This Republican Senator shut down David Hogg with one brutal truth

David Hogg is once again leading the push to ban and confiscate firearms.

But David Hogg made a major mistake.

And this Republican Senator shut down David Hogg with one brutal truth.

David Hogg was one of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 when a deranged gunman committed one of the worst mass shootings in history.

From that moment, Hogg became the face of the gun control movement, as gun grabbers wanted to exploit the students who survived that tragedy as spokesmen for the cause of disarming American citizens.

In the wake of the horrific events in Buffalo and Uvalde, Hogg is once again pushing for massive new gun control laws.

But in his effort to shame Republicans into accepting gun grabs, Hogg made a huge mistake.

Hogg posted on social media that Florida Senator Marco Rubio – who supports red flag confiscation laws – canceled a meeting with him, making it seem like Rubio wanted to hide in his office rather than meet with a kid.

“Rubio staff said I can’t meet with him or his staff because I ‘trigger’ him. I just wanna have a conversation. Please meet with me @marcorubio I just want to figure out how we can stop these things from happening. We have to end the continuous debate and find what we can agree on,” Hogg wrote.

This was a lie.

Rubio’s Chief of Staff, Michael Needham, wrote that the meeting was still on the schedule for 2PM, but since Hogg was lying, the meeting was now canceled.

Hogg had nowhere to go but to admit the truth, posting a follow-up Tweet blaming his earlier post on the fact that his staff misinformed him.

“@marcorubio an honest mistake, got our meetings confused in the flurry and my staff misinformed me. I apologize. We’d still love to meet with you and have an honest, respectful discussion,” Hogg wrote on social media.

Conservatives hope that Republican Senators see through the political games that gun grabbers like David Hogg play and reject any new gun control laws.

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