The ratings are in and CNN has hit rock bottom

CNN ratings have been tanking.

They’ve launched an all out war on President Trump and are paying dearly for it.

But new ratings were just released and no one expected just how bad it was for CNN.

CNN’s daytime ratings declined by 41 percent since last year.

The network’s primetime ratings weren’t much better – declining by 36 percent.

TVNewser reports:

CNN ranked No. 6 across basic cable in total prime time viewers, and No. 5 in total day this past week. Despite the top 10 finishes, the network was -36 percent in prime time viewers, and -41 percent in total day viewers vs. the same week last year.

For the first week of September, Fox News had double the viewership of CNN.

CNN lost to Nickelodeon.

CNN has pushed all its chips on the table to become the anti-Trump network.

But they’ve been caught time and time again pushing fake news.

One recent example was when they used former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis as an anonymous source for a story.

Davis claimed Michael Cohen was going to spill the beans about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

It was supposed to be a smoking gun to prove Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

But Davis admitted he made the whole thing up.

And CNN never retracted its story.

Now the only place CNN can count on for ratings are airport lobbies.


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86 Responses

  1. anthony earnest perugini says:

    nominate the candidate of your shoice

  2. Alecia Sanchez says:

    We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, and here’s the most important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and “last” chance this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence or the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and this country will finally be RUN by Communists for the next century, and Communists – once they’re IN control – do NOT LET GO. Please — EVERYBODY who wants to to keep our great country No. #1 and on her financial and military feet for our children and grandchildren — Get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board in these Midterms. It’s absolutely THAT crucial.

  3. Angel's Fist says:

    CNN used to be a reliable news source. That was back in the days when Ted Turner owned the station. After he sold it, the station began to go downhill. The women who reported the news used to be fairly pleasant, too. Then they began to be bitchy. Some of them even crossed over from FOX News. There’s something about that network, but after the Iraq war, when the coverage was bar none, now their news coverage is practically none!! It’s mostly opinion, and who cares what they think?? They’re there to report the news — not give their opinions of it!!

  4. Snooky6677 says:

    Who is this so called network CNN ? I have never heard of them, they must be pretty bad because no body seems to like them. Well if they are that bad I guess I DON’T think I will like them or watch them either.What do you think? should I watch them? No I don’t so

  5. Geri says:

    Who is this so called network CNN ? I have never heard of them, they must be pretty bad because no body seems to like them. Well if they are that bad I guess I DON’T think I will like them or watch them either.What do you think? should I watch them? No I don’t so

  6. Joseph Gereald Vincent says:

    What I think is President Trump is doing a great job. Not all of CNN is doing a great job. Im not putting down CNN 100 percent. Just certain news anchors. Who thinks the network is all about them. She knows who she is.

    • T-pac says:

      NOTHING BUT HORSE 🐴 CRAP 💩 COMES OUT OF ALL THIER SOUR PUSS MOUTHS. They know this’s time is coming

  7. Jimmy says:

    Wait! It cannot be. CNN’s ratings are lower than the show, “Yo Gabba Gabba. You were beaten out by Barney and Friends? You’re now lower than John Wilkes Booth, and he is in the grave!
    But you still have about a dozen liberals who still watch. God Bless their weary souls.

  8. Les Liscum says:

    Question; Do you still think Cuomo is smarter than everybody else in the USA ?????

  9. Steve says:

    They won’t go away! Soros will foot the bill to continue the Communist News Network! We can only wish that they would implode and drop off of our cable listings! Guess we need them around for hysteria and a good laugh once and in awhile. It would be funny but half the people in this country actually believe the crap that they spew! MAGA!

  10. joe bones says:

    How the hell did Don Lemon ever get on the air. He is a liar, and a real bonehead. He seems like a jerk who wants to incite a race war. Lemon seems to be not impartial and just report the news without giving his opinion. I do not want listen to his opined rants.

  11. Ric B says:

    whoa, CNN seems to be going down as fast as Trump’s ratings for bring favorable. Interesting coincidence – – right now close to 60% of Americans rate Trump unfavorably.

    • Timothy says:

      That’s not fully accurate. The professional SSRS found these latest resuls:

      Overall, just 36% approve of the way the President is handling his job, down from 42% in August. Among independents, the drop has been sharper, from 47% approval last month to 31% now. That’s 4 points below his previous 2018 low of 35% approval among political independents in CNN polling, and 1 point below his previous all-time low among independents in CNN polling, reached in November 2017.

