The anti-Trump conspiracy just revealed who is next on their hit list

The cabal of anti-Trump “resistance” in the media and justice system has set their sights on a new target.

It’s not enough that they want to destroy Donald Trump. They want to punish anyone who supported him by taking away their career.

And the conspirators just revealed who is next on their hit list.

In a shocking courtroom development, Trump attorney Michael Cohen – whose offices and home were invaded by federal agents as part of the witch hunt against the President – revealed Fox News host Sean Hannity was one of this clients.

Liberals erupted in glee and far-left members of the media took to twitter to trash Hannity and claim he was somehow dishonest with his viewers.

But Hannity denied that Cohen ever represented him a legal matter or charged him any money.

Hannity stated he asked Cohen about legal matters pertaining to real estate.

Far-left outlets like CNN will pounce on this story because they do not believe Trump supporters should be on the air.

They want to silence anyone who defends the President.

In their mind, dissenting voices are an invading force into their media echo chamber bubble.

So now they will use thisto raise pressure on Fox to fire Hannity.


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38 Responses

  1. William EARL Brown Jr. says:

    Back in the 60’s a little man said “WE WILL BURY YOU AMERICAN’S FROM WITHIN” and now it come to fruit.If you vote dumacrap you cut your own throat we need to clean out congress.4 years in congress then you are out never to be able run again.These people in congress now don’t give a damn about the people that put them there.Look around are we blind they piss on us each and everyday we pay them more and we get less in return.The only person in DC fighting for us we the people and they are trying to get rid of him.I could keep on but to WWE the PEOPLE rise up and take back our USA we are only pissing up a rope, because we will wake up one morning and want have the means to do anything.Set on your asses and bitch and see where it gets you.Behind a barbed wire fence looking out or 6 feet down looking up from cold dead eyes.I think I’ll stand up and fight I don’t look good on my knees waiting for a shot from behind to my head. TRUMP 2020 AND BUILD THE DAMN WALL

  2. Shawn S Fahrer says:

    Have you noticed that it is the JEWISH “friends” / relatives of Trump who are trying to ‘have him’ by ‘the balls’? Hear me out before you think, “Here’s another Anti Semitic rant” (when it’s fair to say that in this case anti-Judaism — which it should really be called, since most Jews are NOT related to Shem, the father of the Semites, but Japeth, the father of the Japethites — IS justifiedin the case of President Trump).

    First it was Rod Rosenstein who turned on his boss (by appointing Robert Mueller — a man with obvious pro-FBI conflicts due to his long time relationship with James comey, et al– to be a “Special Prosecutor” [or should I say PERSECUTOR?] in the so-called “Russian Investigation” which hasn’t netted any Russians — just names of 12 alleged “Russian operatives” who may or may not even exist– but only a few people who worked for the President to varying degrees).

    Secondly, there is Jared Kushner, who actually manged to MARRY HIS WAY into the Trump family (and, given his own legal problems, will “sing” against his father in law and turn ‘traitor’ in a heartbeat). He should be DISOWNED ASAP (as well as Ivanka) and CAST AWAY as the traitors to this country that they really are.

    Now there’s Michael Cohen, who will surely do the DISHONORABLE thing and turn against his (now former) client (and take everyone else he can find along with him — including Sean Hannity, if he can). All I know is, if a lawyer has only THREE CLIENTS, how good a lawyer can he really be? Don’t most laywers / law firms have at least DOZENS, if not HUNDREDS of clients they represent or have represented at one time or another? The fact that Cohen lists only THREE clients is suspicious all by itself….

