This poll just unraveled Barack Obama’s entire presidency

Barack Obama’s legacy is unraveling.

Now a key constituency is realizing his presidency was a total failure.

And Obama won’t like the results of this recent poll.

A Rasmussen poll showed voters believe black Americans are better off under President Trump than they were under Barack Obama.

Rasmussen reports:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 32% of Likely U.S. Voters believe life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump’s election. Slightly more (36%) say life for these Americans has gotten worse, while 26% think it has stayed about the same. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

But in March 2014, just 16% said life for young black Americans had gotten better since Obama’s election five-and-a-half years earlier. By July 2016 in Obama’s final year in office, only 13% thought life was better for young blacks.

Even black voters are nearly twice as likely (28%) to say young black Americans are better off now than they were in the closing year of Obama’s presidency (15%).

Hollywood celebrities and the “fake news” media are trying to paint President Trump as a racist.

But the numbers don’t lie.

The May jobs report showed the economy added 223,000 jobs in one month.

The unemployment rate dropped to just 3.8% – the lowest in nearly two decades.

African-Americans benefitted most from this economy as the black unemployment rate reached its lowest point on record.

Even the failing New York Times had to admit, “We Ran Out of Words to Describe How Good the Jobs Numbers Are.”


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154 Responses

  1. Observant_One says:

    Barack Obama was not qualified to be President of the USA, perhaps qualified to run a small grocery store , but nothing larger

  2. Patsy Autry says:


  3. The clown oblameveryone but me , was a total failure from day one. An islamic terrorist that wanted nothing more than to try and take over AMERICA to make it his own country .. He is still nothing more than a muslim plant . He and his other treasonist cohorts need to get prosecuted and spend the rest of their worthless lives in our Hotel GITMO as soon as possible . The Ag needs to quit screwing around and put them where they should have been 9 1/2 years ago ..

  4. VIP says:

    Even those who don’t like Mr. Trump’s person should reasonably concede that he knows about leadership,purposeful,resolute and possesses higher qualities of leadership which Obama lacked. His results and world influence in less than 2 years speak loudest for him. America is unexpectedly, evolving through MAGA. That’s what the outside world is shockingly but silently realizing.

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Berry Obamarx and his ilk should be imprisoned, if not executed. It worked for Mussolini…

  6. Frank Norton says:

    President Donald Trump is an inspiring president for the citizens of the United States, while former president Barack Obama was just the opposite. Trump is a shining example of a moral and decided patriot of America’s greatness and culture. Barack was just the opposite.

  7. Jack says:

    B .Obama was not a leader for America but against it, and was chosen by communist and global influences to commit crimes against our great nation and infiltrate our economic, political and justice systems to complete the over throw. More and more evidence supports this, and, he also had some help, not all of above the board and some still in power positions.
    Reason the swamp is so very deep to drain!!

  8. Lee Simek says:

    The previous President was very poor in all areas. He never understood nor cared what the United States stood for and neither did any of his cabinet members. During his tenure the US suffered tremendously in all areas. No progress could be expected from someone who had no loyalty nor any plan to move the country in a positive way. His total time in office was all smoke and mirrors and crowned by being shamed by most of the international countries. That why they sent their divers to pick him up and did not meet him in person. He was despised by almost every nation he visited.

  9. Joseph St.Clair says:

    JSC 🙂 Pathetically evil and a non American coward a CIA Bush family disaster pitifully ignorant and he should rot in his anti American body along with EVERYONE WHO PUT HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE ALONG WITH ROMNEY / RYAN / ROVE WHO THRU THE ELECTION TOO TGE ABOMINATION !!!

  10. Anyone at this point that thinks that Obama was a good president has mush for brains!!!

  11. JIM WELSH says:

    Who can think a half breed non American could be the best president . Wake up folks , look at the results since the American took over

    • VIP says:

      It isn’t about descent but policies and personalities. Some black Americans like Lincon, Jefferson and Eisenhower had ruled America better than some white heads. Obama is more sympathetic with evil like muslim terrorists, more preoccupied with trivialities like gays,trangens, bath/bed rooms and toilets while NK, and Iran were busy developping nuclear weapons against the US/the world. Mr. Trump, by his personality, has shown that right thinking breeds good leadership. The best in history!