      • Mark Smith says:

        I haven’t been called once on Trump ratings, I guess the only call on DemonRats for ratings pols

        • CYNTHIA says:

          These are fixed or should I say rigged polls. Every poll I complete online has him at well over 60% approval ratings. Polls don’t really matter when they are rigged. I approve of him 100%. I haven’t watched CNN in over 2 yrs. Fake News.

      • Helen says:

        U don’t seem to telling the truth. Bozo! Why do feel u have to be liars all the darn time, it’s certainly not necessary, because everyone happens to know the simple truth, , and you certainly don’t appear to or you simply stand to hear the TRUTH!

    • russell says:

      only in your demented eyes

    • Randy Tielkings says:

      This idiot must watch cnn

    • deerflyguy says:

      No big news here! Polsters lie and twist data to support preconceived positions. If Americans weren’t basically simple people, there wouldn’t be so many democrats! Let’s say 40% democrats, 40% republicans and 20% independent, for the sake of argument? So, it appears that the independents currently swing toward the democrat side, although I really don’t understand why anyone sides with them? Just how much does one man have to do to get a break with his public? How much does he have to do to gain the support of the people he is doing things for? Trump has made solid attempts to fulfill all his campaign promises, and has has to do it without the support of 100% of his own party? He has had to swim upstream all the way without help from the democrats any of the way, or the RINOs, or the deeply rooted hierarchy of his own party? It’s so obvious that the criminal element of Washington, D.C. is against him all the way, and we whom have always demanded honest government are missing the opportunity to perhaps obtain it with Trump? Washington is all about power, and NOT about helping the people! Have some understanding, people, Trump is our best chance for what we have always professed to want! He is perhaps our last chance! Give him his best shot at winning for us! Give him enough republican votes to keep control, at least with numbers, because to give back either house will put obstructionist democrats back in power!

    • Jacqueline Mieras says:

      that’s what you thonk

  12. jackie Brake says:

    As long as CNN continues to lie about Trump and everything they do..their ratings will continue to drop until they will have to close their doors. Twill be a GOOD DAY.

  13. It’s a terrible thing, when the truth sets in. CNN’s pain is palpable. Watch out MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC. And FOX, if you’re at all savy you’ll stay aware of what can happen. Viewership can be powerful, it can also be fickle.

  14. doc says:

    Not worth the time to comment! (Ooops)

  15. TruthB Told says:

    Poor CNN. They are so misunderstood. They are just trying to do their jobs. They are being bullied by the White House. They are only seeking the truth. They are upholding the standard set by Edward R. Murrow.

    What you have just read is total and complete BULLSH*T!!!!

  16. Ernst says:

    CNN has become trash TV. Nobody watches. Their slim ratings come from tire store waiting rooms. FIRE JEFF ZUCKER!!!

  17. Kara Wright says:

    They don’t understand ” you reap what you sew and that is the final straw”. They deserve all they have put President Trump and Republications through.

    • Slick50 says:

      I can tell weather I got a liberal or conservative email. Besides the name I read through the adds. Conservative sites sell snake oil and free government money. Hmmm. No adds in liberal emails

      • herb portere says:

        Slick 50 should be “Sick 50…learn to spell whether…its not adds its ads

        • BwaHa says:

          herb portere, give ol’ slick a break. She’s been indoctrinated via the liberal school systems our nation insists our kids attend these days. She can’t help herself. The ol’ nose ring and prod scars suggest she’s been around the horn liberally a time or two already. She simply can’t believe the liberal mantra is, well, all of the hype it is.

          And yep, you’re right… “you reap what you sow”. Ol’ slick just doesn’t understand she’s been buffaloed and vamboozled by the smoke and mirror shows of the left. It’s fun to watch though. I know, I’m morbid in that way. I love to watch libs cry and blow snot bubbles through their noses when they’re confronted.

  18. Ginger says:

    Unless CNN is free for airports to use, they need to be taken out of the airport. It seems very unfair to leave such a biased, fake news channel like CNN on in the airports, when those viewers are likely being counted to give them the ratings they still have. Without those viewers, how low would CNN’s ratings really be?

  19. Mary says:

    Good going CNN. Keep going my wish will come true and you will go off air,I can’t stand it anymore weather you like it or not Trump is president learn to live with it stop the fake bashing all the time.

