The Democrats’ big election lie just blew up in their faces

Democrats promote the questionable claims about Russian election hacking to motivate their voters ahead of the 2018 midterms.

The Democrat National Committee ran to the FBI with a new story about election hacking.

But the Democrats’ big lie about election hacking just blew up in their faces.

Democrats claimed hackers tried to infiltrate their voter database.

This was more hysteria to try to whip up their voters into a frenzy before the November elections.

However, it was more fake news.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In a statement early Wednesday, Bob Lord, the DNC’s chief information security officer, said the DNC and its partners who reported the site “now believe it was built by a third party as part of a simulated phishing test.”

The test mimicked attributes of a real attack on the committee’s voter database but wasn’t authorized by the DNC, Mr. Lord said.

“There are constant attempts to hack the DNC and our Democratic infrastructure, and while we are extremely relieved that this wasn’t an attempted intrusion by a foreign adversary, this incident is further proof that we need to continue to be vigilant in the light of potential attacks,” Mr. Lord said…

…The DNC didn’t immediately say how it determined the incident was a test or who had conducted the test.

Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians for hacking the DNC in 2016.

To date, the government has made no evidence public to back up this claim.

Democrats want to seize on the hysteria surrounding alleged Russian election hacking to put the GOP on defense.

Democrats believe stories about Russian hacking divide Republican candidates from Donald Trump and will in turn depress GOP voting turnout.


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50 Responses

  1. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott and prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  2. John says:

    Of course they will keep focusing their lies on the only thing they have attempted to accomplish. They want Trump gone so they can continue thei insidious Communist take over just as the Bolsheviks in Russia did. They will promise everything but deliver on nothing. They are bent on one real goal the destruction of the American Republic.

  3. Kara Wright says:

    All the DEMs and Mueller are trying a little to hard to fabricate things to play as if they are being attacked. They in there DUMB way are the attackers. Eventually all their crying and belling aching about them being hacked is made up from nothing just like if they had there way we need another investigation. They want to cancel all appointments because its unfair. Well lets put off the Midterms just in case the Cohen problem makes the DEMS feel that they are being treated unfairly. This is all a waste of time . I want the Kavanaugh vote taken next month and we will have to see what daily they will try to do to stall.

  4. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  5. M says:

    Until Democrat voters open their eyes and realize that their party leaders will make up and use any lie, plus accuse innocent people of anything, they think will get Dem lib candidates elected, the situation is stagnant. They lie and cheat without reservation because
    what if they are exposed for wrong doings, they know the Dem voters are
    listening to their leaders and liberal MSM for information and
    direction. They surely are going to
    dismiss anything a Republican says as
    lies and they laugh at all conservative
    media. Rank and file Dem voters have to get involved and research all sides to get at the truth and make good decisions.

  6. madmemere says:

    We have already been told by one of our “higher ups”, in the NSA, that we have more to worry about FROM CHINA, as far as election hacking, than we do from Russia! Notably, NO ONE, in the media, even bothers to talk about that.

  7. joseph wisniewski says:

    This is a test , this is a test by the National Secret Hacking Service , This is only a test , Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
    This was a test by NSHS Thank You .
    Democrats go nuts blame Russia for test

  8. Donna Little says:

    The democrats keep throwing mud on the wall with hope that some of it will stick. They even recycle some of the mud. And they create a lot of the mud themselves.

  9. Sue Jackson says:

    The Democrats have nothing of substance to run a successful campaign on so they have doubled down on “blaming the Russians”. I have yet to have learned of any source for their accusations or of any location where there is actual proof of votes cast by Russians that somehow mysteriously hacked into our secure voting system without setting off any built in alarms to alert the gate keepers of one of our greatest assets. If the Russians were able to so easily hack our voting system, why are the Democrats not concerned with my observation that maybe our banking system was also hacked as well. Nobody has responded to that concern and as far as I know it has not been invested. Does it anger me that our voting process may have been interfered with? Yes. But it not only would anger me, but it could be a major catastrophe if the Russians or anybody else were to hack into our banking system. I have not heard one politician from either side of the aisle utter a word about what such an event would mean to people from all over the World if our financial system was hacked and all our monetary holdings stolen. Maybe WE, the People should contact our politicians to inquire about any other possible hacking into our system and what they are doing to secure all our systems. What if the Russians hacked into our Stock Market? What could they do to reek havoc within our Education, Legal, Insurance or Medical systems? Where OH where can I find a Politician to answer my questions of concern? Maybe they are not so concerned because they already know the entire story of election hacking claims are LIES and more LIES. Did I mention that politicians tell us LIES all the time?.