    • Charles Phillips says:

      I totally agree since Ronald Reagan. Trump has done more in a 1 1/2 years than most any President since Reagan. Someday the true vetting of Obama will prove he was should never have served as President (almost sick to say that phrase).

  13. William Hopkins says:

    President of what,hoodrats

  14. CaptTurbo says:

    If not for the fake “news” media pumping out propaganda 24/7 the numbers would be even more impressive.

    • Bill says:

      Why is this no good thieving black bastard and POS still relevant?. I’ts no surprise what his 8 years in the White House was,:an 8 year vacation on the American taxpayers dime and by taxpayers I mean Americas middle class, the people he promised to help out and’ be for’. Well we know how that went The so called jobs he promised, never materialized. Well jobs were created, ones that paid poorly, were part time or seasonal and basically were all ‘smoke and mirrors’ and BUPKUS. The liberals thought the American people were stupid and would grab at the crumbs they tossed out. His so called ‘affordable care act’, you can keep your doctor and more BS wsd a total disaster shoved down our throats as a last ditch effort by the liberals knowing full well this ‘bill’ had as much chance of succeeding as a titanic sized iceberg near the equator and the list of his so called ‘accomplishments’ never ceases to amaze and amuse me goes on and on. The real tragedy, the American taxpayers have to pay this traitor and worthless black POS a huge pension as well as support him and ‘moochella’ for the rest of their days. Where’s the justice here?

  15. N says:

    Get off the NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Silent Hammer says:

    Doesn’t a person have to be a CITIZEN to be president? Well, clearly, this is a moot poll. And besides, what were the REASONS 36% felt Blacks were better off “under” Obarrassment? Less GIFTS? Less PANDERING? More job opportunities? Lighter skin tone? Not a mixed-breed? Help me out, here.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I think your suggestions are probably pretty close; but I might add that they’ve been brain washed to believe the leftist lies so much that independent thinking is not possible any longer.

      • Johne Simpson says:

        That is why the dumorats want the influx of illegals to flood our’s much easier to brainwash and ram dependency on the masses if they cannot think for thrmselves

  17. mousekiller says:

    Obama was never president. He was a dictator in training. he did nothave At no time did obama have America in mind at any time he and MIKE were residents of the white house.Obama was a shame from the start. Mike (michele) was a transgender, obammer was queer as a 3 dollar bill , the daughters were not theirs but other peoples kids. He was made up like a children’s fairy tale. All fake. Like a plastic tree and the liberals fell for it ,Hook line and sinker.All of us paid the price in some way. Especially the military and the elderly.

  18. zee says:

    This is a ‘Time -Wasting’ KrAAP headliner.
    > Can’t believe i’m responding.
    >’0′ Is A ‘Terrible USA has-been’ = Gonesville,
    & Glad of it.

  19. Mike H says:

    Obama and his wife hated every inch of the United States in every way and form. So what did we do we made him president. And to show what dumbasses we are we elected him twice. What a mess we have now. Hopefully President Trump will change it but they are definitely trying to stop him. The real American people need to put a stop to these democratic/communist parties trying to take us down. Wake up America …

    • BOB says:

      did the population of the USA vote him in or Soros vote machines and the rigged vote’s like Killery was going to use ELECT HIM!

    • Brat says:

      I didn’t vote for him either time. I did work with a woman who’s nephew campaigned for him the 1st time he ran, she went on & on about how wonderful Obummer was. When he got elected the 2nd time she claimed she had never voted for him

  20. Steve says:

    Obastard was only working to take down America for his & clinton’s terrorists & Iran , following saul alinsky’s “rules for radicals” / terrorists they both subscribed to. As such , he couldn’t care less about his “oath of office” to the U.S. , twice . He was the “enemy president” every which way he could be to destroy us .

    • Bill Senior says:

      YOUR ABSOLUTELY ………….100% CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dee says:

      Too bad more people didn’t realize this and would NOT vote for the POS.

