The military just made a decision about the border that no one could believe

Joe Biden created a massive crisis at the southern border.

Americans are demanding answers.

And now the military just made a decision about the border that no one could believe.

Over 170,000 illegal aliens were taken into custody at the border in the month of March.

Nearly 19,000 of these illegal aliens apprehended at the border were children, a record number.

The Biden administration is throwing the kids in cages and in some cases caging them longer than the laws allows them to be held.

Instead of reinstituting the Trump policies that would return children to their home countries on airplanes, make illegal aliens wait in Mexico for the asylum cases to play out, or having them apply for asylum in the first safe third party country they cross into on the way to the United States, the Biden administration is creating another magnet for illegal immigration by announcing that Camp Roberts in California would become the third military installation to house illegal alien children.

A Defense Department official’s statement read:

On April 2, the Department of Defense approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for facilities and land to temporarily house unaccompanied children at Camp Roberts, California.

This support is being provided on a fully-reimbursable basis. DoD only provides this kind of support where it has no impact on military readiness and its ability to conduct its primary missions.”

We refer you to HHS for more detail about the manner in which they will avail themselves of Camp Roberts and the number of children they expect to place there.

Border Patrol officials expect the surge of illegal aliens pouting over the border to last for up to seven more months.

And this new decision to house illegal alien children on military bases will only serve to attract even more illegal alien children and prolong the crisis at the border.

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