The smoking gun signing the Deep State’s death warrant just came from the last person imaginable

The Deep State has been in the midst of a total war against President Trump since the day he took office.

But their power has begun fading away following dozens of setbacks.

And the smoking gun signing their death warrant just came from the last person imaginable.

President Trump is a threat to the established power bases that controlled Washington, D.C. for decades.

No matter who is President, Republican or Democrat, these elites’ anti-American agenda is what truly rules.

But President Trump believes in America first, and his policies continue to help everyday Americans instead of powerful elites.

That’s why the Deep State has been working overtime to stop him.

And their war against Trump began long before he won the presidency.

It all began with the infamous Fusion GPS dossier against President Trump that was funded by money from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

That dossier, filled with completely false claims that were never verified, was used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants against Trump campaign officials.

And those applications were signed off on by former FBI Director James Comey.

But now, even Comey has been forced to acknowledge that he never knew if the dossier was true or false.

Breitbart News reports:

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey conceded that when it came to details inside the infamous anti-Trump dossier his FBI “didn’t know whether they were true or false.”

Yet in late October 2016, Comey signed the first of three successful FISA applications to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The second and third were renewal applications since a FISA warrant must be renewed every 90 days.

All three applications reportedly cited as key evidence against Page the dossier produced by the controversial Fusion GPS firm which was paid for its anti-Trump work by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee via the Perkins Coie law firm. The dossier was authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.”

This is particularly damning for the Deep State, considering those applications were the main piece of evidence used by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the basis for forming Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Russian collusion.

As we know now, that investigation was nothing more than an attempt to overthrow President Trump.

And now that it is known that officials in the highest levels of the government knew the information used to start the investigation was fabricated, the Trump administration has a solid case to strike back.

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95 Responses

  1. Judy Smith says:

    Hysterical story, love it!

  2. Maxx says:

    According to the publication The Epoch Times there are approximately 100 people directly and knowingly involved in the treasonous coup. After that there are hundreds more in the alphabet agencies as civil service employees that need prosecution for assisting the main criminals with their dirty deeds. The only way to punish this kind of ultimate betrayal of America is the death penalty. I know many individuals that would gladly volunteer to carry out the sentences.

  3. Maxx says:

    There should be only temporary prison time for all of the Deep State actors as they wait for the death sentence that is totally appropriate for treason. What these actors did and are still doing is TREASON. No immunity for anybody cooperating with the investigators.

  4. Jim Tierney says:

    I read that Huckabee predicted that President Trump will rename GITMO to COMEY ISLAND to accommodate all the new inhabitants that will finally be residing there. Although I believe it was treason and therefore the penalty is certainly applicable

  5. Tony L Bell says:

    Interesting how the death penalty conversation has now become front and center at the SCOTUS. Could it be that they is anticipation of treason trials forthcoming? One can certainly hope so.

  6. Jeanni says:

    John Kirkham you are forgetting about Obama, how much of this corruption by Hillary, Comey and all the rest would have happened if not for Obama! You can’t tell me that Obama isn’t in the center of all of this!

  7. Will says:

    All people such as she live in an alternate reality!

  8. The Real M says:

    Nunyer Binnis, Plus “Alaska Woman” is a dumbed down stupid a$$ liberal troll!
    Obviously she/it doesn’t have a clue what is and has been going on here on planet earth so, my guess is she has been farther away than Alaska, like on a distant planet in a galaxy far far away!

  9. Nunyer Binnis says:


  10. Lee Martinsen says:

    Start with Buhrahk Osama, then move on to Hitlery Rotten Clinton, then get Comey, Lynch, Nasty Pilosi, Mad Maxey Watters, and the rest of the DumbocRATS.

  11. Karl Drumm says:

    It is time to open the jail doors and put ALL the liars in and give them hard labor so they earn their living instead of dreaming up hoaxes in order to destroy a truly elected president.None of them should NEVER be allowed to run for public office.

  12. Tom says:

    Well if they stay home, they will be the fools, and I guess the Democrats will win. But if they go to the polls and vote, and the Republicans win back the Congress and retain control of the Senate, Trump will have an easier time getting the wishes of American citizens accomplished, I personally hope they vote Republican, because I would like things to go smoother in 2020, but if they choose to not vote, then they are saying that they don’t care about our country as much as the Democrats want to destroy the United Srares, like Obama damn near did, when he was in office

  13. John Kirkham says:

    H. Clinton started all this that has been going on for two and a half years. Her rigged investigation by Comey. Her pay to play as the Secretary of State. Got $145 million dollars for the Russian uramium deal. How is she going to pay all the countries back that gave her money. I could go on and on, but I won’t. The investigation that is going on now should start with her. Let’s hear how much jail time she gets and then all the others that were involved. START WITH CLINTON…

  14. Alaska Woman says:

    Deep state this, deep state that …
    When you cannot attch your whine to an identifiable target, you cite a fictional one …

  15. Brenda says:

    I totally agree but if any get anything it will only be a s l ap in the wrist.
    This goes so deep with many facets it boggles the mind.
    However the fact that the corrupt investigators are still in place is pure corruption continuing and they will find some poor fall guys to throw the book at letting the known corrupt walk free or get probated sentences.
    At the very least poser Obama and Hillary Holder Brennen, Pelosi, Schumer deserve the death penalty. But the elites that a dually rule won’t have that as the two served the elites well.
    We have all been played. What remains to be seen is just how bad.

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