    • Trudy says:

      The first time I heard Obama speak while he was campaigning, his logo was “Hope and Change”. I am so surprised that America could not figure out what he meant by that? He wanted to transform our country into a communistic nation. Hopefully my fellow Americans you have awakened.

      • Joyce says:

        We can’t stop here. Obama has to be sent to prison for treason. He and his pal Valerie are for Iran and against us. I am so glad God showed me before he was elected the first time. How could people have been so blind? There were plenty of red flags out there. People thought they were so sophisticated to vote for a black president. And the worst of it is, they put him in again. Now they are giving him a pass because they don’t want to admit what fools they were.

        • Ron Fillmore says:

          A lot of the fools that voted for Obama did so to feel good about themselves. “I voted for the first black president, I’m so enlightened, so with it!” Which confirms their stupidity.

  21. Not sure if his undermining of America and our Constitution was by design or through incompetence. But he had all the earmarks of a wannabe dictator. And he demonstrated a distinct ignorance of American history and geography. Many of us are still waiting to see his education records.

    • Victor, You are right about Obama, he hated all of us and did want to become a dictator. On his educational records, I bet he didn’t do his own work. the man is EVIL, just put a go-tee on him and who does he look like?

  22. Wills says:

    Obama was packaged and promoted by the media. He was made to look like he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. However all through is “regime” he proved time and time again that he was the least informed person in any room he entered. It was an experiment that we should not repeat anytime soon. Look at what President Trump has accomplished in 500 days?

    • Samuel Marshall says:

      No national disaster is greater than Barack Obama in American history. He was worse than all the combined plagues of ancient Egypt had they been unleashed on the country.

    • mousekiller says:

      The schooling and education of how to undermine America of abummer was started before he went to college. A lot of planning and money was used to get him into politics. As an Ill senator he never voted for any bill. Just present. he was nothing but the leader of the militant muslims as potus., Did every thing he could to destroy America and freedom. He laid a lot of ground work that has to be undone.

  23. A African born , non American that was put in office ..Not voted in , put in by the left .. No more calling him prez .. Trump is a President and has did more in 16 months than obozo did in 8 freaking years .. Everyone saw that for themselves . Tried to over throw our government for all 8 years .. Out numbered by the patriots that owned weapons and had the Military backing us ..

    • Sam says:

      Absolute truth , Barrack is a loser in chief .

      • cc says:

        he also spent more $$ than all the previous presidents COMBINED!!!

        • Bill Senior says:


        • Thomas says:

          Yes but where is the money? He sent billions on a fake computer system in Canada that google has spent only millions and more accurate with more people. Canada may be how he funneled money to terrorist muslims he supported. We are gaining money now without the 7 trillion lost stimulus dollars. Why is no one asking? He was broke when entering White House. How did he exit a multi millionaire on presidents salary?

  24. Andres Rocha says:

    our president Trump is the best president ever next to Kennedy if no one can see that they must be blind he’s made the world a better place a lot safer a lot better now for the next four years I will voting for him him and even going out to have him elected I hope people ain’t too blind to see this finally we got a president I can be proud of you can count on my vote next four years and if the Constitution changes I will be coming in your vote for the other for years to come

  25. Jarhead says:

    Would like to see the WALL going up much faster. Like all US taxpayers want to see the FED/GOV Agencies that only waste money and accomplish NOTHING worthwhile be defunded immediately…. i.e.; BLM, EPA, Dept. of Ed., IRS, VA ……..

    • Sam says:

      I,ll vote for that . Maybe there should be a question on our federal tax forms if we want to donate to building the wall instead of giving to a political party , I,ll give to that !

  26. Ernesto says:


    • brenda says:

      obama was born in kenya an illegal muslim president

      • BECKY says:


      • Jarhead says:

        A small beginning to end the massive growing corruption in our FED/GOV are Term Limits.
        As Harry S so well said: “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re crooked”.
        Mandatory drug testing also seems needed.

    • Sam says:

      This person speaks the freaking truth 1000% .

    • christine says:

      President Trump would not have to do much to have done more in one year than Obama. Only thing Obama “did” was get Obamacare passed, and even that is being shown to be a FAILURE.

