This New York Times columnist went off the deep end with this attack on Trump

Since Donald Trump’s Inauguration, the leftwing media has declared war on his Presidency.

The fake news has made some absurd attacks against President Trump.

But what this New York Times columnist just said may top it all.

During an interview on Katy Tur’s MSNBC show, New York Times reporter Michelle Goldberg claimed that President Trump isn’t the leader of the free world.

Goldberg said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is, despite her cratering approval rating as Germany faces an illegal immigration crisis.

She then went on to suggest that President Trump wishes he could “round up” citizens and murder them without due process.

TUR: Your argument that he’s not the leader of the free world – because he’s not standing up for democracy, because he’s not standing up for humanitarian rights?

GOLDBERG: Right, because he’s a sort of junior player in a bloc of authoritarian countries.

TUR: And people like the European Union are no longer looking at him as a leader any longer, and [they’re] thinking of doing their own thing.

GOLDBERG: Of course not, they see him as … he’s part of a bloc that includes Vladimir Putin, Duterte. He’s kind of part of a kind of [unintelligible].

TUR: Well, hold on –

PODHORETZ: It’s worse than that in a certain way. I mean, not that that’s not the worst thing you could have said [because] that’s about the worst you could say about him.

TUR: Well he’s not rounding people up and murdering them without any, you know, due process.

GOLDBERG: He’d certainly like to.

TUR: I don’t think you can say that definitively.

The fake news media has jumped the shark.

They have made a mockery of themselves for their absurd claims.

The media’s extreme left-wing bias has become so obvious that all attempts to conceal it have ended.

That’s why more Americans are rushing to alternative news sources like Patriot Pulse.

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