    As a result, it is clear that President Trump has a YUUUGE “Jewish problem” (whether he wants to admit it or not). The only solution (the term “final solution” has an unfortunate connotation when it comes to Jews, so I can’t use that phrase) is that Trump should utter his two “magic words” to anyone who is, or was Jewish : and those words are “You’re fired!” Remember that an (unconverted) Jew’s first loyalty is to HIS (false) religion (created inancient Babylon, AKA the “Great Mother of Whores and Abominations on the Earth”) and not to either the USA OR to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Even a converted Jew MAY revert to his Jewish background / genetics, so he might not be trustworthy enough at this point. There’s a (religious) war out there (besides the war for your mind that Infowars speaks about) — it is about time that our President began to FIGHT THAT FIGHT (or get out of the way to let someone who will stand up for Jesus to assume the role of President. And I am not sure if that man is Mike Pence — he seems a bit “swampy” to me.)…

    • Rolando Raudez says:

      Tu debes dedicarte a adivino (en Mexico “merolico”) o leer las cartas, tienes mucho de brujo y de chismoso, y una pregunta: Es prohibido tener un abogado para cualquier gestion? o es tabu por ser el abogado del Presidente?

    • Kurt Hanssen says:

      Since the Jews had Jesus the son of God crucified, I’ can understand that they have to worship a different God, and since the jews run this the US. and the EU, and the UN, and the FN, and the EOS, Even the FB. Now they want to rule the world thru the New World Order NWO. and they are all DumboCrappers that don’t like TRUMP interfering in their business like Jesus did, and you so what happened to him. The Jews owe everything here in the US, from Hollywood, Oil, Air, and cruise lines, Gold and Diamonds, Hotels, Hospitals, Big Pharma, Insurance Co’s, All fake Media, Big Banks including the Fed’s Money Press $$$ which was short 16.TRILLION during the NO bummer era, and just look at all the Jews in our Government, all with dual Citizenships that are going after TRUMP, The Jews did the same exact in Germany, The was in full control of absolutely everything. The Jews were the ones that took the guns from the Germans since they were in control of the Government just like here in the US, Hitler gave them back their guns. Hitler did what he had to do to take back Germany and give it back to the Germans. The Jews Controlled Poland, and a Lot of East Europe, Hitler gave those countries back to their rightful owners. But today they are back in control of Europe Thru EU. and now they all want to leave the EU.?? That was the Jews stepping-stone to world Power thru the NWO. the New World Order. Israel and the Jews want to rule the world.?? this is why they are coming after your guns, and creating all these fake Mass Shootings to make a reason to eliminate the 2.Nd Amendment…

    • jim says:

      Things are totally out of hand, and the more successful President Trump is,,,The further the LEFT will go to discredit him. From Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer,Waters, Nadler, Brennon, Clapper, and all the “lefties” that are coming out of the woodwork, President Trump is weathering the storm just fine! His accomplishments are known to ALL, and they are ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR ALL AMERICANS, not a select few, as some would have you believe.
      He does, however, need the support of all that believe in him, in our workforce, and in AMERICA!!! Most men would have WALKED, but not MR PRESIDENT! He has said that he is in for the LONG HAUL, and he is one man that knows what that means!!!
      All of these doubters, detractors, and destroyers that are trying to COMPLETELY RUIN AMERICA should ask the good lord for forgiveness, and start looking at the American way of life like it has meaning! The reason so many people are trying to enter USA is because this country is the ENVY of ALL the world. There is, however, one thing that must remain in place, at the top of the list, and that is that we must be selective about who we open our borders, schools, churches, and HOMES to. With open borders, and no controls, we are inviting problems and troubles never seen before. If a child does not learn right from wrong, which direction will he or she choose??? The rampant disregard for the law is bad enough without letting the “BAD” people just walk across the borders, bringing their evil and drugs, and lack of regard for that which we have been taught,,,,and the problems are rampant enough without letting them bring in the extra problems with them,,,,,,DRUGS< MURDER. RAPE, DISRESPECT FOR DECENCY,,,,,,NUFF SAID!

  3. Boy, the networks are desperate. Anything to gain a foothold in the ratings, and anything to disparage the President and his supporters.

  4. Lenny G. says:

    Fox will not fire Hannity because if they do that will be the end of Fox. Period.

    • Kurt Hanssen says:

      You sure got that right. WE the Normal People will never again watch Fox News, an I’ll bet you that Millions of us Deplorables are in full agreement on that one, Just you FOX try and see, You will end up Like CNN. No. 8. or worse. Do not fire our favor guy Sean Hannity, this is a friendly warning.