      President Trump has passed a bucket load of much need reforms.

  27. Ben says:

    Obozo was a bozo….typical of his race…..not worth a damn for anything except welfare and babies…..he is a hypocrite from the get go….a narcists in love with himself…and hes transgender
    boy toy, Michael ( or as the media called him (her) Michelle……neither child they claimed were theirs……like everything else, Obama was a huge fake and fraud and a pawn of Soros just trying to run this great country down ….and he almost succeeded ….and would have if Hillary had been elected…………there is absolutely NO comparison between President Trump and the fraud Obummer….he should never, ever be referred to as President.

    • Nancy says:

      President Trump by far the best president since REAGAN, Obama, the worst we have ever had. Difference, Trump loves America and is a citizen of the U.S., BO hated America and tried to change every aspect of our country into an Islamic caliphate.

    • Marlene says:

      A bit racist aren’t you? Obama was a terrible president but that had nothing to do with his skin color.

      • Dave says:

        I must agree. Let us not be erroneously led down the pathway of ever considering his skin color. He would have been equally bad as a president if he were white, oriental, Nova Scotian or even Doberman pinscher. Bad is bad; color of one’s skin has nothing to do with either. And I agree; we, the people of the United States, have a right to see his school records. The Bible says “the guilty flee when no man persueth.” Right next to that verse should be a picture of Obama. Dave

  28. Michael says:

    Osuma, his whole life has been about affirmative action…. His college education…his being black…his over inflated opinion of himself…lets face it…his claim to fame was standing on a street corner in Chicago handing out his community organizer panphlets…Mr Donald J Trump was running a very successful, diverse empire…And for that 3rd rate community organizer, and Mulim brother was tearing down America…giving Money to Iran, to help the terrorists along with the Guns that Oscuma and Crooked Hillary gave the rebels “the Terrorists”‘ …I notice that since Trump is president the blacks are to busy working to kill cops…go figure…Oscuma..America knows why you turned your back on the Jewish Nation for 8 years…your what my school teacher Grandma use to call the class clown..a legend in your own mind…I hope all your new business partners realize your a sinking ship

  29. WHERE there is a WILL, there is a WAY, Obama had NO will, therefore President TRUMP has MORE, a whole LOT more WILL to help Americans with JOBS and an EARNED income instead of MAKING more people DEPENDENT on Government HANDOUTS……!!!!
    Obama had ONLY one WILL to make another CRAP HOLE out of America, stating that one would need a MAGIC wand to turn everything back around, like bringing BACK jobs = Now THAT was his SHALLOW “dream” as he had HOPED for PRESIDENT Trump to FAIL in that department…..!!! TRAITOR Obama has a LOT of EGG on his FACE with that DUMB smile….!!!!!

    • JimD says:

      I was always told by my liberal friends that Obama was a constitutional scholar. I truly believe that he is a constitutional scholar in the same way that Willie Sutton was a Bank scholar.

  30. ALAN says:

    Pelosi wants to rob us of even more!

    • Tom says:

      Would you believe this? Right beside your statement, Alan, is an ad for Nancy Pelosi Opinion Poll. I guess timing or placement is everything!

    • george says:

      just remember to get out and vote come November, because the Democrats will be out in droves!

    • Michael says:

      Pelosi wants open borders…She wants illegal voters with phony driver’s licenses…she wants sn army of illegals dependent on the government…Trumps mom didnt rsise no fool…He knows, I know, e everyone posting here knows the Score Oscuma,Clintons, Pelosis, Comeys, etc….I took a good look at ole Rod Rosenstein…kinda reminds me of Joseph Goebbles…propsganda…signing his crooked little fisa warrent…Mr Trump, you have the power to strip the Igs report of sll reductions…lets really drain the Seamp…and do a. Cleanup at the same time…A DEEP CLEANING

  31. William Hopkins says:

    Wow, anyone with a iq of 80, would still have enough sense to to see, Obama,and Hillary,are a disaster for this country,thank God for president Trump

    • Edward Shick says:

      Obama and Hillary were planted by Russia as was his Chief adviser ,Vallerie Jarrott and we must not forget George Soros!Freeodm is not free!,

  32. Joanna says:


  33. Joanna says:


  34. Joanna says:


  35. Gwyllm says:

    Not only was he NOT born in Hawaii, there’s a photo of his supposed mother taken in Hawaii 2 months before he was supposedly born, and she’s not pregnant.

