This Senate retirement just turned the 2024 Election upside down

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It’s not just the White House at stake in November.

Control of the United States Senate is also on the line.

And this Senate retirement just turned the 2024 election upside down.

Kyrsten Sinema announces retirement

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) announced she wouldn’t seek re-election this fall.

Democrats ran her out of the party because she opposed nuking the filibuster even though she was a reliable Democrat vote on the Green New Deal, grabbing guns, racking up trillions in new debt, and the border betrayal bill that wrote into law the ability of President Joe Biden to traffic 5,000 illegal aliens a day into the United States.

Sinema claimed she was forced out of the Senate by the extremists and that the voters of Arizona no longer wanted her brand of politics.

“I believe in my approach. But it’s not what America wants right now,” Sinema said in a video posted to X. “Because I choose civility, understanding, listening, working together to get stuff done, I will leave the Senate at the end of this year.”

Numbers tell the story 

Sinema raised just $595,000 in the last fundraising quarter as she no longer had a political base.

Democrats cut her off when she registered as an independent.

Republicans viewed her as a reliable vote for the Left.

Sinema’s poll numbers were no better.

RealClearPolitics showed her lagging far behind likely Republican and Democrat Party nominees Kari Lake and Rep. Rueben Gallego (D-AZ) with 22 percent of the vote.

National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) Chairman Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) said Sinema dropping out of the race provided Lake an opportunity to coalesce the Republican coalition and overtake Gallego – a socialist Congressman who supports open borders – who currently leads in the polls thanks to McCain Republicans.

“With recent polling showing Kyrsten Sinema pulling far more Republican voters than Democrat voters, her decision to retire improves Kari Lake’s opportunity to flip this seat,” Daines stated.

For her part, Lake sought to extend an olive branch to Sinema voters by praising her for resisting pressure by the Left to eliminate the filibuster.

“Senator Sinema had the courage to stand tall against the Far-Left in defense of the filibuster—despite the overwhelming pressure from the radicals in her party like Ruben Gallego who called on her to burn it all down,” a statement from Lake read.

McCain RINOS sabotage Republicans

The McCain family continues to act as agent saboteurs in Arizona.

McCain Republicans think if they can’t run the Republican Party then they would rather see Democrats in charge.

The McCains helped elect Democrats in the 2018 and 2020 Arizona Senate Elections by working against Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) because she refused to denounce former President Donald Trump.

John McCain’s daughter posted “no peace b***h” on social media at Lake after she expressed a desire to mend fences with the McCain faction ahead of the General Election.

The winner of the Arizona Senate race could decide the majority as well as the fate of the filibuster.

If Democrats keep the majority they will vote to terminate the filibuster.

Should that happen, Democrats will pass amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, legislation banning and confiscating firearms, and a federal takeover of elections that mandates universal mail-in balloting in every state, gutting voter ID laws, and legalizing ballot harvesting across America.

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