The ratings are in and CNN has hit rock bottom

CNN ratings have been tanking.

They’ve launched an all out war on President Trump and are paying dearly for it.

But new ratings were just released and no one expected just how bad it was for CNN.

CNN’s daytime ratings declined by 41 percent since last year.

The network’s primetime ratings weren’t much better – declining by 36 percent.

TVNewser reports:

CNN ranked No. 6 across basic cable in total prime time viewers, and No. 5 in total day this past week. Despite the top 10 finishes, the network was -36 percent in prime time viewers, and -41 percent in total day viewers vs. the same week last year.

For the first week of September, Fox News had double the viewership of CNN.

CNN lost to Nickelodeon.

CNN has pushed all its chips on the table to become the anti-Trump network.

But they’ve been caught time and time again pushing fake news.

One recent example was when they used former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis as an anonymous source for a story.

Davis claimed Michael Cohen was going to spill the beans about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

It was supposed to be a smoking gun to prove Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

But Davis admitted he made the whole thing up.

And CNN never retracted its story.

Now the only place CNN can count on for ratings are airport lobbies.

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83 Responses

  1. anthony earnest perugini says:

    nominate the candidate of your shoice

  2. PO1 Larry says:

    Trump needs to completely secure the border but we need around 100,000 construction workers vetted and allowed in to work around Houston ,Florida and the Carolinas due to the Hurricanes. Trump needs to veto all legislation unless the demorats agree to fund the wall and reform immigration.

  3. Alecia Sanchez says:

    We may never know if Kavanaugh ever did anything wrong or why Jeff Sessions is disloyal and refuses to do his job, or why America’s mainstream media (except for FOX) has become as “fake news” as the “tabloids”. All I know for SURE is this: Our POTUS needs this extra Judge’s (Kavanaugh) vote in the Supreme Court for his Agenda, and here’s the most important thing to remember: Donald Trump is the ONE and ONLY “gift” and “last” chance this country will EVER have to get back on her feet! If our incredible President doesn’t complete SIX MORE YEARS, Mike Pence (who has neither the drive, the ability, the independence or the “b—s” to fight the Deep State) will most probably NOT be elected, and this country will finally be RUN by Communists for the next century, and Communists – once they’re IN control – do NOT LET GO. Please — EVERYBODY who wants to to keep our great country No. #1 and on her financial and military feet for our children and grandchildren — Get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN across the board in these Midterms. It’s absolutely THAT crucial.

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