    • Edward Shick says:

      No he was born in Coastal Hosp in Kenya and when his Mother? married an Indonesian he became a Citizen of Indonesia , If I had time I could find a copy of his Birth certificate , but it was a British Protectorate when the Muslim Arrived

    • Gloria says:

      Who really did vote for obama? He lied about everything from those kids he borrowed, none of them look like him, his transgender wife, where he was born, maybe his real african name. He kissed some ones ass to get to the oval office. I think he wasn’ t voted in but was put in by crooked politicians…maybe other gay men.

  36. Maffa says:

    Barry AC/DC him and Raymond Emanuel in the bath house with th boys . Do some research …the down under club with Rev Wright ????

    • Gwyllm says:

      ‘Rahm’ Emanuel…like I care.

      • Samuel Marshall says:

        Emanuel is very much like a ram, the male sheep. That’s why Chicago is in such a mess with many lives being expended daily. Does anyone really expect a sheep to do better?

    • Edward Shick says:

      He worked for a Communist , Alice Palmer and he helped by Fraud to get her Elected to the Illinois Senate , He then went to Russia to study Marxism and Communisum and made a friend Vallerie Jarrott , she came back and was his chief Adviser , still living with Obama

  37. Mikey says:

    President Obama never did give a ripe f***k for the opinions of his constituents and is not likely to care now. Nonetheless, if the poll numbers are accurate it bodes poorly for the democrats in ‘20.

  38. Bob says:

    With all the indispensable evidence of FAKE-NEWS, why is the FFC not imposing billions of dollars on say CNN to stop or cancel their license privilege.
    Why hasn’t someone else thought of this? All the individuals working for fake news distributors being complicit should loose reporter status, and be banned from using news medium to propaganda Americans, that just want the truth from the news.

  39. Lupie Riley says:

    Stop the jealousy and hate for someone who loves his country and it’s people. He didn’t have to leave a comfortable life to face a snake pit of hate filled people who only want to destroy this country so their Global New World Order can keep us all under their control. God Bless America

  40. H. Spires says:

    Obozo was the President for about 1% of the population. He tried to turn the country into a nation of transgender and gays. Now they have grown used to being pampered and catered to. They scream and holler every time that they don’t get their whims answered. Go back in the closet and slam the door shut behind you. This is a new day.

    • Holly says:

      Agreed, Obama was the worst thing to happen to America and the dummies who voted for him did not do their research, did not believe the bad stuff about him and voted anyway. Now we have a mess to clean up.

      • Samuel Marshall says:

        Holly, those dummies are still dumb. They do not realize or try very hard to hide the damage they and their pet have done to the country. They are crediting Pres. Trump’s achievements to that incompetent fool whose college diploma is highly suspect. Dummies don’t ever learn because they lack the mental capacity to do so.

        • Joyce says:

          And the Dems think they are the educated ones and the rest of us are ignorant. They are the fools because they were educated by left-wing profs in these so called great universities. What a disgrace we have become!

    • a fool says:

      Agree with YOUR EVEY WORD!

  41. Maryann says:

    I’m not a jimmy Carter fan, but Carter wasn’t evil. Carter just dumb, Hussein Obama is evil. Hussein Obama will now go down as the worst president ever. He has no legacy. And that wife, yikes.

  42. Max says:

    President Barack Obama is more of a man let alone president than T-Rump will ever be. Trump is the biggest blowhard around. What is funny is, rich people know him for the idiot he is and the poor racist people think he is great.
    So far, Trump has done nothing for this country except divide it even more by saying what the racists, bigots, and fake christians want to hear. Worst president in my lifetime.

    • Larry OBrien says:

      Just one ‘simple’ question — “If Barack Hussein Obama II was such a ‘great’ man, just why did he spend a fortune COVERING UP his past life” ???

