The Supreme Court put Rachel Maddow in her place with one crushing defeat

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Rachel Maddow got some bad news.

It left her unhinged.

And the Supreme Court put Rachel Maddow in her place with one crushing defeat.

Supreme Court hits pause button on Democrat scheme to jail Trump before Election Day

The Left thinks it’s their birthright to control every institution in America.

Since Democrats carefully selected the jurisdictions to stage former President Donald Trump’s Soviet-style show trials, they assumed the judiciary was their ally in keeping him out of the White House.

The Supreme Court had other ideas.

The justices agreed to take up Trump’s claim of Presidential immunity on April 22.

That means there is virtually no chance Special Prosecutor Jack Smith and Obama-appointed Judge Tonya Chutkan can rush through a rigged trial where a jury of 12 Democrats in Washington, D.C. convicts Trump before Election Day.

Rachel Maddow melts down over Supreme Court taking Trump immunity case

Rachel Maddow did not handle this news well at all.

She raged that there was no constitutional question to be settled because President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after Watergate.

“The cravenness of the court is evident in what they are doing with the pacing here. You know, putting this off for seven weeks and sitting on it for two weeks for no reason. Obviously, pushing all of the cases that they can push to a point where Trump will be standing for election before any of us have heard the verdicts in any of those cases. Got it. It is the timing. It is the idea that the immunity thing is an open question. Is Presidential immunity an open question? What is the most famous pardon in American history? Gerald Ford for pardoning Richard Nixon once he resigned and was former President. Why did Gerald Ford pardon him? As a result, occurring before his resignation as President of the meeting as a result of stuff he did while President, quote, Richard Nixon has become liable to possible indictment in trial and whether or not he shall be prosecuted depends on findings of the appropriate grand jury and discussion of the authorized prosecutor,” Maddow ranted.

There is clearly a Constitutional question to be solved.

Even Jack Smith thinks so.

It was Smith who back in December petitioned the Supreme Court to take up Trump’s immunity appeal on an expedited basis so he could keep the original March 4 trial date on track.

The court rejected Smith’s motion and sought to treat Trump like any other defendant and have his appeal work its way through the Circuit Court first.

Now the Justices are again treating him like any other defendant by adding his case to the docket but scheduling it for the end of the term so they can hear cases in the order they came in.

The panic and rage on the part of Maddow and other Democrats come from knowing this case was their best chance to win a conviction against Trump before the election.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ case in Georgia is falling apart.

The complexity of the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case means it’s unlikely to take place before the election.

And absent a criminal conviction, Rachel Maddow and other Democrats don’t believe President Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump.

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