This CNN star had a surprising reaction to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court win

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Donald Trump fought off another attempt at lawfare by the Democrat Party.

Members of the media weren’t happy in the least.

And this CNN star had a surprising reaction to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court win.

CNN legal analyst mocks so-called “experts”

Much of the media launched into pure meltdown mode after the Supreme Court issued a 9-0 ruling rejecting attempts to ban former President Donald Trump from the ballot using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Journalists had no idea how to react because they spent months huffing the paint fumes from so-called “experts” like Never Trump lawyer George Conway and former Republican federal Judge Michael Luttig who declared it was a “no brainer” that the Supreme Court would rule Trump an insurrectionist and knock him off the ballot.

CNN’s Elie Honig made this point in his New York Magazine column.

Honig took a victory lap after predicting Trump would easily win this case as a plain reading of Section 5 of the 14th Amendment that left enforcement up to Congress and the Supreme Court wasn’t going to allow partisan state election officials to unilaterally kick their opponents off the ballot.

But Honig explained that Trump haters deceived themselves by listening to alleged experts who let their Trump hatred cloud their brains.

Honig wrote that “you’ll be forgiven if you expected a different result” because “we’ve endured months of cocksure guarantees from leading constitutional scholars that Colorado’s application of the 14th Amendment against Trump was ‘unassailable in every single respect.’” 

“Other thought leaders offered up an ‘amen’ chorus, disparaging any argument that the 14th Amendment might not work as ‘extremely weak’ and ‘just complete nonsense,’” Honig added. “Turns out you can’t bludgeon the Constitution into the ground with hyperbolic, conclusory rhetoric.”

Honig warns outcome will boost Trump

Honig also wrote that Democrats walked into a trap of their own making since the outcome of this case is now proof positive that Trump was the victim of partisan lawfare dreamed up by his opponents to unfairly target him and use extrajudicial means to keep him from the White House.

“Now the results are in, and Trump will reap the political windfall,” Honig continued. “Trump’s on the 2024 ballot, just as he would’ve been without the 14th Amendment detour. He and his supporters surely will rally around a failed effort by a bunch of Northeastern, elitist law-professor types to use the courts to deny the American voters a choice and to take out the Republican front-runner. This is one of Trump’s unique political gifts: He inspires such visceral hatred in his opponents that he provokes them to self-destruct.”

Trump’s poll numbers began to rise last April when Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg initiated the cascade of criminal indictments against him with the legally nonsensical hush money cash.

Trump winning in court against the Left in a politically motivated case like the 14th Amendment ballot eligibility challenge will do nothing to arrest that momentum.

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