      • Christiann Revere says:

        Now that Obama is out of office, his college records and even his dental records must be unsealed for all of America to see that he was NOT ELIGIBLE to be POTUS!!

    • Adee says:

      It’s too bad you can’t get past your lemming tendencies. I actually don’t like Trump’s personality at all, but remove that and look at what he’s done and how more people are doing better in many factors under him than Obama, and maybe you’ll understand why people are saying he’s doing a good job.
      And if you think Trump is dividing it more than Obama, you missed how upset people have been over the last 8 years. Time to pull your head out of the sand and think for yourself.

    • Jay says:

      What planet do you live on?

    • Jay says:

      What planet do you live on?

    • Jeff says:

      Hey look guys! Another troll spewing the asinine mantra of the left ….

    • FEDUP365 says:

      If your life is soooo miserable under President Trump then do us a favor and either leave the USA or end your life, makes no matter to anyone.

    • miller says:

      Mad Max, get your head out of your A$$. compare all the #’s with Bath House BarryOHOMO’s, the Brown Clowns. Repeating DumbA$$o CROOK talking pts. only exposes your ignorance. More of a man? Bath House BarryOHOMO was having perverted, “On the Down Low” homosexual sex with 2 underage boys, as well as with the Music Pastor, at Trinity United Church, Chicago. Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Donald Young were subsequently murdered in order to silence them as Barry and the DumbA$$o CROOKS did not want the news of his perversion outed before the congressional election in Illinois.

    • True Believer says:

      Where have you been the last 8 years, under a rock. If so, please go back because we just don’t need any more communists running this country. You need to read this please to see how close we were to being taken over. If Hillary had won, that would have finished the USA off and the New World Order would have stepped in. Zero was hoping if that happened, he would get to be the dictator.

    • glowy says:

      obambam is the MOST EVIL president we ever had and everyone around him have broken the laws of this country

    • Tom says:

      Max, you must be an escapee from the local mental ward or even the local prison to say such a stupid thing as that. Obama is no gentleman and was certainly a terrible president. I hope that you are enjoying the restored freedoms destroyed by your obama but restored by Trump. Mr. Trump is the BEST president in our lifetime.

    • Samuel Marshall says:

      Max, your comment shows how maximally dumb you are. Please give just one thing that Obama did right. If Obama is so great and President Trump can’t measure up, why did Obama wish he would be like Pres. Trump and should he not realize that then his children would? Pres. Trump has never wanted to be like Obama who he sees as a fraud. It was Obama who wished to be like Pres. Trump. That tells you who is more the man than the other.

    • Lou says:

      Max your the idiot ,if you think the way you do. God help you.

    • christine says:

      Please, go outside and breathe some fresh Spring air into your lungs and clear the marijuana fumes from your brain then return and rethink what you posted!

  43. Donald Durdan says:

    If not for fake news our citizens would have a better view of the success Trump has created for America. I hope fatter wallets for the middle class will help Trump maintain that success. If the minority community finally wakes up and realizes how long they have been tricked by liberal democrats they may join the run to elect conservative candidates. If so, the blue wave will become just like the rest of the fake news the liberal media creates.

  44. David says:

    Barry is the worst thing that ever happened to America.
    More harmful to America the 9/11.
    Cannot believe America voted for him twice.

  45. Harry Cauley says:

    While Trump may be unorthodox Obama was a cheap Chicago criminal.
    I vote for Unorthodox every time. Gotta love the Donald. He knows what works and it is not government handouts. Government is not charitable, government only knows to tax and spend. Trump got that part right.

  46. roneehenson says:

    You all are wrong !!!
    Mr. Obama was a decent and great president, compared to what we have now in the White House.

    • Patricia says:


    • Ron says:

      No, actually you are wrong, besides being illegal he is a racist.

    • Richard says:

      Get your head out of the sand….the past administration(Obama) even (Bush) has let Muslims infiltrate government positions; open borders letting illegals run thru out the USA ! (D)’s just want the votes no matter where they come from; Liberal Left Loony’s are just plain ignorant of America’s history against Islam/Sharia Law; even other western country’s have fought against Islam, so why do we let liberals run around protesting, burning our Flag, displaying their flag, rioting, looting, etc???