  10. David says:

    How can any democrat Voter go on Voting for any of these lying democrat leaders knowing they lied to them over & over again?

    • Jerry Rockwell says:

      The Democrat philosophy is the same as the Russians philosophy. Tell a lie, tell it big, tell it often, and the dumbocrats will inevitable believe it. They are seriously delusional. Shout out Big Bird is Santa Claus and watch what they do this Christmas!

  11. gator1246 says:

    For people with short memory , when Romney was running for president , harry reed , got on tv and told lies about Romney , after the election , reed was confronted about the lies , he looked at the news reporter and said , ( SO WHAT ) he did not get elected did he . These people will lie to get what they want . I do not trust them , because they have not give me any reason to trust them . obama and the democrats stood on tv and said , your insurance will be cheaper , you can keep your doctor, ect. all a lie . The democrats are doing it again this election year . They hate Trump because they are afraid of him , if he gets a full working cabinet , he will show just how bad and crooked the deomcrats have been . That is why they are doing anything they can to get rid of him . He will destroy their party and some of them , may go to jail .

  12. Will says:

    Just more democrat BS. they are doing this them selves , if anyone is hacking it is them.
    They are tied to Soros, and Soros has been caught messing with the voter machines , so that tells me who you can really point the finger at . { IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE }

  13. Stan Lww says:

    The representations made against the President’s success and his oppositions from “The Swamp” are breaking all that’s historic of the nature of this world’s only constitutional republic. But, the scenario has been of “opposing political forces” nursing the most huge falsity in American history. What I am addressing is the gigantic effort to hang an alleged collusion with Russia onto one man , which has ended in a most expensive waste of tax-payers money, which is really all that supports the U.S. government. And, not a scintilla of the accusations and beliefs have been uncovered by the most aggressive Special Counsel & Co. put together to placate the Democrats who were practically shocked permanently that Donald Trump became President at the will of the American people, the winner of an election he was ear-marked to lose.
    In practically one second of time, The Democrat constituency realized the election was not theirs. Ordinarily, both Democrats and Republicans regarded an election as the final tally of America’s will for its President. It was not to be this time, in less than a mini-second, the Democrats had become unusually hateful Trump enemies, disregarding the reality that the fate of our nation hung with the chosen President. How most of a Democrat constituency could turn into absolute hate in an instant is beyond me, and my first presidential vote cast was for Harry Truman. I have seen elections, but people on either end of it, winning or losing, were Americans who all supported our constitutional process, measured by vote count. WTH happened to this country that suddenly one faction of free people suddenly hate another’s faction which appears to have no end. The haters do not understand the extent of their hates…for what? Winning an election in the traditional American way! Have we stopped being free people with free choice, from which we receive our leaders? It’s far more than embarrassing, it is downright a shame from which we must recover to be a united nation…the nation whose young, male or female, went forth to fight for our unique way of life, envied by an entire world, but hardly appreciated by an American constituency which hates like the dickens if it doesn’t get its way. Damit, we’re better than that! Make up your minds that without unity, we are becoming victims to every tin-horn fascist! For God’s sake, stop the dam hating and stop buying into it!

    • Good comment, well written and articulated. Stan you are spot on, God Bless you! I too, would like to know what the hell happened to the people of this once great nation. Have the ‘Democrats’ forgotten we have a two party system (actually 3 but who cares about that one)? What are they trying to do? Every Republican president that has been in office as far back as Eisenhower, the Democrats have tried to sabotage their presidency by threatening impeachment, investigations, or obstructing and blocking any good thing they tried to do. WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA AND THE TWO PARTIES WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THIS NATION AND IT’S CITIZENRY? GOD HELP US!