  5. Mike H says:

    So Michael you like the divided country that we now live in because of Obama?Do you like our country being overrun by any country that just wants to walk across the border? Obama put on so many more problems including welfare Medicaid you name it .Why should anybody go to work if they’re getting paid to stay off work?Obviously you see a pattern here but you just don’t care about the country.A true American you are not.

  6. John Soroka says:

    We will collapse from within if we don’t start voting all democrats AKA communists out of public office immediatly. The rat ass democrats have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with whats good for America.

  7. Daniel J Carr says:

    They should not only NOT fire him but give him a raise.They should also bring back O’reilly.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      You have no idea how completely agree with your comment. (It may seem petty to you, but
      FYI, the R in O’Reilly is capitalized.). In fact, I would like to see Hannity, Carlson, InGraham,
      and O’Reilley broadcast by Fox News sequentially. The order of their installments would be, to me, immaterial, as long as their voices are given the required air time. I truly enjoy the insights, and information, these commentators provide to the American public at large. If there is a worthy “Resist” movement out there on the national level, it is certainly to resist, and destroy, the liberal/progressive movement. While communism is a perfect system, in theory, it is completely unworkable for human governance.

  8. michael says:

    they all suck!!

  9. JLM says:

    Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham form the best nightly lineup Fox has ever had. They need to be left alone.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      The same idiots clamoring for FOX News to fire Hannity are the same ones who drooled over the prospect of Hillary becoming president. The majority of American people saw through their overt bias and elected a president who is reversing many of the obstacles put in place by the previous administration that was preventing our nation from achieving the greatness we once enjoyed. But, never being ones to let an opportunity to trash-talk about Trump, they hear one iota of gossip and make up entire stories about the President. When later events prove them wrong they can’t man up and admit their mistakes. No, they have to hide behind ‘unnamed sources’. Most of these Clinton toadies working for the mainstream media aren’t worth the powder to blow their brains out … wait, that assumes they have brains.

    • Anne says:

      Also Judge Pirro and Judge Napolitano.Fox never had people trying to suppress their own personnel until the Murdock sons and their wives took over. Conservatives and Christians and all white men are being targeted by the American Communist Party formerly called Democrats. Vote and assist others to get to the polls. We need to vote these traitors out of politics.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      I agree completely. While we’re at it, bringing back O’Reilley wouldn’t be a bad idea if we could somehow ensure the safety of his female colleagues. His intelligence, and grasp of various issues, needs to be heard, in my opinion. I, for one, miss his take on current events, as well as the state of the Republic moving forward. Just sayin’…

  10. Joseph says:

    Fire him for what? Speaking to a law professional, about some hypothetical legal questions? I shall think not. When did it become a crime, to get a free consultation from a legal professional? If that’s the case, then the whole world should be locked up, because at one time or another, we’ve all had legal questions about something, we needed answered. For Christ sake get a life…

  11. Mike H says:

    Some people talk about all the lies and corruption that’s going on right now. And you know who you are. That’s pretty rich coming from the Democrats/communist party. Mark my words that parties going to go down as one of the most corrupt in our history. And will probably take the country down at Some point.If we don’t wise up and take control of our own destiny.

  12. Mike H says:

    The demCommunist party. They do not like Hannity because he exposes them. There’s only a couple of media programs out there that talk about anything else. Bill O’Reilly‘s coming back .I’m sure he’ll have some more to say about our new dem communist party. Privacy in this country is only on one side. Everybody else look out if you’re not on the Left side. Maybe Nancy P and Schumer should start a TV news show wouldn’t that be funny.

    • David in MA says:

      People, Please read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and get an understanding of what is happening in America, it’s online.

  13. Mike says:

    I think we have less than 10 years before we fall off the vine. We’re a stinch is the nostrils of God!!
    Republicans, Democrats??? Doesn’t matter who’s leading our country!! It’s all the same corruption.
    What we need in America is a good old fashioned spiritual revival. Not another revolution where we tear up our country and kill each other.
    But, I suspect because of our pride, that will never happen. Therefore we have less than 10 years before we fall.

