The “PC” Police’s goals are even more nefarious than we first thought

Donald Trump won the presidency largely because a “silent majority” of Americans were sick of the “PC Police” forcing their views on us.

But over the first year of his presidency so-called Social Justice Warriors have only become more shrill in their condemnation for traditional American values.

Now a new poll has revealed just how much damage “PC” culture has wreaked on political discourse.

According to a Cato Institute survey, 71% of Americans believe that political correctness has stifled free speech.

What’s worse is according to the survey, 58% of Americans believe “the political climate prevents them from sharing their own political beliefs.”

Among those Americans who self-censor their political believes, nearly three-fourths of conservatives keep some beliefs private, while a majority of Democrats don’t hold back their political beliefs.

The Cato Institute reports:

Democrats are unique, however, in that a slim majority (53%) do not feel the need to self-censor. Conversely, strong majorities of Republicans (73%) and independents (58%) say they keep some political beliefs to themselves.

Two-thirds of Americans (66%) say colleges and universities aren’t doing enough to teach young Americans today about the value of free speech. When asked which is more important, 65% say colleges should expose students to “all types of viewpoints even if they are offensive or biased against certain groups.” About a third (34%) say colleges should “prohibit offensive speech that is biased against certain groups.”

More than three-fourths (76%) of Americans say that recent campus protests and cancellations of controversial speakers are part of a “broader pattern” of how college students deal with offensive ideas. About a quarter (22%) think these protests and shutdowns are simply isolated incidents.

Night-after-night, the biased national media presents news stories on their terms.

They continuously portray anyone who believes in small government as “extreme.”

And the fake news media are accomplishing their goal of silencing their political opponents.

When Americans with conservative beliefs self-censor, that means politicians and talking heads pushing big government “solutions” face no opposition in the public sphere.

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Can the “silent majority” afford to remain silent anymore?

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