      • Charles says:

        it started in the 70’s when God was put out of school, the abortion was accepted, the racist were listened to and the Liberal march was on Antiva, BLM, tear down all the statues of all the Southern and Northern Civil War Generals because someone said they owned slaves, Well the Kennedy’s owned slaves, you can bet many of the politicians of today going back 10 or 11 generations their family owned slaves. The same people that are mean to animals today were the same types of people that were mean to the slaves back then. The difference and the similarities from then to now; we are all slaves, we wake up and if not killed in a war we work until we die for someone or something, the slaves were freed by Lincoln a Republican, and the Democratic Party put all of us back into slavery. And we still are in slavery; remember all lives matter and we are all Americans and not XXX American, Just plain American. All blood is red that is its only color, the gangs and the illegals are helping shed a lot of this American blood, Please let the Police do their job and help stop the shed of more American Blood!

        • Jayne Dough says:

          Charles , AMEN! I refuse to use any of those politically correct hyphenated names. Either you’re an American or you aren’t. If you don’t want to be an American, kindly leave my country, sooner rather than later.

    • Ruth says:

      I agree with Stan this has got to stop now!!!

    • Pamela says:

      FANTASTIC COMMENT Stan . Maybe you should run for President? Why can’t there be more people like you in this world?

  14. Grampa says:

    perhaps they could all take a lesson from the hackers. they seem to know election results before anyone else. hell it has taken weeks to get an accurate count in Ohio after all if it works use it.

  15. Ron says:

    What is really sad is there are so many supposedly intelligent people who believe this Trump/Russia collusion nonsense! I keep waiting for someone on the left, with their “superior intellect”, to rationally explain why the Russians would help elect a US President who wants to rebuild the US military and put America first over Hillary! Someone who actually DID collude with Russia in the sale of US uranium reserves and the creation of a fake dossier! Someone the Russians already knew they could buy! And did! Sure, the Russians meddled in the election! But why isn’t it obvious to anyone with an IQ about their shoe size the Russians, like everyone else, had to believe Hillary was going to win, and they would be dealing with her! Therefore, the meddling was designed to create division and distrust in our electoral system! In that they succeeded, and are still doing so with the aid of the Demorats playing this tiresome record.

    • T-pac says:

      Apparently they lack any intelligence at all.
      Fire Jeff Sessions and
      Drain the F’n swamp
      Before it’s too late

    • Doris says:

      You certainly have that right. The Russians had bent over backwards to work with The Obamas and The Clintons. After all Putin has put all of his efforts into rebuilding the USSR, and he blames Ronald Reagan and the Republicans for tearing it down. Putin even warned Obama about the Boston bombers. I have wondered why Obama and his Intelligence network never acted on that information. Then it dawned on me that the warning was not a convenient to Obama. It’s occurred to me that our world renown
      Intelligence agencies had the same intelligence but overlooked it . Obama was so devoted to his Muslim faith, as was the director of the CIA. Then they call the most Patriotic President in many years as being treasonous.

  16. wise owl says:

    I cannot figure out why hillary is not locked in a federal prison. for treason, murder, lying to investigators, having total disrespect for our Commander in Chief, and for being such a lying communist.

    • Ron says:

      Very easy to figure! Hillary is an elevated icon of the ruling class! As such, she is immune to any and all laws she chooses to ignore or violate! The hallmark of a two tier system of justice we now have in America! One system for them, another for the rest of us peons!

    • Doris says:

      Hillary is not the sharing type. There isn’t any trace of “ist” in her DNA. A lot of Gimmie and Mine.. She’s all for Hillary. She’ll even stand before a World’s Women Convention and and say Christians will have to change their beliefs or be forced ,by law enforcement, to do so. After her loss, she was standing next to a Methodist, and thinking of being a minister. The proper suffix for her is “ite” as in hypocrite.

  17. KilRoy Was Here says:

    Devilrats truly believe this Russian Trump crap is real. So yes this will be a royal pain but again nothing but a slimy mouth for any actual proof it has or will happen. More liberal lies to try and pick up votes from the illiterates as they feel that’s their new base.

  18. Ed says:

    All of this B’s is due to our government more interested in protecting their ability to spy on us over citizens rights to privacy. We have the technology to prevent all of this including the ability to encrypt data such that when they do hack it, it is worthless because it can’t be read. Yet our government then cannot spy upon citizens. Even Donald J Trump is part of the swamp in this, after how he was done you would think his first act would be to restore our 4th amendment rights and repeal 911 laws. Instead he is silent and allows those illegal laws to continue. Our own government is the enemy in this and the proof is in their actions for all to see but people are blinded by the government’s false cry of terrorism to be protected from. These so called terrorist have no standing Navy or Air Force, and if our own government would quit arming them they would have no Army. So if you look realistically at facts, terrorism is not the threat they claim it to be.

