between robust investment in mental health and some progress around gun safety.”

Right now, Senator Cornyn and Senator Murphy are looking to strike a deal on expanding a national gun registration database and bribing states to pass red flag confiscation laws.

Democrats believe that if Cornyn comes to an agreement with Murphy, at least nine more Republicans will come along and provide the votes to break a filibuster.

Red flag confiscation laws do not stop mass shootings.

New York State has one on the books, but it failed to deter a racist gunman from carrying out an act of madness in a Buffalo supermarket.

Instead, the true purpose of red flag confiscation laws is to open the door to more sweeping gun bans down the road.

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