    • Erich says:

      You are being way too generous. Less than a few years is what I’m thinking. The left is actively pushing for a new civil war, and sooner rather than later, they will do something so extreme, like trying to oust our duly elected president.

    • Dave Diesel says:

      Religion is a mind control tool of the governments .
      In the US it failing to hide the governments agenda
      Hence the gun control , Really People control .
      The immigration both legal and illegal is on purpose
      to make The Real Americans a minority .
      The same is happening in many other countries ,
      see them for your future here.
      The politicians and the prez. and TV . are controlled by the Dark side whose symbol is a star.
      All governments are Human Farmers , The people are a product , limited free range cattle in a created Matrix.
      Your vote is useless to you, But it is your acceptance to be controlled by the government.
      IF you wanted to farm humans , Play the game from the governments side and the Magic will be revealed.
      When you ” Get It ” You are then able to speak to politicians in their language and work with them
      and as you assist them properly you will be allowed to have your own people farm.
      The beauty of it is the people pay the politicians to be farmed. No product cost.

  14. Joseph says:

    The whole issue here is the stupid judge that let this information out. Whoever rides herd over judges needs to admonish this jackass for betraying lawyer/client information. Another liberal jerk we presume! And the media damn well knows this!

  15. Mi says:

    “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” Pure puke megyn kelley & other msm will be licking up.

    Tax payers are again the losers due to the fraud costs of the fbi, cia & judges. Tax payer’s corrupt agenda 2 1 nwo progressive liberals.

    CAGW’s Prime Cuts report identifies 607 specific recommendations. Would save taxpayers $336.2 billion in the first year and $2.3 trillion over five years.

    There are many wasteful, inefficient, outdated, and duplicative government programs.

    Again, hillary’s friend, liberal democrat leader Nancy Pelosi lied to the American people by saying, “The cupboard is bare. There are no more spending cuts to make.”

    There are many more. Three examples of recommended CAGW’s Prime Cuts:

    End the sugar subsidy. An outdated, Soviet-style program that forces Americans to pay about – $3.5 billion – each year. Would save taxpayers billions.

    Eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission. A five-decade-old program that’s duplicative of dozens of other federal, state, and local programs. Would save $760 million over five years.

    Terminate the Denali Commission. Would save $50 million over five years.

  16. michael says:

    i would not believe anything that comes out losers piehole!!

  17. Ron C says:

    The mainstream democrat party owned news media live in total illusion & fantasy…they have absolutely no clue of real America…period!

  18. Marcia says:

    Liberals have reached a point where they preserve America’s traditional rights and protections for themselves only. They actively attempt to withdraw those rights for any one who has a point of view that varies from their own. Most American citizens overcome this childish attitude by the age of six or seven when they learn fair rules of the game on the playground.

  19. mark says:

    people have way too much time on their hands. how about getting a real job even if your rich. it will help you figure out what real life is about.

  20. brenda says:


  21. Gerald Ladd says:

    Because of the DemonRATS hatred, you’re now watching the end, of our democracy!

    • ernaldo says:

      We are not a democracy, and its what they want by flooding cities with immigrants and dependent people. We are a Republic, a nation based on laws and individual liberties….

      • Paul says:

        Exactly. Benjamin Franklin, at the end of the constitutional convention, was asked “What do we have?” He replied “You have a Republic, Madam, if you do not trade it for pottage.”

  22. Susie says:

    I don’t care about President Trump’s affairs with his attorney Michael Cohen. That should be private. I care even less about Sean Hannity’s connection with this attorney. Just plain ridiculous. People, get a life or should I say, Democrats get a life. You have way too much time on your hands. Do something productive. Volunteer at food pantries, hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, adopt a child, a pet, etc. Get a life.

  23. jug says:

    Todays democrats are actually yesterday’s Communists!
    The republicans are now where yesterday’s democrats were 50 years ago.

    We still have a two party system, the republicans having become democrats and the old democrats having gone full Communist.

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