The Deep State just issued an insane threat to Donald Trump

Donald Trump was celebrating.

A report by Republicans on the intelligence community found no evidence of collusion with Russia.

But then a top Deep State operative issued a threat to Trump that left everyone wondering if the other shoe was about to drop.

Trump tweeted out that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee found no evidence.

John Brennan – Obama’s CIA Director and someone who lied to Congress about the Obama administration spying on Congressional staffers – responded with an incendiary tweet claiming special counsel Mueller would soon have evidence that will finish Trump.

Given Brennan’s history of lying – and the credible accusations of him being a Deep State leaker – it’s hard to take what he says seriously.

If there was any evidence of collusion, Brennan would have had access to it by virtue of his position as CIA Director.

And it surely would have leaked.

Brennan is just popping off on social media to drive the liberal narrative that any day now Trump will be found guilty of high crimes and be driven from office.

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