  20. Raymond says:

    It is only fake news if you are a Conservative.Which by the way I am ..But it appears that every establishment I go into.Rather it be a restaurant,a tavern,or most anywhere.I see CNN on the TV.For a news channel that is suppose to have rock bottom ratings.How come I see CNN on almost all TV sets no matter where I am ? So to say CNN has hit rock bottom is not a positive poll..I wish it were true.But in my opinion,I do not believe the polls of any kind..

    • Mark says:

      Raymond, there are several reasons for this. When businesses have Fox News on, liberals go nuts with complaints. Conservatives make no fuss about CNN being on. Business owners want peace. CNN pays businesses to have them on. CNN is doing their best to shape our thoughts with their lies, views. I stayed at a San Diego hotel which had CNN on TV every time you turn it on, no matter the last channel you watched. Total brainwashing attempt. Thank God, so many don’t fall for it.

      • Mark says:

        Why is CNN still like a default channel that cable providers just can’t get it together in their heads and see it as a dead channel. I complained to my local cable provider to drop CNN and replace it with One American News. Everyone needs to do this and complain every monthly when your cable bill is due.

  21. el Dorko says:

    CNN defines rock bottom. Where is Ted Truner when you really need him?

  22. Rodger Shull says:

    Well it could not happen to a MORE WORSE BUNCH on the TV. I hope the have to jump ship and find other jobs, A good time for some one else get in there and have a CONSERVATIVE NEWS NET WORK CNNW. so as not to be confused with the FAKE NEWS cnn

  23. jack schmidt says:

    well that is what happens when you lie to us and try to get rid of a duly elected President . lies get you no where and trying to push news that are made up by C N N is really a move towards death and an end to C N N go Trump.. by the way I have been wearing my make America great again hat and have had only high five’s and compliments , were the other bad reports staged ? C N N again

  24. Montella Sadler says:

    CNN is fake news. Anything to try and take down our President. President Trump has already in his short time as President done more than any President in American history for the American people. Does he receive any credit from CNN. NO, only fake news stories and no respect for the office of President. And to add to that….our wonderful First Lady, Melania and son Baron. How they have been treated is barbaric. I have no use for this kind of stuff. I am a true American and what I see is a President that loves America and it’s people. Get on board CNN or ratings will be a lot worse than this.

  25. Bernard Salmon says:

    Conservatives should be for eliminating immigration to this country for 20 years. This will give us an opportunity to evaluate whether we should eliminate immigration permanently.

    • PO1 Larry says:

      Trump needs to completely secure the border but we need around 100,000 construction workers vetted and allowed in to work around Houston ,Florida and the Carolinas due to the Hurricanes. Trump needs to veto all legislation unless the demorats agree to fund the wall and reform immigration.

  26. Howard P. Troutman says:

    Not sure whether they are the Communist News Network, or the Clinton New Network !! Either way, thye suck !!

    • christine says:

      I always call them the Constipated News Network since they are badly in need of an enema.
      Maybe their current ratings ARE this enema!

    • BwaHa says:

      I’ve been sticking with the label “Clinton News Network” since the “news” network drooled uncontrollably on the air over slick willy and his pet beast the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi hillary. Somehow, another beast was spawned and now we have three… the chelsea beast being the third. They are certainly not a “News” source for the impartial.

  27. Wendell Fountain says:

    The party’s over, turn out the lights!

  28. Michael says:

    Those pieces of dirt at CNN threw everything no matter far fetched, or unsubstiated it was into the mix because of there hatred of Mr Donald J Trump…They just couldnt wait to get it on the air, no matter how FAKE it was. Now they are paying for it…Mr Trump is a fighter…they hate that they cant manipulate public opinion against Mr Trump, so they make it up as they go…America doesnt give a rats ass about Stormy Daniels, Her lawyer…everyone knows the only collusion with Russia…was Hillary Clinton and big mouth thin skin Obama…uranium it is…bought and sold and paid for to view that third rate organization…the Clinton foundation whos main beneficiary is Chelsey. The quicker CNN fails…We can start Ignoring the Liars very at MSNBC

  29. Frank says:

    This should be no surprise to anyone with basic common sense. However, they, along with the lame stream media, need to keep the LIB-TURD SNOWFLAKE DEMO-CRAPS happy with their BS.

  30. kathy says:

    if that was the case there would be no libs

  31. Mike W says:

    CNN – Yahoo – Google – Twitter – FaceBook ALL are biased news they don’t give REAL NEWS – Just their damned sorry assed opinions – AND People are taking Notice.