    Before all of you jump all over me for what I have said, I support Trump as our only real option for citizens at this time and I am a 20 year retired veteran. Yet just because Trump is head and shoulders above all other options that still doesn’t mean he is operating to protect the Constitution and citizens.

  19. gary morton says:

    it’s only a matter of time before a guy by the name of Woody Woodrich, we call him Swampy, steps in and really screws it up!!!

  20. gillyanne j. baker says:


  21. Mike says:

    The Democrats are getting so desperate to blame anyone for their own f**k ups its getting past funny and just plain pathetic.

  22. I hate Liberals says:

    The only Russian Collusion uncovered was very early in and it was ALL Democrats….none of whom were charged under threat of being suicided like the others by Hillarys goon squad.

  23. BobUSAFret says:

    Democrats still can’t get of the simple truth, that their fat ass liberal queen Hillary lost the election on HER OWN.

    • RicB says:

      Bob, you are SO right, Hillary was about as unpopular as naval lint. I mean Bill had the smooze, but Hillary just does not have any. And for her to get 3 million more votes is concerning, because what if the Dems put up someone who is like Bill or Barack? Hillary lost on her own, despite the fact that the Trump campaign team clearly conspired with Russia at the Trump Tower meeting and Trump, by his own words in Fox interview, showed he violated not only campaign laws with Cohen, by the FALSE INVOICES by Cohen, violated Tax laws. I am worried about our president because he seems to be saying WAY too much rather than knowing when to keep his mouth shut. He is sinking himself!

      • Patricia Lanergan says:

        Ric b. Need to get facts straight here. Trump is fine and WE THE PEOPLE STAND BEHIND HIM NO MATTER WHAT THE CRAPPY LIBERALS SPEW AGAINST HIM. They are treasonous liars, always have been and always will be. We don’t care who or what Trump played with before his presidency only what he has done for our country since coming into office and that clearly includes the mess the illegal Ob made in the 8 years he was in office and sold our country out along with his liberal cohorts.

      • klaus schmidt says:

        Baloney! Where did you come up with clearly conspired with the Russian’s? only in that pea brain of yours! And for your info he did NOT violate any campaign laws! you got a few screws loose pal!

  24. Ray Miller says:

    Democrats corrupt everything they touch. They are liars, cheats, crooks, traitors and hate America, our Constitution and Americans in general.

  25. Mike Baumgartner says:

    What kind of political party would risk starting a war with Russia because they lost an election?

  26. Kara Wright says:

    There is so much FAKE news created by the DEMS that they are running out of ideas. Keep all the fakes coming cause voters will see right through you. Your biggest problems is who you have as DEMS, Chuck, Nancy, Maxine and Kamala.

  27. joe jacobs says:

    we are going to see more false charges filed against republicans running 4 office as democrats use the justice system to try to influence the elections

  28. russell remmert says:

    the democrat Left should be listed as a terrorist party when can we expect them to be arrested

  29. Rick says:

    How quickly the democrats want you to forget that in a lot of democrat states voting machines were
    purchased from a Company subsidized by Commie Soros so they could change votes. Watch out for the
    boomers in Nov we still love our America MAGA Mr.Trump!!!

  30. Thomas Mitchell says:

    That’s what Obama said about Hillary R. Clinton. “She will say and do anything to get elected.”

    Is the body count trailing the Clinton’s just a coincidence?

  31. James P Hutchins says:

    pelosi even said to other democrats lie and say anything to get elected.

    • Thomas Mitchell says:

      That’s what Obama said about Hillary R. Clinton. “She will say and do anything to get elected.”

      Is the body count trailing the Clinton’s just a coincidence?

  32. Randy Miller says:

    The Democrats will lie to get what they want. That fact was admitted publicly by Nancy Pelosi herself. Knowing that, one should not believe anything that they say.

  33. James P Hutchins says:

    The democrats will cry wolf always but it will come to get them in the mid term elections they will lose.

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