      American people, please do not get complacent….come out & VOTE in the 2018 elections; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 !

    • Richard says:

      Get your head out of the sand….America has had it with Democrats>RINO’s>Black Lives Matter>Antifa>KKK>Islam/Sharia Law>>>
      Isn’t it past time to get over the CRAP from fake news(its not news anymore when CNN, MSNBC etc just voice their propaganda,no facts just dumb opinions, gossip).
      Please NO MORE Clintons, Obamas or any Democrat!

      American people, please do not get complacent….come out & VOTE in the 2018 elections; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 !

    • Jeff says:

      Decent??? He stated himself that he had a gift. And what was that gift? That he could look you in the eye, lie through his teeth, and sound convincing. There is nothing decent about a person who has no compunction whatsoever to say any lie just to get his way (Saul Alinsky would be proud of him).

    • Sorry for your head injury. It will get better if you stay home and don’t open your mouth.

    • Ed says:

      You call allowing grown men legal use of the ladies room decent?

    • radman414 says:

      Insane troll alert: roneehensen is suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get back to the echo chamber at HuffPo where your inane comments will be appreciated by other chronic sufferers of “cranium rectalitis.”

  47. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    In my opinion America wasted 8 years of their lives, progress, and development by voting in Obama as a president of America

  48. Obummer is in a tie Jimmy C as the two biggest idiots as presidents. Obummer , lied, cheated, divided the country, and betrayed this nation, he is not even a legitimate POTUS, he is a Kenyan

    • Maryann says:

      I’m not a jimmy Carter fan, but Carter wasn’t evil. Carter just dumb, Hussein Obama is evil. Hussein Obama will now go down as the worst president ever. He has no legacy. And that wife, yikes.

  49. ronald fischer says:

    Obama was never born in any of our 50 states he was a Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that commented Treason upon our country.And did you know that this piece of S–T applied for a grant from Foreign Aid to go to law school in Chicago you can not receive Foreign Aid if you are a American Citizen therefore he was a Illegal Immigrant,and the SS Democrats knew it at that time but hid it from the American people they where nothing but a bunch of pathetic liars looking to destroy our country within.And thank god that old bag i call TOP SECRET(Killary) didn’t become President or the corruption and the scandals would have started all over again and would have covered up all the crimes that they had commented against our country.And that Traitor from Kenyan along with TOP SECRET(Killary) that had commented TREASON should be in a Federal Prison on charges of treason and when found Guilty be hung in the ROSE GARDEN of our White House and be televised for everyone to see what we do with pieces of dirt that almost Destroyed our country within that where the real enemies within our own Government all the while along with the rest of the SS Democrat Nazi Party.

    • Samuel Marshall says:

      Holly, those dummies are still dumb. They do not realize or try very hard to hide the damage they and their pet have done to the country. They are crediting Pres. Trump’s achievements to that incompetent fool whose college diploma is highly suspect. Dummies don’t ever learn because they lack the mental capacity to do so.

  50. Dave Miedema says:

    Trump is actually our 44th president. Ovomit was the first (and hopefully only) dictator.

    • Eric says:

      Obummer was at times, portrayed as a king; really he was a QUEEN.

    • christine says:

      Exactly! I try very hard everyday to block the 8 years prior to President Trump from my brain and my life.
      I am less than enamored of Jimmy Carter, but at least he was not malicious in his inadequacies.

      From now, to my mind, we have had only 44 presidents. Thanks for a new way to look at things!

  51. KEN says:

    Jobs,Jobs,Jobs. More jobs have been created for all, especially increases among the minorities. Trump may be brash but he’s getting the job done that benefits all. Has done more in 18 months than others in 8 years. The proof is right in front of your eyes. All one has to do is open them

  52. Belinda Mitchell says:

    Barack Obama did nothing for our country or our economy or jobs! He is a crooked politician that has sought and still is seeking to destroy America at every level and what has made us a great country! He needs to be in prison and so does most of his cabinet and cronies!!!

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