  32. Statesman Patriot says:

    Why would any logical and reasonable advertiser align with an outlet that has such poor ratings, is known to lie and viewership declining? What a waste of marketing resources.
    Hope they are tracking their results. Bet they only get a handful of buyers from the democrats, from the wealthy elitists. The rest of them are on public assistance!

  33. james allen says:


  34. LPaulB says:

    FOX should make a major play for the airports. It would open a lot of eyes to the reality of Fake News.

  35. Gonaes says:

    Keep at it CNN and you will become a thing of the past. And good riddance !

  36. GySgt. Lew says:

    CNN, MSMBC and a lot of the local News stations are biased against Trump – they are all fake – they don’t tell the truth (a lot of lies) – Trump has done a lot for America since taking office – that’s why the people voted for him – Go Trump 2020..

    • Barbara Alexander says:

      I agree totally.. tried to watch those bias stations to see what they are saying..and its never anything other than bashing Trump anyway as possible….
      .Cannot tolerate both stations GYSgt.ew

  37. Joe says:

    CNN = Crappy News Network

  38. JC says:

    They forgot how to report news. They just lie and make up crap!

  39. Grayfox says:

    CNN – isn’t that Comedy News Network? Why is no one laughing? Oh, I get it. They’re not good at comedy either – standing in water above their waist while grass in the background waves in a breeze and the camera crew stands in ankle deep water along side the ditch filming the spectacle. The horror of it all was that it really wasn’t funny.

  40. NavyVet67 says:

    I tuned into CNN just to see what they are saying. Half of what they spin is fake. The other half is so distorted that it makes you laugh. If they told the complete truth, it would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the left is insanely stupid and criminally insane. I think it’s time for the paid sponsors to wake up and start pulling their ads. Plus, if there is any real important news they just ignore it

    • Ric says:

      Good post, NavyVet67; I do much the same; it verifies that CNN, though not alone, is no more than propagandists on the Democrats’ payroll. Amen, ignoring any essential news, as CNN dares not cease with its directive, the usurpation of the Trump Presidency.

  41. Gaye says:

    I’m glad. Next should be msnbc, nbc cbs. They should just broadcast the news, the whole thing, not just what they pick out. What they are trying to do to Pres. Trump will, after his 2 terms, bite them in the a** because no one is going to believe anything they say.

  42. Henry Price Lodge says:

    The First Amendment to the Constitution gives CNN and its on-air personalities the right to be as self-destructive as they want.

  43. John says:

    I bet the advertisers are pretty concerned. With nobody watching why advertise!!!!

  44. James P Hutchins says:

    clinton news network is a joke and a down in ratings cnn is fake news.

  45. DAV says:

    CNN has hit rock bottom?….like they say in Russia- “That’s tough shifsky!!!”

  46. david says:

    Left wing drivel watched by libocrat fascists to feed their mental illness.

  47. Shelly says:

    It’s to bad that CNN has taken this path. You would think that the employees of this network would want to protect their jobs instead of going down with the ship. I would quit right now and go find another job, and do that job the right way, before the heads of this network pulled me into being unhireable to anyone else. Immence escalation in Trump hatred is exactly what we have witnessed in excess for the past two years now.

  48. Shelly says:

    It’s to bad that CNN has taken this path. You would think that the employees of this network would want to protect their jobs instead of going down with the ship. I would quit right now and go find another job, and do that job the right way, before the heads of this network pulled me into being unhireable to anyone else. You dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change, the devil changes you, and that’s exactly what we have witnessed in excess for the past two years now.

  49. Rex says:

    Cunt News Network. That’s what CNN is.

  50. Earl says:

    It seems that people and organizations would learn to be honest and do their job and DO NOT TRY TO TELL AMERICANS WHAT TO THINK OR DO. AMERICANS are intelligent and can think for themselves.


  51. Earl says:

    It seems that people and organizations would learn to be honest and do their job and DO NOT TRY TO TELL AMERICANS WHAT TO THINK OR DO. AMERICANS are intelligent and can think for themselves.


  52. Earl says:

    It seems that people and organizations would learn to be honest and do their job and DO NOT TRY TO TELL AMERICANS WHAT TO THINK OR DO. AMERICANS are intelligent and can think for themselves.

  53. Fr Tom Martin says:

    You would think there would be a shake up at CNN, but they hate President Trump and cannot admit they were wrong about the last election they are going to ride a dying horse until it is dead.

  54. Wills says:

    Looks like the “Clearly Not News” channel will be going the way of Air-America. A footnote in some obscure trivia book. Congratulations

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