The one question Kamala Harris wasn’t asked at the VP debate proves a sinister truth

Even with the Fake News Media on her side, Kamala Harris handedly lost her debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

This is even with the moderator completely in her corner.

And it’s one question Kamala Harris wasn’t asked that proves a sinister truth.

The Presidential debates are supposed to be an open playing field.

Moderators are expected to not take any positions or pick a side.

But in the Trump-era, where the entire so-called “mainstream” media, who ultimately run the debates, are squarely against the President, there is no chance of the debates being fair.

Despite this, Vice President Mike Pence was able to wipe the floor with Senator Kamala Harris.

All he had to do was expose her radical agenda, which goes much farther to the left than Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to put on.

Pence hammered her on a number of issues that the Biden campaign is pushing that she has historically been in opposition with.

In one case, Pence points out how Harris has consistently stated that she wants to ban fracking, but because it isn’t a popular issue in key states she is trying to act like she never said that.

One issue in particular that Harris should have been asked by moderator Susan Page, but wasn’t, was about packing the Supreme Court.

With the fight to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett being perhaps the top issue going into the November election, packing the Supreme Court is a strategy that many leftists are calling for if Joe Biden wins.

Their logic is that if Trump is able to confirm Barrett they can offset her confirmation by adding new seats to the Supreme Court that Biden can then fill with whoever he wants.

Biden refused to state if he would do this at his first debate with Trump.

Considering that Harris would certainly take a larger role than Vice President’s usually do, considering Biden’s age and declining mental health, this is a question that should be asked of her.

But Page never did ask the question.

Instead, Pence was forced to ask the question.

“Senator. Are you and Joe Biden going to pack the Court?” Pence questioned. “You’ve refused to answer the question. Joe Biden has refused to answer the question. I think the American people would really like to know.”

Of course, she didn’t answer the question, and Page didn’t put any pressure on her to give a definitive answer.

Something as extreme as court packing would change the country forever, and the Left knows this.

But they don’t want voters to know that, and instead want to avoid talking about it at all.

And the fact that a moderator in a Vice Presidential debate seems to be in on that scheme should terrify any Trump supporter.

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