The anti-Trump conspiracy just revealed who is next on their hit list

The cabal of anti-Trump “resistance” in the media and justice system has set their sights on a new target.

It’s not enough that they want to destroy Donald Trump. They want to punish anyone who supported him by taking away their career.

And the conspirators just revealed who is next on their hit list.

In a shocking courtroom development, Trump attorney Michael Cohen – whose offices and home were invaded by federal agents as part of the witch hunt against the President – revealed Fox News host Sean Hannity was one of this clients.

Liberals erupted in glee and far-left members of the media took to twitter to trash Hannity and claim he was somehow dishonest with his viewers.

But Hannity denied that Cohen ever represented him a legal matter or charged him any money.

Hannity stated he asked Cohen about legal matters pertaining to real estate.

Far-left outlets like CNN will pounce on this story because they do not believe Trump supporters should be on the air.

They want to silence anyone who defends the President.

In their mind, dissenting voices are an invading force into their media echo chamber bubble.

So now they will use thisto raise pressure on Fox to fire Hannity.

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